Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Knight with Mercy by @LaurelODonnell #Kindle #99cents

New! Book 2, Assassin Knights Series 99¢

A desperate mother. An injured knight. What will it take to save a child?

Mercy Brooker has lost so much. Her husband died two years ago and she has taken his place as the town’s healer. She has raised her beloved son by herself. Now, he turns five summers in just a few weeks and this strikes terror in her heart. One by one at the age of five, the boys of the village are taken from their families by the church to work for God, never to be seen again. Mercy will do anything to protect her child.

Sir Richard le Breton is attacked by a group of townsmen but is saved by an angel. Battered and bruised, he cannot remember his past and is desperate to learn why he was set upon. As the time passes, he finds himself drawn to the woman caring for him. When she asks him to save her and her son, how can he refuse?

Will the dark deeds of Richard’s past doom their growing love? Can they work together and save the innocent boy?

Reader Review:

“This is a great series. Well written with a story that kept me totally engrossed. I can hardly wait to read the next book.”

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Titles in the Assassin Knights Series:

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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

An Honorable Man by Donna Fasano @DonnaFaz #Kindle #99cents #NewRelease

New Release for 99¢

Book 1 of the Black Bear Brothers Series

Nothing can make Native American Mat Makwa give up being a New York City police officer… except one little girl—all alone in the world—who needs a father. Returning to his Kolheek reservation to take on the safer job of sheriff of this small, close-knit community, he never expects his heart might be in danger to school teacher Julie Dacey.

Mat's six-year-old daughter Grace is a handful, and Julie finds herself getting to know Mat quite well during some intense parent-teacher meetings, which soon start occurring after hours. Then Mat begins mentoring Julie’s troubled teenaged brother and her heart softens toward this honorable man. Despite being wary of relationships, Julie can’t deny how her soul soars when Mat is near. Is the attraction between the flame-haired beauty and the lawman destined to turn into love?

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Although the books in this series are stand-alone novels, reading the books in order will offer the most enjoyable experience. Titles in The Black Bear Brothers Series:

Healing Chay, Book 3

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Monday, September 16, 2019

For Better Or For Wolf by @AEJonesAuthor #NewRelease

New Release by AE Jones!

“Relationship” is not a four-letter word.

Olivia Jennings is all about following the rules. A psychiatrist with a tragic past, she dedicates her life to helping others. Controlling all aspects of her life—especially relationships—protects her battered heart. But when she learns supernaturals exist, her carefully constructed world crumbles. Drawn into counseling a werewolf pack, she butts heads with the ridiculously handsome but infuriating wolf determined to protect her.

Connor Dawson is all about bucking the status quo. He’s not looking for commitment or love. In fact, after being rejected by his pack, he’s certain he’s immune to that particular emotion. But when Olivia inserts herself into wolf business, his hackles stand straight up. No one is more surprised than Connor when their teasing banter turns into serious attraction.

When Olivia and Connor are thrown into the middle of a pack war, things heat up…with an attempted murder, a political power struggle, and their sizzling chemistry. Will this explosive situation finally bring them together—or blow them apart?

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Titles in the Paranormal Wedding Planners Series:
Till Demon Do Us Part (coming soon)

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Age of Innocence Box Set by @dlmartin6 #Regency Romance #Kindle #99cents

3 regency romance novels for just 99¢! Titles in this bundle of books:

Eighteen-year-old Emily Stanton is excited to attend this Season’s balls and begin her search for a husband. She is thrilled when the dashing and handsome Connor Preston begins to court her. After each ball, Emily finds a love note in her drawstring reticule, and she expects a marriage proposal from Connor any day.

When her father objects and forces Emily to accept the proposal from Lady Tisbury's shy nephew, Ethan Richardson instead, her heart is broken. How can she love her new husband when her heart belongs to the man who wrote her such beautiful love letters?

Isabel Knott learns the father she never knew has left her a sizeable dowry. The news comes with one restriction--she can never reveal his name. During her first Season, Isabel falls madly in love with Colby Tisbury, but she's afraid his father, Viscount Tisbury, will never accept her as his daughter-in-law because of her lack of connections.

Colby Tisbury must marry, and soon. If he doesn't find a bride before the end of the Season, his father will supply one. Then Colby meets sassy Isabel Knott, and everything changes--but can he go against his father's wishes and marry a girl utterly lacking in family and connections? Isabel is forced to make an impossible choice - reveal her secret identity and bring shame to her true father or lose Colby forever.

Miss Hannah Richardson is enjoying a Season in London. She's not looking for a husband, at least not this Season. She wants to enjoy herself before settling down to married life. All that changes, however, when she sees the Duke of Wetherby. He's tall, dark and impossibly handsome and someone Hannah wants to get to know better.

Camden Darkin, the Duke of Wetherby, is not fond of attending soirees, dinners or balls, but his latest mission for the Crown demands he mingle with the ton. He has vowed not to marry because of his dangerous work and the constant bevy of beauties anxious mothers throw into his path is not tempting him in the least. That is, until he meets Hannah Richardson, a young woman unlike any other he's ever met. Can he learn to love or will his hardened heart rob him of the very thing he needs the most?

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Prince Philip's Cinderella by @MonaRiskS #NewRelease #Kindle #99cents

New Release for 99¢

Billionaire CEO Philip Devereux doesn’t hesitate to offer his help to a lovely young woman who’s running from danger. With her baby nephew in her care, Lydia is desperate to escape unscrupulous relatives who are threatening both her and the child. Trouble follows her wherever she goes, and shielding her from harm becomes Philip’s mission.

Running away from her miserable past and trying to protect her nephew, Lydia can’t believe her luck when she’s whisked away by the appealing CEO who is almost too kind, generous, and gorgeous to be real.

Attraction sizzles between them, until Lydia discovers his name comes with a title—Prince of Rensy Island. If Cinderella stories are just fairy tales, how can someone ordinary like her ever hope to win the heart of a prince?

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Also in the Modern Princes Series:

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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Rules of the Game by @ElaineRaco Chase #Kindle #99cents

On Sale for 99¢ ~ Save $4

She's HOT! He's BOTHERED! Together they Sizzle!

"You need an attitude adjustment!" Samantha Logan told Adam Rourke.

She didn't care that he was rich, she didn't care that he was handsome, and she didn't care that her boss was his surrogate father.

She tried to ignore the fact that his deep voice hit her behind the knees and made her feel oddly off balance. And she was sure those heart palpitations were the result of drinking two five-hour energy drinks in less than thirty minutes and definitely not from a pair of broad shoulders, green eyes and a sexy stubble.

He was way too cynical, thought he knew it all, and had her reaching for three Excedrin and a couple of Tums in less than five minutes!

Samantha Logan, he decided, was the proverbial sexy librarian fantasy – with dancer's legs and a curvy ass. Her blonde hair was piled precariously on top of her head, held in place by a bright yellow pencil. A few flaxen wisps had escaped, teasing against a softly rounded face. Square blue-tinted eyeglasses highlighted even bluer eyes. She was smart, sassy, way too funny – and she had no idea she was all that.

When she pulled the pencil from her topknot, he watched her hair untangle and drift down to her shoulders, in a sexy-just-out-of-bed, mess-me-up-more tumble. Adam hadn't realized he was even holding his breath, until he coughed in relief.

Right now, she was mad! Her barefoot angrily tapping against the carpet. And way too sexy, he tried to blink that observation away. There was nothing left to do but apologize. But she had looked him straight in the eye and insulted him!

Even after two tours of duty in Fallujah, Adam wasn't sure he could handle a woman who: wrangled a team of SEALS for the Wounded Warrior Project, was banned from singing, humming or playing golf, had an oven timer that played Beethoven's Fifth, loved all things chocolate way too much, preferred puppy kisses over his, and owned a moose named Morti.

There was only one thing for this Marine to do – man up, take her down and demand a zerbert – whatever the hell that was!

What readers are saying:

“…highly entertaining!”

“…read it in one night because I just could not put it down!”

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Monday, September 9, 2019

To Have and To Howl by @AEJonesAuthor #99cents

On Sale For 99¢

Law means following the rules. Love means breaking them.

Julia Cole is a lawyer on a mission. After three long years, her husband’s murderers have been convicted. Until their leader breaks out of magically-strengthened, impossible-to-break-handcuffs in the courtroom, that is. Someone is helping them. And that someone is threatening Julia. But she will not back down from them or the man tasked to protect her...a man who scrambles her long-buried emotions.

Jack Dawson is a werewolf with a secret. One that could change his life forever. But his problems have to take a back seat while he protects Julia. He can’t afford to let down his guard—against the evil forces threatening Julia, against his growing feelings for her, fighting to be heard, and against his secret—which could destroy everything.

Can Julia and Jack finally let go of their pasts and begin a new happy ever after together?

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Also available at regular price in Paperback

Titles in the Paranormal Wedding Planners Series:

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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Drive Me Wild by @JWintersAuthor #Kindle #iBooks Nook Kobo #99cents

New Release ~ 99¢

Who thought one thunderstorm could put the entire event at risk. The bands started to arrive yesterday and no power was going to be an issue. Never mind the three hundred hot rods which needed to be ready for display. In a few hours, the gates were opening and the ticket holders expected a great show. Whatever it took, Jody was going to get it all done. This was her reputation at stake.

Cole had been restoring his 56 Chevy for years and this was its first public showing. The competition was tough, but he'd worked hard to get everything just right. With any luck, he'd take home the trophy.

But Jody is forced to recruit help by calling in a favor and Cole isn't pleased to have been the one who was volunteered.

Will Cole be able to save the day so his car doesn't sit on the sideline? Or will Cole learn that Jody is the final touch his car needs.

Drive Me Wild is Book 1 of the When Sparks Fly Series.

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Also available in paperback

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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Nice #99cent #Kindle Deals! @Melody_Grace_ @callejay @jamiekswriter

Limited Time Offers!

5-Book Bundle $0.99

Part of the Masterson County Series $0.99

From the Hawaii Heat Series $0.99

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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Her Fake Romance by Donna Fasano @DonnaFaz #Kindle #99cents

On Sale for 99¢ Worldwide ~ Save $3

“The author's style was pure delight. Modern and very entertaining. I never would have thought that a fake romance could be so funny and emotional at the same time. HJ Top Pick!” ♥♥♥♥♥

“Mom, get a life!”

Her teenage daughter's words are daunting. True, struggling single mom Julia Jones hasn't had a date in over a decade, but she could still catch a man—if she needed to! So Julia, who claims not to want a husband, finds herself entangled in a harebrained scheme meant to prove that her life isn’t dishwater dull.

Ryan Shane is tall, dark, and devastatingly handsome. And he just so happens to need a no-strings date himself. Their plan is perfectly thought out. Until a conveniently staged good-night kiss turns into very inconvenient passion that turns this fake romance into something head-spinningly real.

This book contains bonus material that includes several delicious recipes!

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Also available at regular price in Paperback and Audiobook

More reviews:

“I loved the emotional build-up with just the right amount of sexual tension.” ~Kindle Reader

“…strong characters, heated passion.” ~Romantic Times

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