Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Kentucky Groom by Jan Scarbrough @romancerider #NewRelease #99cents

New Release - 99¢

For Jay Preston, being a young computer genius working in his family’s business empire isn’t enough. The software he created may have made him a millionaire, but it hasn’t made him happy. Seeking simple honesty in his life, he takes a temporary job in a place that made him happy in his youth, grooming American Saddlebred horses near Louisville, Kentucky. Then a beautiful woman from his past walks back into his life.

Life isn’t easy for the widowed Carrie Mercer. Raising her daughter alone, she’s struggling to make ends meet while paying for her daughter’s horse. She can’t possibly be falling for the handsome new groom at her daughter’s stable. He’s too young for her, isn’t he? Although he may be a true gentleman, there’s something secretive about him.

Then tragedy strikes, endangering Carrie’s daughter. Carrie married once before for her daughter’s sake. Is she willing to risk her heart a second time when Jay offers a tantalizing proposition? Jay’s always wanted to be loved for himself, not his millions, but the shy widow and her little daughter need him. Can a marriage of convenience prove that a California millionaire can be the perfect Kentucky groom?

The Bluegrass Reunion series: Contemporary romances about second chances that can be read as standalone novels with happily ever after endings and no cliffhangers.

What readers are saying:

“…lovely story.”

“Couldn’t get enough!”

“Jan Scarbrough is a great story teller.”

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Monday, December 10, 2018

From Runway to Love by Melissa Baldwin @mpbaldwinauthor #NewRelease #99cents

From bestselling romantic comedy author Melissa Baldwin comes the final installment in the Love in the City Series! 

Living the dream life as a model in New York City used to be enough for gorgeous Olivia Fulton. Now even the fame isn't enough to bring her out of her funk. A series of events bring Olivia face to face with the regrets of her past. Add in the collapse of her three-year relationship and reconnecting with long-lost friends, and Olivia may finally be able to learn--the hard way of course--that everything she thought was important really isn't.

A surprising love interest begins to teach Olivia about the person she truly wants to be. However, this is not compatible with her current life, and in order to be that person, Olivia may have to give up everything she's worked for. Torn between terror and exhilaration, Olivia must now decide if she's capable of this type of change. Will she even be able to open her heart to love again?

Review: “Fun and flirty story about friendships and fresh starts…” 5-stars

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

His Highland Pledge by @CelesteMBarclay #99cents #Kindle #NewRelease

New 99¢ Release ~ The Clan Sinclair Book 4

Old enough to love, too young to wed...

Sixteen year old Magnus Sinclair did not realize when he stumbled upon thirteen year old Deirdre Fraser he was meeting his soulmate.  Three years of meeting at Highland Gatherings and Royal Hunts, along with countless letters, build an unbreakable love between Magnus and Deirdre, and they secretly pledge themselves in a handfast.  When Deirdre’s parents discover their daughter’s actions, she is whisked away to become a lady in waiting to the queen as her parents’ status grows within the royal court.

A boy grown into a man determined to never surrender his love again...

Seven years of separation have not lessened Magnus’s love but have made him taste the bitterness of rejection.  Sent to court as the Clan Sinclair’s representative, the last person Magnus thought to find is Deirdre Fraser, and the last thing he thought to learn is she will soon be betrothed--to a man other than him.

A girl grown into a woman willing to disobey to regain her lost love...

Deirdre has served the royal court ever since her parents pulled her from Magnus’s arms.  She has been a dutiful daughter and dutiful companion to the queen, but she never let go of her love for Magnus or her hopes that they would be reunited.  Stunned to find Mangus walking past her, Deirdre’s heart calls to him despite her parents’ political ambitions.

Caught between expectations and desire, Magnus and Deirdre must work together to find a way to finally build their life together. 

What readers are saying:

“Another great addition to a sexy highlander series!”

“A well-written book that kept me on the edge of my seat.”

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Wings of an Angel by @ShannaHatfield #NewRelease #Kindle

The last thing she needs is a romance . . .

The first thing he intends to do is make her fall in love.

Veterinarian Angela Carol escaped her past and started a brand new life in the friendly community of Faraday. Her charming little boy, Nick, a thriving practice, and a comfortable home are all she needs to be happy. At least that’s what she continually tells herself. But her traitorous heart longs for Nick’s teacher, a man who’s become her best friend. With no intention of falling in love again, she struggles to keep her thoughts and heart in line where Drake is concerned.

Drake Miller had plans to be the next NBA star, but when an injury left him sidelined in college, he decided to teach and return to his hometown of Faraday. There’s nothing he enjoys quite as much as shaping the minds of the first grade students in his classroom, unless it’s making Angela Carol smile. The first time he saw her, he knew he was a goner, but the widow has made it clear she has no interest in getting involved in a relationship. How can he prove to her that it’s worth taking a chance on love?

The unlikely team of Nick, along with his pet sheep, Shep, and a dove named Jasper, work to spread a little romance along with holiday cheer. Will their efforts be enough to unite Drake and Angela in time for a Christmas miracle?

Enjoy discovering the answer in this sweet Christmas romance filled with the spirit of the season and tenderness sure to touch your heart.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Christmas With The Clouds by @SuzanneJenkins3 #99cents #Kindle

From USA Today Bestselling author Suzanne Jenkins, comes another heartwarming story of love and restoration. Tracy and Brian Cloud live the beautiful life, secure in their love for each other, with a successful marriage, a beautiful child, good-paying jobs, and a lovely home. Then, a few days before Christmas, a knock on the door changes everything. A client becomes a trusted friend, a broken family the backbone of support, and a stranger at the door the gateway to a new life.

About the author: Suzanne writes page-turning contemporary romance, mystery, and women's fiction with passionately gripping characters that stay with readers long after they turn the last page. The Detroit Detective Stories, beginning with The Greeks of Beaubien Street are a reflection of American fantasy with historical reality. Pam of Babylon books consistently rank in the Top 100 Best Sellers in American Drama with over 500,000 downloads.

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

A Groovy Christmas by Jan Scarbrough @romancerider #99cents #eBook

2 Holiday Stories for $0.99!

Christmas 1968: A Groovy Christmas
In a year where women are burning bras and men are burning draft cards, straight-laced Kathleen Fields wants to do something about being a virgin before its too late. When hippie Grant Winchester rides into town on his Harley, Kathleen decides he’s the perfect solution to her problem. Yet, they’re from feuding families like the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s. Can Kathleen and Grant reconcile their differences and find love in Legend, Tennessee?

Christmas 1969: Not Quite Christmas
Accountant Frank Smith doesn’t want to go home for Christmas, not since his long-time girlfriend did dump him on Christmas Day a year ago. Avoiding Legend, Tennessee, is high on his priority list until he meets his mother’s houseguest—hippie chick Emmy Johnson, a girl with a past…and maybe Frank’s future.

What readers are saying:

“…emotional… sweet romance.”

“A great Christmas read!”

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