Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Scarlet Ribbons by Judith E. French

Who Is This Handsome Scoundrel?

The American Patriots realize Sarah Turner needs watching. Since her husband's disappearance she has been running King's Landing Inn, a known meeting place for Tory plotting. Forest Irons, a magnetically handsome undercover agent, is sent to spy on the courageous young woman—and his mere presence at the inn is like igniting a powder keg of danger, distrust...and wild desire.

As war sweeps through the colonies and passions flare, Sarah and Forest's desperate need for each other overpowers all else, driving them into the heat of battle, and engulfing them in the flames of a love that knows no bounds.


"Very strong characters, hunky guy with or without his eye-patch, incredibly brave woman with a sense of humor, terrific writing... this is a real treat. I never tire of reading about our nation's struggles for liberty."

"...a multi-layered story that is deftly and seamlessly woven together. I felt as if I could see, hear, and feel the colonization of America. I highly recommend this book."

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