Friday, June 11, 2021

Erik's Revelation by @Author_Carmen DeSousa #NewRelease #99cents

 99¢ For a Very Limited Time!

When Erik Belgarde sets off to find the truth about his past, he encounters Kimi Bennett, a woman running from her present…

Erik remembers the day Adam Belgarde brought him home to Claire Belgarde and his new brothers. Erik grew up with everything a child could want: a mother and father who loved him, who came to his rescue when he had night terrors, who greeted him with the same loving smiles and hugs they offered their own children. The love of his adopted family had made it possible for Erik to suppress the memory of the couple screaming at each other, waiting for their wrath to turn his way. As far as he knew, his real parents had died in the woods, and Adam Belgarde had rescued him. Now he discovers it was all a lie… The Belgardes lied to him from the beginning. Why?

While searching for answers about his past, Erik witnesses a runaway horse and runs head-on into Kimi Bennett — literally — while trying to rescue a child. Although Erik and Kimi constantly butt heads, he can’t help but admire how she loves horses and his beautiful home state of Alaska.

When authorities start asking questions about the new horse whisperer in town, though, and Kimi disappears, Erik realizes their future together is what matters most and calls on his Midnight Sons brothers to find Kimi before her past catches up to her.

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Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Unexpected Delivery by Natalie Ann #Kindle #NewRelease

Book 8 of the Paradise Place Series!

Evan Butler has often been described as arrogant, grouchy, and inflexible. He just liked to say he was always right. When the wrong package is delivered to his house for the second time, he prepares to put a smile on his face and play nice with the new neighbor to bring it to its rightful owner. What he didn’t expect was the beauty that was going to make him realize that sometimes in life you’re wrong and you need to learn to compromise.

Parker Reed has had family pressure and competition shoved in her face her entire life. She’s always felt she had a handle on it. But when her sister dies, she realizes that life shouldn’t all be about getting to the top of the ladder. Only how do you change what you’ve always known and done? And when the sexy neighbor across the street enters her life, she realizes that maybe long term plans and goals aren’t the only things she should be focusing on anymore.

What readers are saying:

“Great book! I recommend reading the whole series.”

“This story is very deep and emotional. Love it!”

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                                                                   Cupid's Quest, Bk 1
Change Up, Bk 2
Eternal, Bk 4

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Monday, June 7, 2021

My Best Mistake by @SuzanneJenkins3 #NewRelease #Kindle

#1 New Release on Amazon! 

A chance encounter brings them together, a misspoken word tears them apart in this spin-off of Bayou Baby. Enjoy the continuing story of Calista and Austin.

Bureau of Land Management criminal investigator Austin Macon returns to his home town for a work assignment and runs into his old high school crush. Calista Theriot had been Rodney Beaumont’s girl at the time, and Austin hadn’t stood a chance. The Beaumont boys were in a social class Austin couldn’t compete with.

But a freak fishing accident made Calista a widow and a single parent. After four years, she’s resigned that she’ll be alone for the rest of her life. The sleepy fishing village in the Louisiana Bayou doesn’t offer much hope of her meeting anyone.

Then fate presents an opportunity she’d only dreamed of when she comes face-to-face with Austin. Is this a chance of a lifetime? Or Calista’s worst nightmare? Only time will tell if this will be her happily-ever-after.

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Friday, May 28, 2021

Forget Me Not by @KatBrookes @janicemarielynn and @Lisa_Childs #99cents

Grab This 3-Book Bundle for 99¢ 

The FORGET ME NOT anthology is a collection of 3 sweet romance novellas by USA Today Bestselling Author Janice Lynn and award-winning authors Lisa Childs and Kat Brookes. Pre-order price for this bundle is just 99¢! After July 12th, the price will be $4.99.
*Net proceeds through 8/31/21 go to the Alzheimer's Association.

Book 1 – A LOVE MEANT TO BE by Janice Lynn

Ten years ago, Bellamy Collins left Potluck, Georgia with dreams of stardom and a shattered heart. But now her mother is injured, and nothing will keep Bellamy from flying home to help. Not even the risk of seeing Mason, the man who caused her too much emotional misery.

Mason Waldron tried to move on with his life after Bellamy left town. But his marriage ended in divorce and now he’s raising his young daughter alone. Seeing Bellamy rocks him to the soles of his shoes and he once again yearns to hold the woman of his dreams. But how can his small-town life ever compete with the bright lights of the stage?

Book 2 – A LOVE SO TRUE by Lisa Childs
True Morgan has always longed for the kind of love for herself that her parents found when they met in second grade. Ever since the day her dad declared his love in a homemade Valentine and her mother checked the box that she felt the same, they’d been inseparable. With her mother gone too soon to Alzheimer’s disease, True worries about her dad. But she’s also worried she might be falling for the single father of one of her young students.

Blake Walters has a secret crush on his daughter’s teacher. Unfortunately, that’s not the only secret he’s keeping. He can’t risk getting involved with anyone—even someone as beautiful and sweet as True.

Book 3 – A LOVE WORTH HOLDING ON TO by Kat Brookes
After a devastating injury ended the career of professional bull rider Tucker McGraw, he’d done the right thing—he’d set the love of his life, Jenni Lee Sanders, free.

Jenni Lee’s heart had never fully healed after Tucker broke it. Now, two years later, she runs into him and all those old feelings come rushing back. To make matters worse, her daddy hires Tucker to help out at the ranch. Jenni Lee slowly realizes there’s something she wants more than another rodeo championship. She’d love another chance at finding happiness with Tucker. But she just doesn’t trust him to stick around and see things through.

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Saturday, May 15, 2021

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Monday, May 10, 2021

Vince's Chance by @Author_Carmen DeSousa #99cents #Romance

Book 3 of the Midnight Sons Series 99¢

Vince Kolya inherited only one trait from his biological father: a need to be on the sea. The rest of his life he has tried to emulate what he learned from his unofficial adopted family, the Belgardes: dedicating his life to helping others instead of abusing them. Unfortunately, he’s yet to find a woman who wants the same things he does in life. It’s bad enough that his wife left him, but she also failed to make his boat payments while he was on a three-month stint. Giving up on relationships, Vince throws himself into working with his family’s search & rescue team. Highest on his to-do list, though, is saving money to buy another boat so he can get back on the water, away from the reminders of his abusive past.

Now that her father is dead and buried, Valery Yura is coming home to her beloved state of Alaska in hopes that moving her troubled son to the place where she grew up will transform him into the loving young man he once was. The last thing she needs is a distraction, especially when it comes in the form of the gorgeous man she’s loved her entire life—Vince. A few too many drinks and sexy dancing on the dock, and she’s repeating ancient history, a situation she can’t allow. When her son goes missing from summer camp, Valery feels that the authorities aren’t doing everything possible. Although she’s resigned herself to never seeing Vince again, she needs his help.

As much as Vince tries to hold onto his feelings of anger and abandonment, knowing it’s paramount to protecting his heart, he finds himself falling deeper and deeper for Valery. Determined to give Valery closure and win back her heart, Vince embarks on an all-out manhunt for the missing boy. What he discovers, though, might be a death warrant for him and the woman he can’t lose again.

What readers are saying:

“I’ve read each book in this series and I was hooked from the first.”

“Wow! This is a must read! I did not want to put it down!”

Find this Bargain-Priced eBook:

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Alex’s Atonement, Book 2

Vince's Chance, Book 3

Erik’s Revelation, Book 4

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Friday, May 7, 2021

The Glen Highland Romance Boxed Set by Michelle Deerwester Dalrymple @mddalrymple

Get All 3 Books for Just 99¢

When everything you love is threatened, any risk is worth taking. Can love truly conquer all? Three stunning, steamy, Scottish Highlander books in one complete set!

This 3-book boxed set includes:

The Courtship of the Glen: The Prequel novella to the series. Caitir is a mysterious wood nymph, and Colin MacLeod is captivated. Who is this woman who defies and entrances him so?

To Dance in the Glen: The curse of responsibility weighs heavily on Laird Ewan MacLeod when everything he loves is threatened by the English.

The Lady of the Glen: Can Elayne MacNally change the course of her life? She decides that the Laird of the Beast Clan is her best, if only, option.

Discover the romantic world of medieval Scotland! Start this historically rich Outlander-meets-Robert the Bruce series by award-winning author Michelle Deerwester-Dalrymple today!

The Glen Highland Romance box is comprised of stories that can be read as standalone and is packed with passion and romance and redemption, set on the beautiful backdrop of the Scottish Highlands, and does not shy away from steamy scenes, occasional archaic curses, and accurate scenes of Medieval life!

Find this Bargain-Priced Boxed Set:

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Look for other titles in the Glen Highland Series:

The Exile of the Glen, Book 3

The Jewel of the Glen, Book 4

The Seduction of the Glen, Book 5

The Warrior of the Glen, Book 6

An Echo in the Glen, Book 7

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Thursday, April 29, 2021

Unexpected Desires by @StacySEaton #NewRelease #KindleUnlimited

The Next Book in the Unexpected Series is Here!

Being the technical specialist at Safety Zone Security has its perks for Mike Johnson. One is the ability to discover virtually anything about anyone he wants. Well, except for the woman who is sending his libido into overdrive. About her, he can find out nothing.

Kelly Smith keeps to herself and has only a few work friends. When questions arise, it’s easier to pack up and leave than answer. That is until Mike scares the bejesus out of her at the cemetery. Then he shows up at her place of employment and ends up wearing her entire tray of drinks.

Now Kelly finds herself wanting to talk. But the things she reveals could destroy their relationship before it even begins. Will Mike and Kelly be able to deal with the unexpected desires between them or will her past life quench the flames for Mike?

What readers are saying:

“This is such a good book!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed this novel.”

Look for this New Release:

This book is available for Kindle Unlimited members.

Also available in Paperback

The Unexpected Series includes several books that are all standalone, but connect through characters that work for Safety Zone Security. This series includes humor, steamy romances, and adult language and situations.
Unexpected Ties, Book 6 (coming soon)

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Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Reclaiming Ryda by @RachelRossano #NewRelease

A New Release by Rachel Rossano

Book 2 of the Once Upon a Duchy is now available!

Rydaria lives as a prisoner in a tower library. Captured as a child, her past is a mystery. Maintaining the literary treasures within her care, she studies the world through books that give her a glimpse of the freedom she craves.

A scribe by trade, Crispin has devoted the last three years of his life seeking the lost heir of Avalene. He travels to Worthenave’s famed library in hopes of finding the key. Instead, he discovers a new mystery, a beautiful librarian who is locked in with her books every night.

As the days pass, Crispin must choose. Rydaria’s precarious situation is deteriorating. Meanwhile, his duty demands he leave before the Duke of Worthenave uncovers his quest. Still, the scribe can’t bring himself to abandon the captive in the library tower, even if it costs him his mission.

Inspired by Rapunzel and East of the Sun West of the Moon

Find this Fabulous Fairy Tale:

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Also available in Paperback

Don’t miss Book 1 of the Once Upon a Duchy Series:

Grace By Contract

Available everywhere books and ebooks are sold.

Follow Rachel Rossano’s Amazon Author page and you’ll be alerted to her new releases.

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Monday, April 19, 2021

Half The World Away by @RebeccaBanks #NewRelease #Kindle #KindleUnlimited

A New Release from Rebecca Banks 

Divorced and keeping a heart-breaking secret, Abbie Potter is sleep-walking through her life as a publicist at a London football club. She seems to spend more time covering their scandals than celebrating their wins, and has had enough. Though she’s already prepared for a fresh start, some shocking news pushes her to take an opportunity even further from home - in Salt Lake City.

The first morning of her new life, Abbie bumps into Kyle Miller. He’s persistent, and Abbie’s more than intrigued by him. Everything else seems to fit into place too: she has a fulfilling job, is on a journey of self-rediscovery, and has revived her love of music thanks to a new-found friendship.

She can’t risk losing what she’s built for herself, but how can she stop it from slipping through her fingers without shattering the fa├žade she hides behind?

What readers are saying:

“Gorgeously warm and romantic.” ~Paige Toon, author of Chasing Daisy

“Fabulous debut novel!”

“Couldn’t put it down.”

Find this New Release:

Kindle Worldwide

This book is available to Kindle Unlimited members.

Also available in Paperback

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