Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Make You Mine by @NanReinhardt #NewRelease

New Release! Book 1 of The Walker Family Series 

When his family’s company is on the line, business and pleasure definitely don’t mix, but maybe they should…

Madeline Ross left the city and a career glass ceiling behind, hoping to build a new life as the crew supervisor for Walker Construction in River’s Edge. She’s qualified and experienced, but new CEO Jackson Walker hires someone else. Even as she searches for a different job and builds a life in River’s Edge, the sexy memory of Jack teases.

After a rough year, Jackson Walker’s family business is still struggling. He needs a new construction crew supervisor, and Maddie Ross is perfect, except for the first time in his life, player Jack is suddenly smitten with the curvaceous redhead. He wants her in his bed more than on his payroll.

When his second-rate new hire is a disastrous mistake, Jack humbles himself on Maddie’s doorstep with an offer she can’t refuse. Maddie could be the key to saving his company as long as he hides his heart. But does he have to?


What readers are saying:


A very satisfying story that will have you engaged from beginning to end, and characters that you fall in love with.”


“I highly recommend this book. It has the right amount of romance and even a bit of suspense.


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Sunday, April 14, 2024

The Firebrand by T.M. Smith #VampireRomance

 Love fiery vampire romance? This is for you!


~Editor's Pick~

Rein, a Vampire mixed breed, plunged into the abyss of bludfrenzy. With icy resolve, he crawled out to become a Firebrand. He doesn’t make rash decisions.
Braelyn takes a shortcut through an alley musing about what she can’t have. A new job. Adventure. A cancer-free brain. Instead, she writes for a paranormal tabloid. No, she doesn’t believe such nonsense, but she’s heading to Cleveland on assignment. Oh, and her tumor is back.
Rein kidnaps her and takes her to his realm, igniting a fiery romance.
An ancient threat hunts for descendants of the Blood Coven who divided the world into three realms fifteen hundred years ago to protect humans from savage Aeternals. Then, they scattered across Earth, marrying, raising children, dying, burying their secrets in time. Generations grew, unaware of their legacy.
Braelyn is squarely in the hunter’s sights, and Rein is her best chance to survive.

55 Amazon reviews with a 4.4-star average.

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Thursday, April 4, 2024

Once Upon a Summer Night by Kyra Jacobs

 New Release! Book 3 of the Bourbon Falls Series

Home is a refuge—but is it always the right choice?

Hannah Brooks left home eight summers ago to help her friend Beth hide a surprise pregnancy. Their unplanned adventure also helped her escape from beneath her fire chief father’s thumb. Now Beth has died and Hannah faces a brewing custody battle for Noah, the boy she helped raise from birth. It’s time to return to Bourbon Falls and make amends with the family she loves and needs.

Chase Redding finally gave up hope of ever seeing Hannah again, and is focused on being part owner of Oak Barrel Farms and climbing the ranks in his firefighting career. But now that she’s back, he’ll do anything to convince her to stay in their hometown, even if it means sharing his beloved fire station. 

But amid their budding romance at Brooks Farm, family tensions resurface and the custody suit takes a turn for the worst. It’s going to take a little summertime magic to keep Hannah and Chase’s happily ever after from slipping away a second time.

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Also available in Paperback

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