Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Finding Margo by Susanne O'Leary

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When Margo misreads a roadmap while travelling by car through France, her husband Alan flies into one of his habitual rages. Tired of his constant bad moods, Margo slips away from him at a motorway café. She hitches a lift with a woman truck driver and escapes into the French countryside. What follows is adventure and romance far beyond her wildest dreams. Will Alan find her before she finds herself?

The author uses British spelling and grammar.


"The characters in "Finding Margo" are beautifully created and possess familiar and believable personalities. These people evolve in realistic and sometimes unexpected directions, a credit to Susanne O'Leary's ability to understand and portray the complexity of real-life personalities. Add in the author's Parisian city and French countryside backdrops, and you find yourself pausing to savor the scenes of this created world but feeling compelled to continue on Margo's journey -- just not too quickly please; make it last.

Susanne O'Leary has a smooth, flowing and unrestrained writing style. She has written "Finding Margo" with a playful and energetic touch, yet with a depth suitable to the eternal quandary of how one chooses to live life." ~jstmgn, on Amazon

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 "I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Margo. Thanks Susanne for the unexpected twists/turns this story took- it kept me engaged straight through to the end!" ~Lisa Schmidt, on Amazon

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