Thursday, February 28, 2019

A Valentine to Cherish by @JosieRiviera #KindleCountdown #99cents

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When Scarlett Evans meets Grammy-nominated Christian singer/songwriter Joseph Slater, their attraction dances like the intricate melodies he plays on his guitar. The way he looks at her—like she’s perfect, just as she is—is a balm to her recently broken heart.

But who is she kidding? Stars like Joseph pick slim, demure, beautiful blondes, not loud, boisterous redheads with I’m-on-my-thousandth-diet curves. Besides, right after a local Valentine’s Day benefit concert, he’ll do what men have done to her all her life—hit the road.

Scarlett-with-two-t’s is the answer to Joseph’s prayer. This exquisite, vivacious woman has reconnected him with his muse. He’s writing new songs for the first time in years, with lyrics that make him ache for something his relentless touring schedule never allowed. A home. Family. Love.

But as just as Scarlett’s hesitation starts to melt, she freezes and pulls away. Now he’s praying for the right lyrics to bring her back—and show her that with God’s guidance, they can rewrite their future as duet.

All his life, he’s followed a song. Is God showing him it’s time to put down roots?

From USA Today bestselling author Josie Riviera comes a contemporary Christian Romance series set in the small town of Cherish, South Carolina. These sweet and wholesome stories, where God is at the center, brim with love and laughter.

A Valentine To Cherish is available for $0.99 via a Kindle Countdown Deal, so hurry and download today!

Titles in the Inspirational Cherish Series:

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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Happy Birthday, Donna Fasano @DonnaFaz - #Free #Kindle eBook!

Donna Fasano is celebrating her birthday with a FREE book! 
Feb 26 – March 2 for Kindle Readers.


She ran away from the perfect wedding, the perfect man.
Now she’s back to explain why. Will he listen?

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Princess of Sky, Earth, Fire and Water by Cassandra Finnerty @castleswanmedia #Kindle #99cents

Romantic Fantasy for 99¢

In 1772, Lady Aisling inherits an army of men and a fleet of merchant ships. But her greatest legacy is her new powerthe ability to control sky, earth, fire and water.

She is now part of a secret society, serving as ambassador to kings and courts around the globe. Hurled onto distant shores, she meets her greatest challenge—a warrior prince whose love is so fierce it threatens to destroy both their lives. Together, they face ruthless enemies and royal intrigue, fighting for their very survival, and a chance for enduring love.

If you enjoy fantasy, action-adventure and romance, you'll love this novel by Cassandra Finnerty.

What readers are saying:

“Irish Game of Thrones… great story-telling here!”

“Awesome! I love historical fiction with a strong heroine! The fantasy element makes it even more fun.” 

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Other titles in The Princess of Nature Series:

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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Tanner's Promise by @KaylieNewell #99cents @TulePublishing

99¢ Romance by a 2018 RITA Award Finalist

Tanner Harlow is a talented landscape designer, quietly building a name and a solid future when he finds himself needing to be the temporary guardian to his eleven-year-old half-sister. Tanner loves her, but can’t see himself as a father figure or imagine how he’s going to build his business during his busiest season with a child in tow until his newest client—his high school crush who still makes his heart pound—has a proposition that will help them both as long as Tanner can resist the tempting lure of the girl next door.

Elementary school teacher Francie Tate moved back to Marietta to be close to her ailing father. She plans to settle in and fix up her little bungalow before the school year starts, but definitely needs help with the neglected yard. She’s shocked when the landscaper she hired turns out to be a class mate. Tanner used to be shy in school, but he isn't the same kid anymore–he’s tall, sexy, and has the most striking brown eyes she's ever seen. When Francie learns of Tanner’s need for child care, she impulsively offers to watch his half-sister for the summer in return for some landscaping and renovations around the house.

It seems like a win-win, but Francie didn’t bargain on falling in love.

What readers are saying:

“A perfect getaway from real life…”

“…realistic characters and story line.”

“I highly recommend!”

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Also available in paperback

Titles in The Harlow Brothers Series:

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Sunday, February 17, 2019

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Second Chance Romance
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Alex and Josie fell in love as teens, but things ended badly. 
Will they flub their second chance?

Romantic Suspense
2/1 - 2/22
​Love, possession, and secrets collide when police detective Jordan Monroe 
finds his wife unconscious, clinging to life.

Romantic Suspense
2/01 - 2/22
Helpless, McGuire watches Cassi enter the seedy underworld that’ll eat her alive. 
Then he sees her fight… and wonders if they’ll survive her.

Paranormal Romance
2/1 - 2/22
When Adrian is struck by lightning, it’s not his life that flashes 
before his eyes but a woman in a fiery explosion.

Chick Lit
2/1 - 2/22
Kendra trades her simple existence in Chicago for the glamorous 
Hollywood life, full of luxury and scandal.

Contemporary Romance
2/14 - 2/22
Fifty years after their break up, Twyla and Michael reconnect. 
Will learning the truth draw them together or force them apart?

Women's Fiction/Romance
2/01 - 2/22
Ebony's dreams spiral into lies and secrets that 
threaten her future and the trust of those she loves.

Beach Romance
2/14 - 2/22
When Sofia falls in love with Danny, a funny and charming British tourist, 
strange dreams about a woman dressed in black begin to haunt her...

Paranormal Romance
2/1 - 2/22
Love between Nate and Ella was everlasting, even surviving his tragic passing. 
Until a new man enters Ella's life, offering her a second chance at love.

Romantic Suspense
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2/18 - 2/22
​What would you do if the woman you love, the woman that trusts
 no one with her secrets, just told you hers?

Women's Fiction/Romance
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​​Three men, seductive as sin and living single meet three strong women 
passionate about life, love, and family who will change their lives forever.

Sports Romance
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​​Follow pro hockey star Andrew Chadwick and coed Caryn Stevens 
after their very different worlds collide one beautiful summer day.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

All Tomorrow's Memories by @JackieWeger #99cents Kindle Nook Kobo iBooks

New Release from Jackie Weger ~ Just 99¢

After her family is shattered, Willa Manning answers a plea from her adopted daughter's biological grandparents to share in the life of their only grandchild. Her own health in unexpected jeopardy, Willa sells all she owns, and in a risky leap of faith moves cross-country to meet the older couple. She soon finds herself reckoning with feelings for the acerbic, idiosyncratic attorney who brought them together. He doesn't trust her motives. She doesn't trust his. Willa determines every inch of give and take must secure her daughter's future. Success will be on her terms and none other. The attorney is about to find this out the hard way.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Valentine's Day Specials For #99cents Each!

Grab These eBook Deals for Valentine's Day!

I Got A South Carolina Thug 
for Valentine's Day

Be Mine, Maybe

Bear Valley Valentine

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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Second Chance Valentine by Donna Fasano @DonnaFaz #Kindle #99cents

Save $2 ~ Just 99¢

As teens, Josie and Alex met under golden sunshine, frolicked in the surf and sand, and fell head over toes in love. But circumstances arose that ruined their one glorious summer, and Josie fled Ocean City with a broken heart.

Now Josie’s grandmother is ill and needs help with the family business, a thriving harbor-side diner called Joe’s Place. So after more than a dozen years, Josie returns to her hometown only to discover she has a 180 pound problem—Alex is the Kitchen Commander at Joe’s Place. Surely, Josie can work with Alex to keep the diner going and retain her dignity until her grandmother is back on her feet. However, when Alex’s little girl starts scheming, not a single heart will be safe against the twelve-year-old matchmaker.

This book contains bonus recipes from Joe’s Place!

What readers are saying:

“…sweet coming home story”


Find this bargain-priced eBook:

Look for all the titles in the Ocean City Boardwalk Series:

Her Mr. Miracle, Book 8

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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Celebrate With @CaitLondon - Valentine's Day 3-Book #99cent Sale

Author Cait London is offering you 3 99¢ books for a very limited time. Each book is the beginning of a wonderful series. Check out these titles, and get ready for some wonderful, romantic adventures! You have to hurry, though. Prices are only good until February 10th.

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Tricky Death by @BeateBoeker #CozyMystery #NewRelease

*I've been a little under the weather and I thank you for your patience. I'm happy to feel well enough to post this morning!

New Release from Beate Boeker

Never before has a case been as tricky as this: The newlywed husband of Carlina’s cousin is found drunk and unconscious in the arms of a dead prostitute. He claims he has no idea how he got there, but even his wife doesn't believe him.

Commissario Stefano Garini is forced to investigate this case, and though he believes Lucio has been framed, he can’t find the evidence he needs. On the contrary, every new clue seems to provide proof that Lucio is the murderer. On top of that, Aunt Violetta and Uncle Teo have come up with a new business venture that keeps the Mantonis busier than ever: Guinea pig racing!

Tricky Death is the eighth in the cozy mystery series Temptation in Florence, but it can be read as a stand-alone because all characters are explained and the plot barely refers to previous books.

One reviewer said, “I absolutely love the Mantoni clan! …Ms. Boeker weaves a fun mystery with heart and humor. Sweet perfection!”

Find Tricky Death:

Also available in paperback

Find all the titles in the Temptation in Florence series:

Book 1:  Delayed Death
Book 2:  Charmer's Death
Book 3:  Banker's Death
Book 4:  Expected Death
Book 5:  Seaside Death
Book 6: Classic Death
Book 7: Elegant Death
Book 8: Tricky Death

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Friday, February 1, 2019

No Time For Apologies by @JeanCGordon #SweetRomance #NewRelease

New Release by Jean C. Gordon

When six friends make a pact not to let love get in the way of their careers, the No Brides Club is born. But could meeting the right man at the wrong time cause them to break their vows to each other?

Kate Lewis left her family’s dairy farm and fell in love with everything about New York City--especially the high-powered, fast-paced world of finance. Once content to lie in the grass and watch clouds float across the sky, her biggest dream now is to work her way to the top of Wall Street.

Jon Smith is so much more than his plain name implies. He’s also a rising star in the world of finance, on a mission to save his grandfather’s cattle farm, and Kate’s former high school admirer.

When a shocking twist of fate puts these two in direct competition for a job they both covet, the last thing they need is any new sparks of attraction. Too bad fate isn’t done with them yet.

Will they give in to their attraction, or is their newfound rivalry too intense to put aside? Find out in this sweet big city twist on the classic second chance romance theme.

What readers are saying:

“Sweet story!”


“Wonderful! Great addition to the collection.”

Find this new release:

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