Friday, June 28, 2013

Loving From Afar by Mona Ingram

Book 1 of The Women of Independence Series

What would you do if your perfect life was shattered by a series of uncontrollable events?

Allison Ransome loses everything; everything except her love for Cole Slater, the young man she planned to marry after graduation.

Gutted by Allison’s perceived treachery, Cole moves on with his life. Ten years later, he returns home, telling himself he will avoid the woman who broke his heart.

But nothing goes as planned. Can Allison and Cole forget the past and come to terms with the events that tore them apart?

Loving From Afar is Book One in The Women of Independence series. Book Two, tentatively titled Love Me Not, is scheduled for release on September 15th.

What readers are saying:

"I recommend any book this Author has out and any future story she will share with us in the future. She truly has a gift." ~Sharing a Bit of Romance blog

"This book held my attention from start to finish - really didn't want it to end. The plot in this story has everything a reader of romance novels could want and more. Ms. Ingram seems to have an amazing talent for making her characters come alive and the events she portrays have the reader believing that this could really happen. Thanks for a wonderful book." ~Amazon Review

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Highland Moon by Judith E. French

From the Indian Moon Series


Forced to marry a heartless man twice her age, marchioness Lady Anne, a beautiful virgin widow, finds herself once again taking vows without knowing love. But before she can give her reluctant “I do,” the ceremony is interrupted by a breathtaking wild man on a charging horse. And suddenly, the bewildered bride-to-be is spirited away…


The American son of a Scottish Earl and a Delaware Indian, Ross Campbell agreed to assist in a scorned lover’s brazen kidnapping scheme—only to find he has abducted the wrong woman. Now the gallows await him—unless he weds his lovely captive himself. Anne may vow to resist his rugged charms, but Ross knows she longs to experience true love and intimacy at last—as much as he longs to share it with her.

What readers are saying about Judith E. French:

"French writes evocative, historically accurate colonial romances… Not just a sweet romance, but a sympathetic portrait of a woman coming to grips with her need for love and independence." ~ ROMANTIC TIMES Magazine (for Scarlet Ribbons)

"…even as conflicts raged, heated passions turned to whisperings of love." ~ Tami Brandt, Vine Voice Reviewer (for Moonfeather)

"…tender, haunting tale…excellent fast-moving reading." ~ RENDEZVOUS Magazine (for Moon Dancer)

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tamed - Book 1 by Nell Henderson

Scorching Hot

Ella Hobbs has two big secrets. The first she probably shares with most of the female staff working for the ‘Stone Corporation’ – and that was her enormous crush on the CEO – Sebastian Stone. But her second secret is a little darker.

Ella has two personalities. During the day she is the quiet, drab mouse of an accountant working in the Marketing Department but at night she is someone else. At night she works as a Dominatrix in a BDSM club in the city under the guise of ‘Mistress Marcia’.

These two are worlds apart. Marcia is nothing like Ella – she has none of her softness or timidity. Marcia is harsh and metes out her torments with relish. Ella wouldn’t say boo to a goose.

But these two worlds, these two personalities can’t be kept apart for ever and the catalyst for the inevitable collision is Sebastian Stone himself.

He takes Marcia the Domme and turns her into Ella, his sub. Then the two embark on a roller coaster of a romance that hurtles them both into uncharted emotional ground.

What readers are saying about Nell Henderson's books:

"I got into part one and all I kept thinking while reading is "this is a better written version of 50 Shades." ~for Bind Me Tight

"I highly recommend this story, now I'm off the devour the second in the series." ~for Taken For His Captive

"Yum!" ~for Totally His

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Beer and Groping in Las Vegas by Angela Quarles

~Sarcasm, Wit, and Sexual Tension~

Can a djinn and a magic slot machine bring two geeks together?

Riley McGregor is a geek trapped in a Good Ole Boy body and as owner of a microbrewery, smart chicks never look at him twice.

Rejected by a geek who wanted to “trade up,” Mirjam Linna would rather immerse herself in work than be the girlfriend-of-the-moment. Stranded in a Vegas hotel, she accidentally makes a wish—a night of hot sex with the man of her dreams. It's granted. She agrees to dinner, but afterward, she’ll say thanks, but no thanks, and see what’s on the SyFy channel. But when they meet, they're surprised to find they had a shared connection in their past.
Sparks fly as these two learn to be in the moment, be themselves and find love.

Fans of Star Trek, Star Wars, Monty Python, Firefly and Marvin the Martian will enjoy this romantic comedy.

What readers are saying:

"I can heartily recommend this one to those who enjoy a quirky magical contemporary Happy For Now with promise of the future romance with not a lot of time to read."  ~Sophia Rose, Delighted Reader (

"It really is just truly a fun read. It's written really well. It's short, but the author gives you snippets about these characters so you feel like you really know them and can connect to them." ~Smitten With Reading

"...filled with sarcasm, wit, sexiness and a lot of humor...The sexual tension in the story is great. I was laughing in the beginning and then saying "Hawt" towards the middle. When they finally *cough cough* well you know, it was gooood reading" ~Angie J, Twinsie Talk Book Reviews

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Business and Pleasure by Emily Wood

~Mixing Business, Pleasure & a Dark Secret~

Can mixing business and pleasure ever result in a happy ending?

When sexy, rich Lawrence Russo asks Mia to come and work for him in
Italy for two weeks, she jumps at the chance. After all, it beats pole dancing, and the salary he offers her is practically obscene.

A relationship quickly begins to develop between the two, but Mia can't help but wonder if
Lawrence's feelings for her are genuine or if he feels he's just paying for a service.

Even if their relationship is strong enough to survive her insecurities, what will happen when somebody from her past shows up and threatens to reveal her deepest, darkest secret?

This is book 1 of the Rags And Riches series.


"I enjoyed the seamless flow of the story. The plot moved swiftly... The sex scenes were well-written. I'll definitely read more by this author." ~Long and Short Reviews

A note from Emily Wood

I have always believed that the best stories are the ones that you can't put down, the ones that transport you to a different place and make you believe in the characters. This is exactly why I write… I have always loved the escapism that reading and writing provides, and there is nothing more exciting than imagining your own set of characters, and then letting them practically write the story for you. Writing has always been a dream of mine, and I'm lucky to have the kind of people around me that have always nurtured and encouraged my passion. 

I live a cozy little life in Wales, and when I'm not writing I'm taking care of my young family, studying for a degree in Classical Studies, and training to become a nail technician. I love traveling to new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new things…it's all great inspiration for my books!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scarlet Ribbons by Judith E. French

Who Is This Handsome Scoundrel?

The American Patriots realize Sarah Turner needs watching. Since her husband's disappearance she has been running King's Landing Inn, a known meeting place for Tory plotting. Forest Irons, a magnetically handsome undercover agent, is sent to spy on the courageous young woman—and his mere presence at the inn is like igniting a powder keg of danger, distrust...and wild desire.

As war sweeps through the colonies and passions flare, Sarah and Forest's desperate need for each other overpowers all else, driving them into the heat of battle, and engulfing them in the flames of a love that knows no bounds.


"Very strong characters, hunky guy with or without his eye-patch, incredibly brave woman with a sense of humor, terrific writing... this is a real treat. I never tire of reading about our nation's struggles for liberty."

"...a multi-layered story that is deftly and seamlessly woven together. I felt as if I could see, hear, and feel the colonization of America. I highly recommend this book."

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

A Winning Streak by Tea Cooper

Love in the Time of Ancient Greece

Abandoned at birth, Atalantê, protégé of the Goddess Artemis, is forced into an untenable position by her estranged father, the King of Arcadia—renege on her vow of virginity or condemn her suitors to a sacrificial death. The aristocratic courtier, Melanion, cannot believe anyone would be foolish enough to put their life on the line for the dirty little predator whose reputation for speed and cruelty is legendary. That is until he falls under the spell of her lapis lazuli eyes. Consumed by desire and jealousy, he is determined to win Atalantê’s hand or die trying. He calls upon Aphrodite to assist him, little realizing that her noisome brat, Eros, has the pair of them in his sights and is determined to inject a little spice into their lives. Spice that will devastate the path of true love and incur the wrath of the virgin Goddess.

What readers are saying about Tea Cooper:

"Forget work, forget all your responsibilities and slide into this delicious story." ~about Lily's Leap

"…spectacular, beautiful and rare!" ~about The Protea Boys

"A must-read tale of love and loss." ~about Tree Change

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Garnet Dagger by Andrea R. Cooper

Crimson Paranormal Romance

Forbidden to cross the Elvin barrier into human lands, Brock cannot sate his curiosity. Cursed by a vampyre bite that forces him to feed on the life-essence of others, he is unable to touch another without taking their life. Chained by prophesy, he must find a witch, pierce her heart, and draw her blood for his cure.

Celeste must escape the monks who have held her prisoner for years. Her magic has been kept dormant by her captors. An ancient powerful Warloc craves her powers. If he succeeds in devouring her magic, she and the world will die.

When Brock falls in love with Celeste before realizing her demise is his cure, will love triumph over his desire to be healed? Will he risk everything to save her from a Warloc, an oath breaker, who also wants her dead?

What readers are saying:

"…filled with vivid descriptions that take you right into the author's world of danger and magic."

"The author hurls you headfirst into this fast paced fantasy of mythical creatures, blood lust prophesies and captivating lovers."

"The Garnet Dagger teases the line between Paranormal Romance & Fantasy Fiction in a great way and is a must read for those who like a little kick added to their romance novels!"

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Hot Summer Sale: Runaway Bride!

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Return of the Runaway Bride

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The Naughty Never Die by Laurie Kellogg

A Daphne du Maurier finalist

If the good die young, then New Jersey's virtuous First Lady should be a cinch to kill. Unless....deep down she's really quite naughty.

The Beauty--a chronic people pleaser who's had enough of her goody-two-shoes life

Since her mother's untimely death, crusader Josephine Callahan has served as
New Jersey's First Lady. Acting as her father's official hostess in the governor's mansion is tantamount to living in a fishbowl, which makes S-E-X extremely difficult. On the brink of a nervous breakdown, frustrated Josie loses her usual good sense along with her cool and lets her assemblyman boyfriend sweet-talk her into an impromptu romantic getaway--something she would never consider if she had a clue someone is trying to kill her.

The Beast--an incurable bad boy who refuses to admit beneath his scars lurks a hero.

A deliberately twisted message, via the governor's spiteful assistant, misleads ex Special Forces officer, DJ Ryder, as to the true objective of his freelance assignment. He's told to, not only track down the governor's classy daughter and hold her in protective custody, but to also teach her a lesson by letting her believe she's been kidnapped.

When Josie discovers the scarred, but still sexy, badass has played her for a fool, she retaliates by feigning a raging case of Stockholm syndrome, teasing the brute until all he can think of is the 'hold her' part of his orders. How can Ryder concentrate on keeping Josie safe when he's busy avoiding the danger she poses to his heart?

What readers are saying:

"…infused with a healthy dose of thrills. I recommend this for readers who like romance with a bit of an edge."

"Although the romance half of the story is very funny, the book also includes an edgy thriller plot that will keep romantic suspense readers turning the pages. I highly recommend."

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fallen For You by Carlie Sexton

The Killer Next Door, Part 1

If you believe your life is the sum total of your choices, what do you do when things just don’t add up? You are about to find out. It won’t be pretty. It won’t be dull. And surely, it won’t be safe. In fact, making just one wrong choice could put evil at your bedside, watching you sleep.

After unimaginable heartbreak stops her world on a dime, Kate falls into a blackness of self blame that takes her to the edge of life itself. As time finally brings light back through tiny cracks of renewed desire, Kate moves out of the prison she's made for herself in her mother’s home to find a new reality, rooming with her best girlfriend, Charlie.

Yet, to be free is to be vulnerable, and Kate’s choices teeter on the line between being happy and being dead.

Care to choose? Here’s your menu: A strangely alluring building manager so possessed with wanting you for his own, he’ll bury more than the fact he has a girlfriend; a buff college student for whom you are clearly hot, as are all the other girls on campus; a pushy lawyer who is as handsome as he is intoxicated with conquest, who doesn’t take no for an answer, who gets what he wants — always.

Sometimes, it’s whom you choose. Sometimes, it’s who chooses you. If you’re Kate, it’s both, and it puts you on a perilous road where good looks and humor are the thin masks of jealous delusion and utter violence.

You’re in trouble when the sum total of your choices is written in blood red.

What readers are saying:

"The author was able to grab me within the first two chapters and held my attention throughout this thrilling book. The chemistry was great, the characters fascinating , the romance was terrific, the suspense was horrifying yet not in anyway gruesome and the story telling was superb."

"Fallen for You was an intense read, for more than one reason! The steamy scenes coupled with the fear of a creepy stalker left my heart pounding, page after page!" ~A Book A Day

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Monday, June 10, 2013

How Not To Murder Your Grumpy by Carol E. Wyer

And now for something completely different!

Before you push your Grumpy off the next bridge, look no further!

Is your Grumpy Old Man getting under your feet? Is he wrestling with retirement? Are you wondering if you should bundle him up and entrust him to basket-weaving classes? Then this book could be the answer to your prayers. This light-hearted guide is packed full of lively ideas, anecdotes and quips. Not only does it set out to provide laughs, but offers over 700 ideas and ways to keep a Grumpy Old Man occupied.

From collecting airline sick bags to zorbing, you will be sure to find an absorbing pastime for your beloved curmudgeon. There are examples of those who have faced extraordinary challenges in older age, fascinating facts to interest a reluctant partner and innovative ideas drizzled, of course, with a large dollop of humour.

Written tongue-in-cheek, this book succeeds in proving that getting older doesn't mean the end of life or having fun. It provides amusing answers to the question, "How on Earth will my husband fill in his time in his retirement?" It offers suggestions on what might, or most certainly might not, amuse him. Ideal for trivia buffs, those approaching retirement, (or just at a loose end) and frustrated women who have an irritable male on their hands, this book will lighten any mood and may even prevent the odd murder.

What readers are saying:

"From bungee jumping to bird watching, she presents these ideas in her usual (VERY FUNNY) style. I have been married for 58 years and I wish that I could have had access to this book years ago!"

"…unique, witty… will have you giggling… I highly recommend this book to anyone of any age who needs to get their man a hobby. Another winner from Ms Wyer!"

"Move over, Erma Bombeck!"

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

It Started With a House by Beth Prentice

If you love Janet Evanovich...

Meet Lizzie. She’s 31 and having a mid life crisis. So she bought a house. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

But she gets more than she bargained for. She didn’t expect the engagement ring, the lazy cat, the stalker or the drop dead gorgeous handyman. But she did already have the crazy family and a sex crazed Grandma. So when she decides to find the ring's rightful owner she kind of hoped that the Universe would be on her side. But that would be too easy wouldn’t it?

Lucky for Lizzie the Universe seems to know what it’s doing.

What readers are saying about It Started With a House:

"Loved this book! It has a little bit of everything, mystery, romance & comedy, to keep the pages turning quickly. If you're a fan of Janet Evanovich you'll enjoy this. Elizabeth is not quite as hapless as Stephanie Plum but she's just as endearing and her blunders are very amusing!"

"What every girl dreams of...a true love story. The trail to love is sometimes a rough road but well worth it in the end."

"This was one of the best books I have read in a very long while!"

About the author - Beth Prentice was born in Manchester England but now lives on the beautiful Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

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Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Baby Trap by Sibel Hodge

"Sibel Hodge does it again! 
~Geeky Girl Reviews

"I loved the snappy writing style of THE BABY TRAP. The story frequently had me laughing out loud. Anyone who has dealt with fertility issues will tell you it's about disappointment and loss, the death of a dream. But there is plenty of living left to be done and that's what Sibel Hodge does best in THE BABY TRAP" ~Chick Lit Central
Based on her own experiences with infertility and two attempts at IVF, Sibel Hodge's latest novel The Baby Trap will have you laughing and crying at the ups and downs of modern baby-making...

When Gina turns thirty-three her body clock unexpectedly begins clanging in her ear with annoying persistence. The only problem is, having a baby isn't as easy as she thought. Whether she's feng shui-ing the house to death with fertility symbols, throwing out her husband's tight boxers in favour of baggies, swapping wine and chocolate for green tea and yams, popping fertility drugs like M&M's, or having sex so precision-timed it makes international warfare manoeuvres look unorganized, her life is turned upside down. And when nothing seems to be working, her quest for the B-word turns into an obsession.

Can Gina stay sane, get pregnant, and keep her marriage together? Or will her baby trail become a baby trap?

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Breakaway Creek by Heather Garside

Two Love Stories...Intertwined

Two city women – a century apart – find love and adventure with rugged men in the Queensland outback.

Two love stories; two parallel lives; two destinies.

Set in the 19th and 21st centuries, Heather Garside’s debut novel is a passionate rural romance of love and its consequences.

Shelley and Emma are separated by time but bound by a dark secret to a place called Breakaway Creek.

Betrayed by her long-term boyfriend, Shelley Blake has fled the city to return to her home town. Her interest in a photograph of her great-great-grandparents is piqued by her family's reticence about the mystery couple, and a search for answers takes her to the cattle station Breakaway Creek.

Here she meets Luke Sherman, a man embroiled in the bitter ending of his marriage and a heart-breaking separation from his two small boys.

Shelley resists an instant attraction to Luke, as neither is ready for a new relationship.

And, while Luke struggles to reclaim his children, Shelley uncovers the truth about her ancestors, Alex and Emma.

A story of racial bigotry and a love that transcends all obstacles takes the reader back to the pioneering days of the 1890s.

What readers are saying:

"Immediately I am taken back to the sights, sounds and feelings of a boiling hot Queensland summer… I found the characters nicely drawn and believable, and easily followed the two love stories in two different eras. I downloaded the book one afternoon and had it finished the next morning. That shows how much I enjoyed it."

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Mending The Line by Christy Hayes

~Golden Rule Outfitters, Book 1~

Jill Jennings’ dream of becoming an elite runner turns into a nightmare when she breaks her leg less than a year before the Olympic trials. After two surgeries and a lengthy rehabilitation, she’s ready to pursue her goal again. Or is she…

Jill’s healing and ready to hit the pavement, but her passion for the sport she’d planned to make her career unexpectedly wanes. On a whim, she changes course and runs right into tall, blonde, and gorgeous Tyler Bloodworth. Fly fisherman come and go in south central Colorado, but Ty’s back for a second summer, minus his girlfriend and hotter than ever.

Tyler Bloodworth's life plan to start a fly-fishing business with his dad back home in North Carolina is suddenly snagged when Jill Jennings runs circles around his heart during a summer stint as a fishing guide in Colorado. Back for a second summer, he sets his bait and casts his line, but Jill's not so easy to catch.

A catch and release fisherman hooks the one girl he won’t let go. A distance runner with big dreams and an uncertain future falls hard for a summer fling. Can Jill risk losing her career and her heart to Tyler when he’ll be gone in a few months, or will Ty reel in the biggest catch of his life?

What reviewers are saying about Christy Hayes:

"This was an absolutely amazing read! You need to put down your current book, RUN to your computer & buy this spectacular story by Christy Hayes." For HEART OF GLASS

"I couldn't put it down. I'm in love with this couple and in love with this story. If you like sweet, funny, and hot romances, you're going to love this newest book by author Christy Hayes!" For THE SWEETHEART HOAX

"Great plot and ending. It is a love story but with lots of parts you wouldnt think would happen! Im downloading more christy hayse books!" For DODGE THE BULLET

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wine and Roses by Susan Hughes

The Widow and the Younger Man

A widow at 42, Abby Wells has poured her heart into the restoration of The Roses Inn, a historic Niagara-on-the Lake establishment reputedly haunted by a 19th-century ghost. In walks Jason Brinleigh, a gorgeous winery owner nine years Abby’s junior, intent on buying the place from her. The transaction falls by the wayside as Abby and Jason fall for each other. But the scars left by past loves run deep, challenging them both to surrender their hearts. When unexpected events threaten to tear them apart, will it take a little intervention from the spirit world to set things right?

What readers are saying:

"…a light paranormal story about a widow determined to live an independent life after spending twenty-years in a loveless marriage. The author transports us into a lovely setting of wineries and old inns with her smooth writing."

"This is a good read from the beginning and the characters are very real!"

"Great storyline. Romantic and fulfilling."

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Trusting Again by Peggy Bird

Book 4 of the Second Chances Series

Imagine Cynthia Blaine’s surprise when she walks into the bar at the Heathman Hotel in Portland Oregon and sees the man she’s been trying to forget for weeks after he commissioned an expensive piece of her jewelry for “a friend’s birthday.” There was no point fantasizing about him. He was taken.

But over a cup of coffee, he convinces her to give this relationship a try. Marius woos her on a sailing trip through the San Juan Islands and their romance seems on solid grounds. But during his six-week business trip to Central America, Cynthia gets a shock. And when she goes to Portland to pour out her heart to her best friend, she has another shock - Marius, in Portland, not where he said he would be and with another woman.

It’ll take more than a good cup of coffee this time to get Cynthia and Marius to their happily-ever-after.

What readers are saying about Peggy Bird's books:

"…the steamy sex in this book is what makes it a must read! It is hot and satisfying…" ~Amazon Reviewer for Beginning Again, Book 1

"…steam, suspense, and a hot cop. What more could you want?" ~Amazon Reviewer for Loving Again, Book 2

"There was danger, drama, and tasteful love scenes. I personally like stories that reunite people with a passion for each other." ~Amazon Reviewer for Together Again, Book 3


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