Monday, April 30, 2012

Long Time Coming by Edie Claire

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $4!

ROMANTIC TIMES TOP PICK and Winner of the Road to Romance REVIEWER'S CHOICE Award!!!

Years and distance kept the memories at bay. But back at home, the past is ready and waiting to haunt her...

Eighteen years have passed since Joy's childhood best friend, Jenny, met her death in a tragic car accident just a few days after their senior prom. A broken Joy left their small Kentucky hometown shortly after--determined never to come back. But when her father's illness forces her to return, she realizes that neither time nor distance have truly healed her troubled soul.

Plagued with nightmares of the accident and crippled by a vague fear whose source she can't identify, Joy realizes that in order to move on she must face the truth behind several disturbing gaps in her memory of that fateful spring. But the only person who can help her is a man she despises--Jenny's erstwhile boyfriend Jeff, now a respected doctor, whose carelessness as a teenager was the cause of Jenny's horrendous death--and Joy's own emotional destruction. Can she ever forgive? She may have no choice but to try. Because both the danger she sensed--and the childhood friendship she treasured--now suddenly seem very much alive...

“LONG TIME COMING is a remarkably well blended romance and mystery, with fascinating shades of the paranormal. The way each layer of Joy's discovery of her forgotten past is revealed is deftly done and exceptionally suspenseful. The relationship between Joy and her parents is heart warming. This one will have you hooked from the first page.” December 2003 Top Pick. Romantic Times Bookclub Magazine

“An abundance of charm…Joy’s perky first-person narration carries readers along to a warm, gratifying conclusion.” --Publisher’s Weekly

“Emotionally gripping, suspenseful and superb…I was held in wonderment over much of this story and realized early on to expect the unexpected. This is a story of trust, love, friendship and healing. Ms. Claire is an author I hope to see more of in the future. If Long Time Coming is any indication of her writing talent, I will be first in line at the bookstores to get more of her work. This is a positively splendid tale from start to finish and is highly recommended.”
Reviewer’s Choice Award -- Road to Romance

“Two words. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Edie Claire has written a wonderful novel about friendship, love, guilt and death… Utterly riveting.” Rating: 10/10-- Contemporary Romance Writers

"Claire's charming romance disproves the adage that you can't go home again." -- Booklist

A book of healing, understanding, rebirth, and finally growing up. A story that you won't forget easily...I could only sigh in appreciation as I turned the final page." -- Romance Reviews Today

"Intense, well-written and thought-provoking." -- Old Book Barn Gazette

“A most fantastic novel… When the story comes to an end and the lights have been lowered…and the reader is left with a longing to know more...there is no better compliment to the author.” -- Romance Junkies

Another Place on the Planet by T.A. Monroe

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $5!

Two years after the horrific end of her marriage, Lily Mayfield is pressured by her therapist to emerge from her self-inflicted isolation. When she finally walks back into the world, it’s straight into the presence of Charlie Winston, the charismatic film director she met a year ago at a fund-raising gala. The attraction is unmistakable and mutual. As they explore their interests as well as their shared faith and individual grief, she is exposed to a new life of exciting opportunities. Charlie encourages Lily to take up her long-abandoned passions for music and filmmaking and invites her to become part of his film crew as a technical consultant based on her experience as a survivor of domestic violence. As a result, she moves to Los Angeles where their relationship is tested. When Charlie makes a choice that removes him from the film, Lily has her own choices to make that will open doors in Hollywood and her personal life if she can muster the confidence to follow her heart.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

See Through by Catherine Kirby

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3!

With a shock, Fleur discovers she's become invisible: she's not the only one either!
Meanwhile her family is falling apart. She can't do anything about it. Communication is impossible: they can neither see nor hear her.

Fleur's life is out of control and she's furious.


This is a good read,and an unpredictable page turner. For once, a rather different use of invisibility in a story. Serious enough to make you care, but with enough fun to keep you smiling. Oh, don't waste any more time, just READ IT!! (Also, check out the author's other novel, Sari Caste, a literary novel about a woman's resilience through great hardships) 

Snoops In the City by Darlene Gardner

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3!

From BookList:
Tori Whitley is at her wit's end. Her checking account is dwindling rapidly; she's behind on the rent; and her weekend job will never support her. Then her cousin, Eddie, a private investigator, offers her a job. Tori is reluctant--what does she know about being an investigator?--but with the wolves at the door, she takes it. Her assignment is to find out as much as she can about Grady Palmer, president of Palmer Construction. Grady quickly realizes that Tori is tailing him. When he confronts her, the only excuse she can think of is that he's so good-looking, she wants to get to know him better. He doesn't really believe that, but they do end up as a couple. Unfortunately, Tori suspects that Grady is offering bribes to city officials; then he finds out what Tori is actually up to. Can their budding relationship survive? Readers will find it worth their while to find out in this charming tale. ~Maria Hatton
Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved


"Snoops in the City is a fun romance, with some suspense and a mystery intertwined. The developing relationship between Grady and Tori is enjoyable to watch, and the secondary romance is as good as the main event."
--RT Book Reviews, Sept. 2004

"For a fun and enjoyable tale, as well as one that keeps you guessing, pick up Snoops in the City."
--Romance Reviews Today, Sept. 2004

"Highly recommended as a fun read you will really enjoy. Just the right blend of humor and romantic fun to lighten your day.", Sept. 2004

Saturday, April 28, 2012

America's Bravest by Kathryn Shay

Look what we found! A whole series of Kindle Romance Novels for under $7!

Kathryn Shay spent five years riding fire trucks with a large city fire department, eating in their firehouses and interviewing hundreds of America’s Bravest. Read the novellas that resulted from her intense relationship with firefighters!

“Shay’s powerful characters and emotional topics strike a chord with her readers and have earned her a well-deserved place among the top romance authors.” Waldenbooks Romantic Reader

The Rescue Squad in the Hidden Cove Fire Department deals with all kinds of emergencies: blazing fires, horrific car accidents and a myriad of medical calls. Like most firefighters, they also have complicated personal relationships due to the nature of their jobs. In AMERICA’S BRAVEST, each of the six novellas details both the love and work of one firefighter with overarching themes of arson, a blogger out to discredit them, and balancing their personal and professional lives.

In IN TOO DEEP, Captain Gabe Malvaso struggles with his attraction to Rachel Wellington, a firefighter on his squad. But when they’re trapped in a basement, thinking they’ll die, all bets are off.

HOT SHOT picks up with Paramedic Brody O’Malley, who’s happy with single life until a class reunion where he meets Emma Walsh, the only woman he ever loved. But because he broke her heart, she’s refuses to rekindle old flames.

WORTH THE RISK follows Ryan O’Malley, Brody’s twin cop brother, as he pursues prickly Lieutenant Felicia White, who’s always disliked his “playboy” persona. But when they are forced to work together on an arson case, sparks fly.

EL BOMBERO is the story of Firefighter Tony Ramirez and his beloved wife Sophia, sweethearts since high school, who run into the biggest challenge of their lives: Sophia can no longer tolerate the danger her husband is in every day.

In RESCUE ME, twenty-four-year-old Sydney Sands saves the life of local businessman Max Delinsky only to fall head over heels in love with him. But trouble comes in merging the discrepancy in their ages and Max’s difficulty with her past.

TRIAL BY FIRE tells the story of Battalion Chief Cal Erikson, whose been fighting for two years with blogger Parker Allen about the fire department. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself attracted to the fiery journalist with deep scars from her past. The arson case is solved, but not before both their lives are endangered.

In THE EPILOGUE, get a closer look at how all six couples live happily ever after!

Praise for Kathryn Shay’s Firefighter Books

“Readers will appreciate the powerfully written, tense emergency situations. The Malvaso clan and the other key characters seem genuine in and out of emergency scenarios. Kathryn Shay pays homage to rescue workers with this exhilarating tale.” A Reader Review

“Powerhouse author Shay follows up AFTER THE FIRE with another dramatic and dynamic thriller. Her complex and unforgettable characters breathe life into this truly intense novel.” Romantic Times Book Club

“Superb contemporary romance that grabs you in the prologue and won’t let go until you’ve read the final page. Bravo, Ms. Shay!” The Romance Readers Connection

“One of the best running collections on the market today.” A Reader Review

Miranda's Viking by Maggie Shayne

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $5!

MIRANDA’S VIKING, winner of the 1994 GOLDEN LEAF AWARD, is the book that launched Maggie Shayne’s reputation as an author of “the weird stuff,” and began to define the genre that would soon become known as Paranormal Romance.

“Just when you think there’s nothing new under the sun, Maggie Shayne reinvents Romance!” RT Bookclub Magazine.

When Professor Miranda O’Shea uncovers the perfectly preserved body (and what a body!) of the legendary Viking known as The Plague of the North, the last thing she expects is that he isn’t quite dead.

Frozen for 9 centuries, Rolf Magnusson awakens to a strange new world, and a woman who is more in need of thawing than he had been. Dark forces conspire to take what is theirs–including his long hidden plunder and their very lives! Miranda seeks to uncover the secrets of her warrior’s past while Rolf works to awaken her wounded, wary heart to the passion she doesn’t know she’s capable of feeling.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Shot Through the Heart by Niki Burnham

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $4!

At Eastwood High, love is a battlefield.

* * *

From the RITA-Award winning author of ROYALLY CRUSHED and SCARY BEAUTIFUL, an all-new romantic comedy!

Two guys, two girls, two thousand dollars, and one epic water gun battle.

Senior year? It's all about Senior Assassin, a yearly water gun tournament where the last team standing receives a cool two grand. Connor wants nothing more than to split that prize with his best friend, Josh. When their mission is put in jeopardy by Molly--thanks to her crush on Connor--Josh comes up with a plan to thwart her, one that involves his sister, Peyton...

Peyton's deepest desire is to score entry to MIT. She's working her tail off to achieve her goal, but when she's dragged into Connor and Josh's water gun tournament, their antics threaten to leave her high and dry. As Peyton's forced to choose between chemistry class and chemistry with Connor, will the super student and the super athlete discover they have more in common than they imagined?

One thing's for certain: When Connor, Peyton, Josh, and Molly load their weapons, someone's bound to get shot through the heart.

Keeper of the Rings by Nancy Cohen

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3!

Taurin is shrouded in black when Leena first meets him, his face shaded like the night. At first she believes him to be a simple farmer, but the man exhibits skills worthy of a warrior. With his commanding presence, he's an obvious choice to be the lovely archaeologist's protector on her quest for a stolen sacred artifact. Curious about his mysterious background, and increasingly tempted by his tantalizing touch, Leena prays their perilous journey will be a success. She must find the missing relic, or dangerous secrets will be revealed that may forever change her world.


"Prepare yourself for exotic locales, evildoers galore, and two splendid romances! Ms. Cane's done it again!"  --The Paperback Forum

"Fascinating! Nancy Cane combines the elements of science fiction and fantasy into a marvelous love story. Her books capture the imagination with their originality."  --The Literary Times
"The spellbinding action gets more terrifying and enthralling as the uniquely different plot thickens. The conclusion is stunning. Kudos to Ms. Cane!"   --Rendezvous

"Intense and fast, "Keeper of the Rings" has an absorbing and complex plot that expands over and over again. And like ripples in a pond the reverberations are felt throughout the book to the very explosive climax. 4-1/2 stars."  --Affaire de Coeur
"A dark, dangerous hero and imaginative adventures make Keeper of the Rings an entertaining read."  Phoebe Conn, NY Times Bestselling Author

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Montana Surrender by Trana Mae Simmons

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3!

Jessica has far too many worries on her mind to be distracted by the sexy on-the-run outlaw, Storm. And Storm has no time to pursue the beauty who invades his hideout; he has to clear his name. Too many barriers stand between the two of them to ever fall in love. Or can they overcome the obstacles?
Backed into a corner after an unexpected spring blizzard decimates her already declining herd of cattle, Jessica knows she has no choice. Despite her vow to never touch the hidden gold — gold she feels is cursed — she can't meet the looming payment on the ranch she inherited from her father. There's no chance of a mortgage extension, either. The bank manager has already assured her in no uncertain terms he won't risk his bank's precious money any further on a woman running a spread. Lord, she should have spit in the manager's face, as her foreman had thought she would!
There has to be more than one rifleman in the ambush that surprises Jessica and her men. But only one paint horse and rider are silhouetted against the setting sun. And only one person — Jessica, the lone woman in the group of cowboys — sneaks out of camp that night to search for her runaway horse. She's not afraid of ghosts, like the men appear to be. It's not ghost arms that capture her on the hillside, though. Definitely not a ghost that haunts her thoughts and dreams from then on as she tries to save her ranch.


Montana Surrender reads like a good old action packed Western movie. Trana Mae Simmons understands the wild land, its untamed characters and brings their complex stories to life. ~Romantic Times Magazine

A wild and adventurous shoot-em-up ride through the Old West, filled with unexpected plot turns and an intriguing cast of unusual characters a reader will remember long after the last page has been read. A winner! ~ Michalann Perry, Zebra Books Author

Wings of Freedom by Ratan Kaul

Look what we found! A Kindle Historical Romance Novel for under $3!

A cross-cultural romance set during the fury of British imperialism and the social-cultural divide in early twentieth-century turbulent British India.

It’s the year 1911. King George the Fifth is due in Delhi for his coronation celebration. A devastating fire in the royal camp gives rise to speculations of sabotage and an assassination attempt by the Indian revolutionaries. Will the British police be able to unveil real cause of the blaze?

Raju, a college student, struggling to establish his identity in the charged atmosphere of India’s freedom struggle is caught up in the vortex of violent passions as two of his innocent friends are made scapegoats for the blaze by the British police and murdered. Thus begins Raju’s relentless journey against colonial rule and the economic exploitation of India.

A passionate romance with Eileen, the daughter of a British officer, keeps Raju inspired in their roller-coaster ride against the backdrop of British imperialism, turbulent political conflicts, the fury of the freedom revolution, the catastrophic first World War and the racial, cultural and social divisions in the post-Edwardian era.


“Set against the turbulent backdrop of India’s struggle for freedom from English rule at the start of the twentieth century, Wings of Freedom by Ratan Kaul is a compelling mixture of drama, romance and history. Raj, a young Indian man, and Eileen, a young English woman, fall in love despite the societal pressures against it, and in spite of the revolution swirling furiously around them. If you enjoyed The Far Pavilions by M. M. Kaye, you’ll love Wings of Freedom.” ~Elizabeth Delisi, author of Lady of the Two Lands, USA

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Following Sea by Marsha Canham

Look what we found! A Kindle Historical Romance Novel for under $4!

The Following Sea is the long-awaited and anticipated story of Gabriel Dante. Book three of the award-winning Pirate Wolf series which began with Across A Moonlit Sea and The Iron Rose.. The story takes place on the Spanish Main, with pirate attacks, high-seas adventure, lost galleons and sunken treasure, and of course, great romance from the author dubbed by Romantic Times as "the Queen of Swashbuckling Romance"


Ms. Canham's words come alive as you can almost smell the ocean and easily envision the majestic ships as they blast each other in their dangerous dance in battle. Just when you are wondering how Gabriel Dante (one of the infamous Hell Twins and son of Simon Dante, the Pirate Wolf) is going to survive his latest predicament, Ms. Canham oh so cleverly and with such panache, works her magic and Gabriel survives to fight another day. Our heroine, gently bred Evangeline Chandler, proves to be tenacious in her quest to locate her lost father, while still maintaining her sweetness despite the many betrayals and trials she faces.

Happy Hour by Michele Scott

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3!

Every woman has that group of friends in her life ~ her "go to girls" The friends that she can turn to who "get it." The ones who are there for you no matter what. The ones who laugh with you and cry with you. The ones that will always be there. These are the women of Napa Valley.

Jamie is the editor-in-chief of Wine Lover's Magazine, a single mother and caretaker to her senile mother-in-law ~ a woman who thinks her daily caregiver is Dean Martin. Jamie is still recovering, financially and emotionally from the death of her husband several years earlier. And when she finds what could be the key to happiness, can she open the door and let it in? Or will her feelings of guilt and betrayal hold her back?

Danielle is a vintner and the divorced mom of two. She's basking in what she knows is going to be a successful launch of her new wines. Wines she created on her own after her divorce. But what she doesn't expect is for her daughter to come home with news that will shock her to her core. Will an old flame help her accept the changes that are coming and find the love she's been missing in her life for so long? Or will a tragedy that no one sees coming change their lives forever?

Kat is a sommelier, co-owner of a magnificent restaurant with her chef husband, and mother of a blended family. But is being deeply in love with your husband enough to get them through the teenage years, step-children and exes? And what happens when old faces return and she's faced with the knowledge that not everything is what you thought it was. What happens when she finds she was mad at the wrong person and finds out the "right one" was in the wrong? Can she forgive and move on? Can love overcome everything and truly bring a family together?

Alyssa is an artist and gallery owner with a secret of her own. One she was hoping would stay buried deep in her closet. But the time has come for her to put someone else first, to face the past and to deal with her demons. What she never expected to find was love and her "home."

No matter what is going on in their own lives, no matter the heartache or joy they're experiencing these four women are always there to love, support and encourage each other.


"This book is a clear example of the power of friendship and how it can last through the years. You will laugh with them and you will cry with them. It's the story of true and lasting friendships. It's the type of friendships that every woman should experience and a story we can hopefully all relate to.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED it. Can’t say that enough I guess. It is an amazing, beautiful book and I can’t wait to share it with my friends!!! A MUST READ!" Lori Gondelman from

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can't Buy Me Love by Maggie Marr

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance for under $3!

Everyone knows that Cole Jackson is lethal--in his charm and in his reputation as ruthless media mogul and one of the world's great CEOs. A fact his former executive assistant Meg Parson has learned firsthand. He's the one who banished her from his executive suite with no explanation.

Determined to secure her long awaited promotion within Comnet, Meg Parson is back and can deliver the one deal Cole Jackson has always wanted and could never get. This deal is Meg's ticket to the top. Now Meg must juggle this high-stakes deal with her unfathomable attraction to her former boss--an attraction Meg has denied for three years. An attraction which raises painful memories from her past. An attraction that Meg's boss Cole seems to share. If Meg can't pull off this multi-media merger, not only is her career at stake but also her heart.


 "Marr delivers a great story, the thrill of romance, and sexy love scenes in this often delightful novel. " ~Romantic Times Book Review

"Maggie Marr does it again! Can't Buy Me Love is an entertaining hot and heavy high stakes Hollywood love story that'll keep you turning the page! " ~Jenny Gardiner, #1 Kindle Best Selling Author, Sleeping With Ward Cleaver

"Sharp, sexy prose and a fast-paced plot make Maggie Marr's Can't Buy Me Love a very entertaining and steamy read! Romance readers will love this book! " ~Jane Porter, Best Selling Author, Flirting With Forty

"Readers will delight in Meg and Cole's sexy, romantic and charming love story and will find themselves touched by the kind of passion and vulnerability it takes to bring these two ambitious people together for a lifetime." ~Marilyn Brant Author, A Summer in Europe

Shadows of the Soul by Angelique Armae

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3!

A fallen angel…
A human scholar…
A race against time…

When two souls born on opposite sides of the battle between Heaven and Hell, team up to find a sacred antidote to a supernatural disease, the balance between good and evil are forever altered.

Isabel Godfroie Heart is a Paradisian Scholar-an immortal human trained in the ways of Heaven and Hell-who's suffering from memory loss. During her last battle, a dark force erased specific portions of her past life memories. Now she remembers little of times past, save for the fact she's a demon slayer mentored by the archangel Gabriel. When ordered to a new post to help translate a volume of ancient text from a forbidden verse, Isabel is forced to work with the dark prince Nicolai Valentine, a soul who may or may not be responsible for her memory loss. If only she didn't find the tempting creature so hard to resist…

Born to a fallen angel and a mortal mother, Nicolai Valentine is a prince of the Grigorcov, the children of the fallen sons of God. Searching for the lost chalice that will save his kin from eternal damnation, Nicky unknowingly unleashes the Hadean Virus, a dark entity targeting members of the Grigorcov. Now the entity has been unleashed on man's world and Nicky's in a race against time to find the antidote that will stop this deadly parasite. But in order to keep the Hadean virus from attacking again, Nicolai must enlist the help of Isabel Godfroie Heart, the Paradisian Scholar he was unable to save from the wrath of Hell centuries ago…

Monday, April 23, 2012

Someone Else's Fairytale by E.M. Tippetts

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance for under $3!

Jason Vanderholt, Hollywood's hottest actor, falls head over heels for every-girl, Chloe Winters, who hasn't gotten around to watching most of his movies. She becomes the woman every other woman in America is dying to be, but it just isn't her fairytale.

"I'm going to be honest - I didn't expect to like this at all... But for some completely inexplicable reason I found myself at the end of the book with a giant smile on my face saying aloud (to myself since I'm cool like that) 'wow, I REALLY liked that.'" 9/10 rating by I Love YA Fiction

"I have found another Indie author to love! Tippetts wrote a book that was well layered as a romance with life lessons throughout." 5/5 rating by Lisa's Book Review

"I laughed out loud, smiled constantly, and actually squealed with delight at a certain point. ...I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys chick lit and happy endings." Every Free Moment Book Reviews

"An engaging story exploring true love, fairytales and the essence of being yourself." Paranormal Fantasy Addict

"Someone Else's Fairytale was simply amazing, well written, charming, funny, sad, intense, painful, heartfelt, beautiful, and great. Ms. Tippetts obviously knows what she's doing and has no problem... making the characters feel real[;] she can twist plots and leave you wanting more. Don't take my word for it. I dare you to read this book and not love it." 5/5 rating by The Bo0kJunki3

"Imaginative and well crafted, Someone Else's Fairytale is one of the best stories I've read. You'll fall in love with the characters and have your own delightful 'fairytale good feeling' when you finish it. Novel Rocket and I give it a high recommendation." Novel Rocket

"The characters were great, the storyline was perfect, I really loved the entire thing ...Someone Else's Fairytale totally made it into my Top 5 Books read in 2011." Reviewing What I'm Reading

A Well-Stacked Trio by Elaine Raco Chase

Look what we found! Three Kindle Romance Novels in one for under $3!

Why three with one press of the whispernet button! These three women are HOT! And these three men are very BOTHERED! Enjoy three sexy, sassy romantic comedies in one download!



Meet Brandy Abbott - as potent as the liquor that echoes her name. And when this woman gets branded a tramp...why what else can she do, but go above and beyond to make the man who did the branding pay!

Meet Griffen St.Clair - he thought he could handle her and not get burned. But he quickly found out that Brandy was a force to be reckoned with and he wasn't giving up on the idea that he could reform her.


Marlayna had questions.

Her ex-husband, Noah Drake, had the answers.

And she didn't mind showing up at his engagement party and making a scene. Or climbing back into his bed.


Victoria Kirkland played the most sinful, wanton woman on cable TV - Vixen Mallory. But was she?

Investigative reporter, Dan Falkner wasn't so sure. Until he entered the town of Sodom's Crossing - where it's always steamy. And began to sample the erotic Vixen/Vikki for himself.


The perfect way to steam up your Kindle just touch of the whispernet download! Three full-length romantic comedies sizzle their way inside. Sexy, Sassy, and So Much Fun! Yes, you can buy each title individually - but here's the perfect opportunity to enjoy this Well-Stacked Trio of Sensuous Women at one time!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Trinity by Patrick Fox

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3!

When Ben Rider finds his childhood imaginary friend, Trinity, in his kitchen, he knows something isn't right. Trinity hasn't changed a bit. He still has three personas: cowboy, pirate, and private eye. He still smells of chocolate, and he still has a habit of massaging his earlobe.

Ben is trying to keep his video game development business alive and finalise a deal with an American games publisher, while keeping his disintegrating marriage together. Now, with the reappearance of his imaginary friend, he has his sanity to worry about too.

Trinity claims he has come back to help Ben sort out his life and guide him to his destiny. But over the days that follow, Ben's life goes haywire, and it looks like he might meet his destiny sooner than he thinks. Thanks to Trinity, Ben will have a restaurant collapse on top of him, be seduced and later shot at by a Welsh femme fatale, meet someone else's imaginary friend, and lose both a wife and an ex-wife. But will he find his destiny, or is Trinity's real reason for returning, something else entirely?


"'Trinity' by Patrick Fox is more than a rom-com. It's a right old rom-romp." 5-Stars, Allie Lo, Amazon

"This is a feel good book, with some very funny moments along the way. I think a sequel is in order, as I would happily spend more time with Trinity." 5-Stars, K. Preston, Amazon

Chocolate Aftertaste by Liz Grace Davis

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3!

At her pre-wedding dinner, Nora Darkin, the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur, discovers her fiancé is not the man she thought he was. As her father hoists his glass to toast them, she makes an announcement: there will be no wedding to her father's right-hand man.

Due to the fresh rift driven between her and her father, Nora escapes to the quaint town of Dreara. Determined to live her life her own way, she makes new friends and pursues her lifelong desire of becoming a chef. Ethan Danes, a neighbour with his own broken heart, helps soothe hers.

Just as Nora discovers what it means to be happy, and she begins to fall in love with Ethan, a woman from his past re-enters his life…


"I loved how real everything in this book felt. The characters came to life and easily pulled me into their story. The writing of this talented author paints intense emotions in a way that you can't help but experience it all along with Nora as she learns to stand on her own and eventually spread her wings. There were times where I was so sure of the decisions Nora was to take, only to be surprised by the creative path the author chose for her instead.
Liz describes the settings so well that you can see, feel and smell everything around Nora. By the end of the novel you will have experienced every emotion possible and watched Nora grow through her trials all while visiting the wonderful places created by the author. This is not a sappy romance novel, but a book of life...Nora's life, with real feelings and all."  ~Debbie Brown, Amazon

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shades of the Past by Kathleen Kirkwood

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $4!

A Widowed Victorian Lady: Traveling companion to an elderly, aristocratic lady, Vanessa Wynters is drawn to Royal Sherringham upon her employer's death. Little does she expect to remain at the estate beyond the funeral itself, or to find herself caught up in the secrets of Sherringham’s turbulent past or those of the deceased noblewoman’s dark, brooding nephew ― Viscount Adrian Marrable.

A Mysterious Viscount: Twice wed and twice widowed, the darkly handsome lord is implicated in both his wives’ tragic and untimely deaths. Adrian is captivated by Vanessa’s golden beauty and willingly fulfills his late aunt’s dying wishes. His generous financial support allows Vanessa to remain at Sherringham and pursue her passion for photography. But her growing attraction to the enigmatic viscount proves as unsettling as the ghostly figure that appears in her photographs.

Royal Sherringham: An expansive castle-mansion complex in the English West Midlands, its long history dates back to the times of the druids. What mysteries does Sherringham hold, and why did Adrian’s late aunt flee her beloved home to live in self-imposed exile? Now, as the Marrable family gathers after years apart, Sherringham’s unseen residents stir. What might they reveal, if the planes between the spiritual and material dimensions are breached? Will Vanessa find an adversary or an ally in the otherworldly presence that beckons from her photographs as secrets are unearthed, shade by shocking shade? Dare Vanessa embrace her blossoming love for the dark viscount or, like her late employer, flee Sherringham forever?


"It is not so often that I come across, in my opinion, such a great Victorian Gothic mystery ! I have found here, absolutely everything I could hope for and beyond ... Hidden family secrets, scandal, passion, jealousy, deception and murder, a very nasty constable and a Ghost !" 5-Stars - AC, on Amazon

One More Summer by Liz Flaherty

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel!

Grace has taken care of her widowed father her entire adult life and the ornery old goat has finally died. She has no job, no skills and very little money, and has heard her father's prediction that no decent man would ever want her so often she accepts it as fact.

But she does have a big old house on Lawyers Row in Peacock, Tennessee. She opens a rooming house and quickly gathers a motley crew of tenants: Promise, Grace's best friend since kindergarten, who's fighting cancer; Maxie, an aging soap opera actress who hasn't lost her flair for the dramatic; Jonah, a sweet, gullible old man with a crush on Maxie.

And Dillon, Grace's brother's best friend, who stood her up on the night of her senior prom and has regretted it ever since. Dillon rents Grace's guest house for the summer and hopes to make up for lost time and past hurts—but first, he'll have to convince Grace that she's worth loving...


ONE MORE SUMMER is a tender story of loss and hope, of reality and dreams, of every authentic emotion that life offers. I loved this book. The characters are so beautifully written they seem real. The story flows movingly from an emotional high to a valley of sadness and back up to joy. The reader is warned to have a box of Kleenex at hand but it is as much to wipe tears of happiness as it is to wipe tears of sadness. How has Liz Flaherty escaped my list of favorite authors? I have no idea but she is way up there now.
~ Becky C., Amazon

Friday, April 20, 2012

Wedgie Tales and Panty Lines by Sandra Sookoo

Look what we found! A Kindle Contemporary Romance Novel!

When unassuming mailroom worker Kate Little agrees to become an underwear tester for a marketing company, things get uncomfortable fast. Not only has she never worn “fancy” underpants before, she has to work closely with handsome marketing manager Bryan Eddleman, and that’s enough to keep her in a constant state of confusion.

Trouble is, Bryan’s competing with another manager for a promotion that hinges on the results of the test group. Kate can’t determine if his sudden interest is really in her or her surprisingly insightful weekly reports on foundation garments.

Add a jealous coworker out to sabotage Kate’s budding love life, an overly helpful gay friend with nothing better to do than shove her into Bryan’s arms, and a rambunctious teacup dog to the chaos and you’ll have a typical day in Kate’s less than ordinary life.

The last thing she needs is panty lines.


"I really loved this book!! It was everything contemporary romance/chick lit should made you laugh, cry, get angry, swoon...and crave that happily ever after. Can't wait for the sequel!"

Noah's Ark by Vijaya Schartz

Look what we found! A Kindle SciFi Romance Novel!

When Trixie's starfreighter drops out of jump space in an uncharted part of the universe, she believes the M class planet on her viewer represents hope and salvation for her motley crew and the ragtag settlers of Noah's Ark. Kostas, ex Space Marine, the expert survivalist recruited for this expedition, doesn't believe in coincidences, and knows that when something looks too good to be true, it usually is.

Everyone, on this voyage, is fleeing something, and harbors dangerous secrets... including Trixie, who vowed to never let a man control her life again. As for Kostas, the settlers would lynch him on the spot if anyone suspected who he is. But on this seemingly abandoned planet, others are watching, herding them for evil purposes... and when the truth emerges and secrets unravel, Trixie and Kostas will fight for survival, for freedom, and for the right to love...

From the Author

All the other books in this series are already available, but this is what happened before, the story of how human settlers happened to be marooned on this far-flung planet out of Earth's reach. The other books in the series are: WHITE TIGER Book One, RED LEOPARD Book Two, BLACK JAGUAR Book Three, and BLUE LIONESS Book Four.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tempting by Hope Tarr

Look what we found! A Kindle Historical Romance Novel for under $1 (75p).

Move over Eliza Doolittle …

“Pretty Woman” meets “My Fair Lady” in Hope Tarr’s Tempting

Simon Belleville knows he should take the pretty prostitute directly to Newgate Gaol. As an aspiring Member of Parliament, he cannot afford a scandal. But one glimpse of Christine Tremayne’s lovely, tear splashed face has him faltering. Staring into her pleading amber eyes, he cannot subdue the sense that she is not at all what she seems. Though her expectations are limited by birth and circumstance, still she demonstrates a keen mind and a love of books and learning. Hoping to help her as once he was helped, he takes her home with him as his “cousin” and assumes the role of her guardian—and tutor. With a measure of patience and considerable good fortune, he will find her a position as a ladies’ maid, perhaps even a governess.

But Christine is not so easily dispatched. Charming, witty, and wise beyond her years, she proves to be a woman unlike any other, a woman capable of seeing through Simon’s polished facade to the shameful secrets searing his soul. As the heat in their private lessons progresses from a fledgling spark to full flame, Simon allows he has never before been so intrigued—or so tempted.


"A beguiling mixture of historical detail, romantic intrigue and just plain fun." —New York Times Bestseller, Susan Wiggs

"Hope Tarr is a master storyteller who breathes magic into love..." —Bestselling author, Miranda Jarrett

“Tarr pegs Victorian era London perfectly…poignant and romantic.” —RT BOOK Reviews Magazine

“A touching story of salvation and renewal.” —Madeline Hunter

“A book to feast upon…fresh and original.” —Patricia Potter

"Wonderfully written! Readers will devour it." —Cathy Maxwell

“Stunning…enchanting.” —May McGoldrick

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stone Kisses by Tessa Stokes

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3!

Stone Kisses 'is a romance to take your breath away'.

Stella is an ordinary young woman working hard to pay her mortgage when she becomes entangled in a game between two ‘leftover’ gods.
Apollo and Mercury live reasonably peacefully on the outskirts of town.
Stella longs for love or at least kisses. In a garden center buying flowers, Stella meets Justin. He is beautiful, strong, and attracted to her.

This multi-thread story has themes that are serious, and funny. It is about history repeating itself, love and loss, love and not being afraid to show it, and all the beautiful things in the world.

A Romance/ Contemporary fantasy-this is a gentle romance, wistful and literary but has explicit sex scenes and so is only suitable for 18 years old and up.

Embracing the Lemonade Life by Sandra Sookoo

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for $4.49!

Clara Tildon, a cancer survivor, has no time for defeatism. She’s opened up the Cute as a Button B & B in Bridgewater, Indiana, and along with her guinea pig, is embracing the lemonade lifestyle. Everything is perfect, except for the nagging sensation that she would still like to fall in love.

Jake Yates has returned to Bridgewater, the town he grew up in, for his friend’s wedding and he’s not happy about it. The people of Bridgewater can keep their small town life, it’s in his past and that’s where he intends it to stay. Even loneliness can’t make him reconsider his decisions.

A chance meeting. A fleeting kiss. Suddenly two polar opposites get a unique chance at love. But can Clara give up living in the moment long enough to see Jake as an opportunity she needs to plan for? Can Jake alter his well-laid plans to fit Clara in his life? Or will they both let love get away?


5 Heart review "...Sookoo pens a remarkable read that really grabs at the heart. Once I started reading, it was extremely hard to stop. The wide-range of emotions and expressions indeed are quite captivating and exceptionally warm..." - The Romance Studio

5 Star review "...There is a lot of emotion in the book - plenty of smiles but lots of tears too. You can't help but put yourself in Carla's and Jake's shoes and wonder how you'd cope with the situations they find themselves in..." - Reader's Favorite Book Reviews

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dangerous Talents by Frankie Robertson

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $5!

Celia Montrose has been trained to deal with any emergency—except being thrust into another world. Crisis management training hasn’t prepared her for meeting the descendants of the lost Vinland colony, or coping with kidnapping, murder, and magic.

Lord Dahleven is trying to avert a war when he rescues a strange and beautiful woman in the drylands. Though he fears Celia may be Fey-marked, Dahleven can't resist the powerful attraction he feels for her. But is Celia in league with the enemy, or will she provide the key to saving his people?

Alone and off-balance, Celia finds herself falling for Lord Dahleven. But dangerous forces are at work, and one of them is offering Celia a way home—for a price.


"Grabs you from the start with excellent pacing, fascinating characters and culture, and a satisfying romance. I want more!"
~ Jennifer Roberson, bestselling author of Karavans, the Sword Dancer series, The Chroncles of the Cheysuli, and Lady of the Glen.

"Romance, peril, and magic: what more could anyone ask? I note as well, this Frankie Robertson—she, too, has dangerous talents."
~Dennis L. McKiernan, author of the Mithgar series, the Faery series, and other works.

"Frankie Robertson creates detailed worlds, vivid characters, and intricate, well plotted stories. The mixture of fantasy and romance is perfectly balanced and an utter joy to read."
~ Jill Knowles, author of Concubine, and A Pirate's Primer.

Nightfall (A Vampire Romance) by Norah Wilson

Look what we found! A Kindle Vampire Romance Novel for under $4!

Aiden Afflack is as charming, sexy and easy-going as he is gorgeous. Unless you happen to be a rogue vampire, in which case he’s apt to be the last thing you see. Sam Shea is a wildly successful nature photographer whose prescient dreams lead her to some of the world’s most turbulent, awe-inspiring weather phenomena.

When their paths cross and Aiden discovers that his proximity to Sam warps her psychic power, causing her to hone in on vampire violence instead of violent weather, he knows he’s found a priceless tool in his fight to rid the world of rogues.

Sam has a deep-rooted aversion to having her powers exploited, but once her eyes have been opened to the lives she can help save, she can’t withhold her cooperation. But she can deny Aiden the other thing he wants from her, which makes her unique among women. And absolutely irresistible to Aiden!

Friday, April 13, 2012

A Thousand Glass Flowers by Prue Batten

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3!

Two people… one an extraordinary young woman, the other an embittered immortal man. Both seeking concealed spells that could annihilate Life.
In a quest through a world where Others lace their way in and out of the lives of mortals, this is a story of legend, love, and clashing ideals. A story of murder, regret and revenge… a story that journeys across a world too hauntingly like our own.


'Highly recommended! Prue Batten leads the way with elegant adult historic fantasy. the Eirie Chronciles set the bar for modern fantasy authors wanting to tread the fine line between reality and fantasy. A fairy tale for the twenty-first century.' ~ Saffina Desforges, Kindle UK best-selling author of Sugar & Spice and the Rose Red crime thriller series.

'A sweeping, gorgeously written tale of magic, adventure, intrigue--and the very human power of enduring love. It held me spellbound.' ~ Anna Elliott, author of The Avalon Trilogy

'A magnificent evocation of a parallel world whose joys and sorrows are our own. Beautifully done.' ~ Ann Swinfen, author of In Defence of Fantasy.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Missing, Assumed Dead by Marva Dasef

Look what we found! A Kindle Romantic Mystery Novel for $5.50!

When Kameron McBride receives notice she’s the last living relative of a missing man she’s never even heard of, the last thing she wants to do is head to some half-baked Oregon town to settle his affairs. But since she’s the only one available, she grudgingly agrees.

En route, she and her rental car run afoul of a couple of hillbillies and their pickup in an accident that doesn’t seem . . . accidental. Especially when they keep showing up wherever she goes. Lucky for her, gorgeous Deputy Mitch Caldwell lends her a hand, among other things. Her suspicions increase when she meets the probate judge, and he tries just a little too hard to buy the dead man’s worthless property.

Kam probes deeper into the town’s secrets and finds almost no one she can trust. With Mitch’s help, she peels away the layers of prejudice, suicide, murder, and insanity. Kam must find out what really happened to her dead relative before someone in this backward little town sends her to join him.

And she thought Oregon was going to be boring.


"An enjoyable, quickly-paced contemporary romantic mystery with quirky characters."
~Lisa J. Lickel, on Amazon

"This is a nice, fast-paced thriller with an interesting setting, good characters, a little romance, a lot of action and a truly creepy villian. Try it, you'll like it."
~Unhinged, on Amazon

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Way They Were by Mary Campisi

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $2!

He hasn’t spoken her name in fourteen years. She keeps a journal hidden in the back of her closet and permits herself to write about him once a year—on the anniversary of the first and only time they made love. They promised to love one another forever, but tragedy tore them apart. Now, destiny may just bring them back together.

At eighteen, Rourke Flannigan and Kate Redmond thought they’d spend the rest of their lives together—until a family tragedy tore them apart. Fourteen years have passed and they’ve both carved out separate lives hundreds of miles apart—hers as a wife and mother, his as a successful, driven businessman. But once a year, on the anniversary of her daughter’s birth, Kate pulls out a red velvet journal and writes a letter, which she’ll never send, to the man who still owns her heart. Once a year, on the anniversary of the first and only time they made love, Rourke permits himself to read the annual investigative report detailing an ordinary day in Kate’s life.

When a subcontractor at one of Rourke’s holding companies is killed, Rourke decides to pay the widow a visit and offer condolences, never dreaming the widow will be Kate. As they embark on a cautious journey of rediscovery, one far greater than they could have imagined, secrets and lies threaten to destroy their newfound closeness—forever.


"Mystery, secrets, lies and steamy romance! It's the perfect story!
~V. Duncan "Nessa", on Amazon

"[This] book is about second chances, reuniting with your unrequited love and getting your happily ever after when you think your life is falling apart, again. Great little read! There were many enjoyable characters who added to this story.
~Hopeless "Romantic", on Amazon

Finding Margo by Susanne O'Leary

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $3!

When Margo misreads a roadmap while travelling by car through France, her husband Alan flies into one of his habitual rages. Tired of his constant bad moods, Margo slips away from him at a motorway café. She hitches a lift with a woman truck driver and escapes into the French countryside. What follows is adventure and romance far beyond her wildest dreams. Will Alan find her before she finds herself?

The author uses British spelling and grammar.


"The characters in "Finding Margo" are beautifully created and possess familiar and believable personalities. These people evolve in realistic and sometimes unexpected directions, a credit to Susanne O'Leary's ability to understand and portray the complexity of real-life personalities. Add in the author's Parisian city and French countryside backdrops, and you find yourself pausing to savor the scenes of this created world but feeling compelled to continue on Margo's journey -- just not too quickly please; make it last.

Susanne O'Leary has a smooth, flowing and unrestrained writing style. She has written "Finding Margo" with a playful and energetic touch, yet with a depth suitable to the eternal quandary of how one chooses to live life." ~jstmgn, on Amazon

~  ~  ~

 "I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Margo. Thanks Susanne for the unexpected twists/turns this story took- it kept me engaged straight through to the end!" ~Lisa Schmidt, on Amazon

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dark Night of the Moon by Keta Diablo

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $4!

Dark Night of the Moon, a paranormal wolf shifter, is the sequel to Holding on to Heaven.

Creed Gatlin flees to Arizona intent on eradicating the haunting memories of his brother’s wife. Brand Gatlin, presumed dead, resurfaces after a long absence and with his re-emergence, the destinies of those he loves is altered forever
In a land rife with war and danger, Sage must travel to the village of her husband’s People. There, she is reunited with Crooked Back, the ancient healer. On the long trek back to Full Circle, devious plots are underfoot and peril lurks around every corner for Sage, Lauren and Peter Pa.

Dark Night of the Moon will take you on an unforgettable journey of war, violence, overwhelming grief, and finally, love. 


Keta Diablo has managed to wow me again with Dark Night of the Moon and the continued journey and struggle her characters Lauren, Creed, and Sage face with their strength and love. I couldn't put the book down because of my eagerness's to learn what happened to Brand and whether he would make his way back to Lauren. Deep inside, I hoped he would not find his way back to her so that Creed and Lauren could burst beyond their walls of stubbornness and succumb to their strong love and desire. Yet, I found myself brushing away tears as I experienced the sadness they felt when tragedy returned to dance upon their
lives, creating even more sorrow and sadness. This was an on-the-edge-of-your-seat-bite-your-nails story. The only disappointment I have in this one of Keta Diablo's sequels is that the ending for Sage and her deceased husband didn't follow the path I had eagerly anticipated.'

I recommend this book to anyone with an interest in history, romance, and an open mind for Native-American mythology with a splash of paranormal.

~ Christina B, Risque Reviews

Desert Heat by Kristie Leigh Maguire

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $4!

Kristie Leigh Maguire presents the ultimate in ultra-sensual modern day romance. She takes you "beyond the kiss" without crossing that tenuous line between eroticism and vulgarity. Her characters are real everyday, ordinary people, not impossibly created heroes and heroines who could only be real in the pages of your average romance novel.

Don't expect the typical romance story with this novel. There are no shrinking violets or shy maiden virgins who long to be taken against their will in Desert Heat. Marcie is a savvy businesswoman who knows what she wants and is willing to go against the odds to get it.

Marcie and Steve have a long-time and mutually satisfying marriage. However, when career changes force them to move from a metropolitan city in Texas to a small crossroads town in the Mojave Desert in Southern California, a surprise is in store for them that neither Marcie nor Steve could have ever anticipated in a million years. Marcie commits the unthinkable. She falls in love with her handsome new boss, Jim. How will Marcie handle being in love with both Steve and Jim? Will this be the end of Marcie's marriage to Steve, the guy who has been by her through thick and thin?

Read Desert Heat and get swept away to another world. Come visit the desert where it is always hot, hot, hot! Live with Marcie, Steve and Jim as they explore the shades of difference between love, sex and friendship. You may never view love or the desert through the same eyes again!


"I love the goose bumps of passion I receive while reading Ms. Maguire's work!"  
~ Bobby Ruble

"Desert Heat will definitely put you in the mood." ~ Karen Mueller Bryson

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Adventures of a Love Investigator by Barbara Silkstone

Look what we found! 527 Naked Men and One Woman!

Meet author, Barbara Silkstone, who traveled the country for six years armed only with a tape recorder and a quirky sense of humor, listening to men talk about women, love, commitment, and male hopes and fears.

Women will enjoy this book for the insight it gives them into the male mind. Men will immediately compare themselves with the 527 Naked Men. Both genders will gain a new and often humorous perspective on the opposite sex. This is a work of True Fiction.

The Adventures of a Love Investigator, 527 Naked Men & One Woman is honored to have received an 8/10 rating from and rave reviews from relationship experts.

“Barbara is able to capture how men constantly wrestle their inner demons. Even if he’s the model spouse, he is not immune to the thoughts and desires that afflict every man.”
Scott Kudia, Ph.D Relationship Expert

More books by Barbara Silkstone
Books in the Fractured Fairy Tales by Silkstone series:
The Secret Diary of Alice in Wonderland, Age 42 and Three-Quarters
Wendy and the Lost Boys
London Broil
Snow White – coming in 2012


"Barbara Silkstone has done a wonderful job getting men to tell the truth. This is a fascinating collection of diverse types of men talking about love. Ladies, if you want to know the type of man to avoid, this is a book for you. Gentlemen, do you see yourself in any of the men that were interviewed? Barbara lets the men do the talking but has also given us snippets into her own life. This is a wonderful look into the minds of men when it comes to the subject of women. I highly recommend this book."

Royal Rebel by Dana Taylor

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $2!

Courageous, captivating, cunning—the Royal Rebel leads her band of freedom fighters against the tyranny of Prince John. Inspired by the legend of Robin Hood, “Royal Rebel” twists a familiar tale into a fresh, romantic adventure.

Robin, the secret daughter of King Richard, fights injustice as she awaits her father’s return from the Crusades. Joining forces with arrogant knight extraordinaire, Sir Simon of Loxley, the two undertake a mission to save the kingdom. Filled with humor, whimsical imagination, and romance—“Royal Rebel” will capture your heart.

Winner of the “Great Expectations” and “Gotcha” contest of the Romance Writers of America

(Previously published as “Princess Robin.”)


"A wonderful read. Full of intrigue, humor, and whimsy! Curled up on a blistery winter day, I finished the book in one day! Taylor weaves a delightful tale that takes the reader into a world of adventure and romance designed to keep you turning (or scrolling) till the last page! I recommend this book to anyone wanting to escape the mundane with a good story that doesn't disappoint!"

"A great twist on the old Robin Hood tale. Princess Robin has great characterizations, clever banter and inventive plot lines. "Simon" is a new addition to the time-honored cast of characters, and is a wonderful foil for the spirited Princess Robin. I thoroughly enjoyed all the action, comedy and romance packed into this little gem of a book. Women of all ages will enjoy this magical "girl power" tale."

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Exchange by Rachel Rossano

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for under $1!

He offers her escape, but at what cost?

Isolated on a distant planet, she is incarcerated for a crime she doesn’t recall. She has no name, no idea where she came from, or why she is injected with drugs daily to hold these vital facts from her grasp. Despite small rebellions, she wastes away, worn and losing hope of ever being whole again.

Then he arrives. Claiming to hold the answers burned daily from her brain, he offers her a way out. But at what cost?

"If you want romance with some action in a futuristic society and only have a few minutes, this is a wonderful way to fill it. As always, I love Rachel's writing. Well done!"

"This engaging short story left me fascinated and wanting more! The author had a very appropriate voice for this genre--not at all cheesy and cliche like some futuristic sci-fi stories can be. The main characters were intriguing; I felt the connection between the two almost immediately. I hope a sequel is in the works because I am definitely a fan! Great job!"

Splintered Energy by Arlene Webb

Look what we found! A Kindle Science Fiction Romance Novel for under $4!

aves of pure energy are quite happy hanging in the cosmos, traveling at the speed of light to brighten up the sky--until dawn breaks. Literally.

When sentient light fractures, it zaps into human bodies and becomes trapped. Without any memories to guide them, a handful of confused beings whose skin tones are now specific colors, struggle to understand humanity while it's quite clear they shouldn't be in this world. The few humans clued in to Earth's invasion don't flutter, but are drawn to their fiery fate with hearts wide open as they fight to survive.

California. A widower's twelve-year-old son is rather young to bring home a woman, especially a collapsed green beauty too frightened to open her eyes.
Arizona. A divorcee blinks hard, but the gorgeous red guy stepping in front of her car is still red. She swerves to avoid hitting him and ends up in the ditch. When she comes around, she wonders which layer of hell she's fallen into.
Ohio. A teen also fears he's dealing with the demonic, but no matter how dangerous things become, he's determined to stand by a man with inhumanly blue eyes.

Splintered Energy is an Earth based sci-fi/suspense/romance novel and the first in a four book series. Book 2, The R Word, and book 3, House of Seven, are available. The final is scheduled for March/April 2012.


"Splintered Energy truly is a quite unique and fun story. Sentient light splintered and trapped in human bodies with all the turmoil of emotions makes for sometimes hilarious, sometimes heart-wrenching encounters and situations. Filled with fascinating characters, real humans and colorful rays of light, Splintered Energy is a beautifully written, fun read about human nature."

"Imagine a book where the main characters all die before the first page. Yes, it's all that innovative. The innocent aliens who get trapped in the 'dead' bodies struggle against their own natures as well as human civilisation while they fight find ways to save themselves. A great read."