Saturday, January 31, 2015

Taking Love in Stride by Donna Fasano #SweetRomance @DonnaFaz

"Readers who enjoy Debbie Macomber's writing will feel right at home in a Fasano novel."  ~a reviewer (for Donna Fasano's Take Me, I'm Yours)

Track coach Andrea O'Connor is fuming at the audacity of Ian Powers, the very attractive father of one of her students. He offers to buy much-needed school equipment only if Andrea agrees to train him for a half-marathon.

Well, train him, she will. And not just in running. As a widower with a high-powered job, Ian needs some instruction in being a father to an active teenage daughter. Yet as this overbearing man opens up, Andrea finds herself learning lessons--in loving.

Ian knows that Andrea, with her assertive attitude and her penchant for stilettos, is some woman! But her vulnerable heart is on the run, so he'll have to prove that his love, unlike his running, has limitless endurance--and once he catches this swift beauty, he'll never let her go.

What readers are saying:

"This book's cover says it all: when two type-A personalities meet, sparks fly!"

"I loved the way these characters sparred back and forth. Great fun! I knew this book would end with a happily-ever-after, but getting there was full of twists and turns...and lots of romance."

"The writing is tight. Formatting was great on my Kindle and on my Android phone app, and I saw not a single typo. All in all, this is a great light romance with believable characters who come to life on the page. A perfect summer read so take this one to the beach with you. Five stars."

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Cheap Reads ~ #$0.99 ~ Grab Yours Now

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The Prettiest Girl in the Land by @_NancyRadke #Free for #Kindle

The Traherns, Book 3

She went looking for love. 
He went looking for her. 
She was traveling mighty fast.

What readers are saying:

“I loved this series… the characters are well developed… a good clean western story of a family and friends that spread across the West during and after the Civil War which is part of this country history.”

“I really enjoyed this book because I was really surprised with the ending.”

“…very engrossing, nicely paced. I loved this entire series.”

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Other titles in The Traherns Series:

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cheap Reads ~ $0.99 ~ #Bargain #Romance

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Shattered Secrets by Karen Harper Save 75%

Book 1 of the Cold Creek Series

Every town has its secrets…

Returning to Cold Creek, Ohio, is an act of courage for Tess Lockwood. Abducted and held captive as a young girl, she is unable to remember anything about the crime that destroyed her childhood and tore her family apart. Now a grown woman with a bright future, she is certain she has put the past behind her. But when she inherits the family home, Tess must confront the demons that still haunt her and the town of Cold Creek. 

Gabe McCord has always blamed himself for what happened to Tess. He had been a teenager when she was snatched from the group of children he was responsible for watching. Now Gabe has taken on the role of sheriff and hopes to shed new light on the cold case, especially given his growing feelings for Tess. 

Tess isn't ready to recall what happened to her, and she has no intention of digging up any details that might remind her of the truth. But when another child in the town goes missing, she's certain it's related to her return to Cold Creek. Together, Tess and Gabe will have to work to unlock their painful memories in order to save another child and heal their damaged souls, for good….

What readers are saying:

“A tale guaranteed to bring shivers to the spine…” ~Booklist

“Haunting suspense, tender romance and an evocative look at the complexities of Amish life-Dark Angel is simply riveting!” ~Tess Gerritsen, New York Times bestselling author

“A compelling story...intricate and fascinating…” ~Tami Hoag, New York Times bestselling author 

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Other titles in the Cold Creek Series:

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Remains by @VincentZandri ~ Save 50% "Sensational...Brilliant"

It’s been 30 years since the terrifying abduction of twin sisters Rebecca and Molly Underhill by a deranged man who lived in a cabin behind their house in upstate New York. Fearful of retribution against their family, the girls kept the incident secret.

Rebecca, now a painter and art teacher, and alone since Molly died of cancer, suddenly begins getting strange and anonymous text messages—the first with just her name. Is Molly trying to communicate with her? Not possible, thinks Rebecca, who’s never believed in God or an afterlife.

And it couldn’t be their attacker from so many years ago; he was imprisoned for a similar crime at about that same time. Surely he’d still be in jail or dead by now—wouldn’t he?

But things get stranger. Rebecca’s art student Francis, an autistic savant, gives her a series of paintings he’s done. Rebecca, with increasing dread, realizes the sequence of scenes depicted in the paintings match the nightmares she’s had every night since the horrific ordeal three decades earlier. How could Franny know? Is it a ghostly warning of some kind?

Unnerved, Rebecca spills the whole frightening account of the abduction to her ex-husband and friend, Michael, who, dismayed by the story, vows to help sort out the mysterious texts and disturbing series of paintings.

What happens next is a frightening rollercoaster ride that builds up to a soul-shattering climax that will leave the reader checking the locks on their doors and windows…

What reviewers are saying:

“Sensational...Masterful...Brilliant.” ~New York post

“Readers will be held captive by prose that pounds as steadily as an elevated pulse...” ~Boston Herald

“Zandri does a superb job creating interlocking puzzle pieces.” ~San Diego Union-Tribune

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shadows of Magnolia by Jerri Hines #Kindle @jhines340

Set against the backdrop of Antebellum Charleston with the martial clash of brother against brother looming on the horizon, the Southern Legacy Series is an absorbing, tantalizing saga of life during one of our country's most turbulent times. 

Shadows of Magnolia, Book Two
Somewhere between love and tomorrow is forever!

Josephine Buchanan Wright is forced apart from the man she loves. She has chosen the path of honor and duty, denying her heart its desire. Unaware of a growing threat against her, she strives to make her dying father's wish a reality.

Cullen Smythe returns to Philadelphia to pick up the pieces of his shattered heart...forget her and make a life for himself—alone. But fate has other plans for once more Josephine enters his world.

Can their love be rekindled against the forces vying against them? Love and betrayal; jealousy and violence—all with a war looming on the horizon, bidding brother against brother.

~  ~  ~

Read Book 1 - Belle of Charleston - first! Free for Kindle.

Shadows of Magnolia is part of a serial. The books in this series may have cliffhangers and hooks. Do not begin if you don't want to become addicted to the series! Southern Legacy will consist of four books: Belle of Charleston, Shadows of Magnolia, Born to Be Brothers and The Sun Will Rise.

This is a SERIAL! Shadows of Magnolia begins where Belle of Charleston left off.

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Monday, January 26, 2015

The Color of Heaven Boxed Set by @JulianneMacLean #$0.99

3 Great Books for $0.99

The first three books in the acclaimed Color of Heaven Series are now available in this special collection which continues to delight readers worldwide.

Book 1: The Color of Heaven 
A deeply emotional tale about Sophie Duncan, a successful columnist whose world falls apart after her daughter's unexpected illness and her husband's shocking affair. When it seems nothing else could possibly go wrong, her car skids off an icy road and plunges into a frozen lake. There, in the cold dark depths of the water, a profound and extraordinary experience unlocks the surprising secrets from Sophie's past, and teaches her what it means to truly live...and love.

Full of surprising twists and turns and a near-death experience that will leave you breathless, this story is not to be missed.

Book 2: The Color of Destiny
ighteen years ago a teenage pregnancy changed Kate Worthington’s life forever. Faced with many difficult decisions, she chose to follow her heart and embrace an uncertain future with the father of her baby and her devoted first love.

At the same time, in another part of the world, sixteen-year-old Ryan Hamilton makes his own share of mistakes, but learns important lessons along the way. Twenty years later, Kate's and Ryan's paths cross in a way they could never expect, which makes them question the possibility of destiny. Even when all seems hopeless, could it be that everything happens for a reason, and we end up exactly where we are meant to be?

Book 3: The Color of Hope
Diana Moore has led a charmed life. She’s the daughter of a wealthy senator and living a glamorous city life, and is confident her handsome live-in boyfriend is about to propose. But everything is turned upside down when she learns of a mysterious woman who lives and works nearby – a woman who is her exact mirror image.

Diana is compelled to discover the truth about this woman’s identity, but the truth leads her down a path of secrets, betrayals, and shocking discoveries about her past. These discoveries follow her like a shadow.

Then she meets Dr. Jacob Peterson—a brilliant cardiac surgeon with an uncanny ability to heal those who are broken. With his help, Diana embarks upon a journey to restore her belief in the human spirit, and recover a sense of hope - that happiness, and love, may still be within reach for those willing to believe in second chances. 


“Full of high emotional moments and unexpected twists and turns, these Color of Heaven books are impossible to put down.”  ~New York Times bestselling author, Emily March

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Other books in this series: 

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The Courage to Love by Christina Tetreault #Free #eBook @cgricci

A FREE read for you!

When Hollywood sweetheart, Mia Troy, checks into the Victorian Rose, the only things on her mind are rest and relaxation before she begins work on her new movie in Boston. That is until she meets Sean O’Brien, the co-owner of the bed and breakfast. From the moment she checks in, Mia is drawn to Sean, a reserved man who sees past her celebrity status.

Eighteen years ago Sean became the man of the house when his father walked out on the family. Without a second thought, he put his own hopes and dreams on the back burner and took care of his mom and younger sister. Now the co-owner of a successful bed and breakfast, Sean has accepted his position in life—until the day Mia Troy checks in.

Despite his better judgment, Sean can’t ignore his physical attraction to Mia. Soon he gives into his desire, telling himself all she wants is a quick fling to pass the time. As they spend time together, his feelings grow. But can love between a small town guy and an A-list celebrity ever last?

What readers are saying:

“…a fabulous book…”

“This is a brilliant start to a new series.”

“If you want a light and quick romantic read, check this out.”

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Blood Red by Vivian Wolkoff #VampireRomance

Evie Williams lives a boring life – and she likes it that way. Her world is very black and white. Routine is good. Excitement is bad. She’s happy to play by her self-imposed rules. After all, they help her keep her abusive, stalker ex-boyfriend at bay. Or so she believes… 

But there’s more to the world than Evie could possibly imagine. Elves, vampires, witches, and pro-Humanity terrorists are very real – and she can sense the danger they pose to her and others. Worst of all, they just realized how precious Evie’s gift is. 

As the world Evie never imagined possible closes in on her, Chris, the vampire in charge of studying Evie, is becoming more and more interested in her… and his interest has nothing to do with his loyalty to his vampire father.

Blood Red: The Complete First Season is a story of unlikely heroes, damsels who refuse to be in distress, and political conflicts solved by fights to the death.

What readers are saying about Vivian Wolkoff:

“This is one murder mystery that will keep you guessing all the way through. Love You to Death is a great read and has interested me in Vivian Wolkoff as an author.” ~Missaliax, Amazon Reviewer about Love You to Death

“This story intrigued me from the beginning. It's well written with an engaging plot. Can't wait to read more from this author!” ~Jlivest, Amazon Reviewer about Showmance

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Friday, January 23, 2015

The Vegas Series by @MimiBarbour #Kindle Bargain Bundle

This sizzling box set for the Vegas Series starts off where we meet up with hardworking, hard-assed Detective Aurora Morelli. Attempting to arrest a rapist who attacks her colleague then continually thwarts her attempts to bring him to justice—to a horrific nightmare where her new baby is kidnapped—this scrappy detective does everything in her power to control these events. Kai Lawson, a partner she doesn’t want, fights against and in the end accepts (in her job and in her bed) is the hero in these first few stories. The bald-headed, purse-carrying hotshot knows just how to pull her crank and the outcome is entertaining. Their blockbuster story will get you totally invested in this series. 

In the last three books, along comes Lisa Jordan, a kick-ass kinda gal who loves wearing the shield as a Vegas detective and enjoys the more strenuous aspects of her job. She steps in for a while as
Aurora’s partner while Kai is MIA. Her story begins here and ends the series as she fights her attraction for wealthy casino owner, Jeff Waters. After one wild night, the charismatic charmer digs his way into her heart and that of the three-year-old nephew in her care. The fact that he leaves her speechless, literally, detracts from his appeal for Lisa since as a self-professed chatterbox, it’s the first time ever. On the other hand, everything else about the man is fascinating. She can no more fight her memories than stop herself from rescuing him from two killers holding him hostage in revenge for the mistakes of his father. 

What readers are saying:

I love, Love LOVE this series!! ~Shirleen Miller

Cops & drama, absolutely loved this series! ~luvbooks

Good action and great stories. What a bargain! ~Johnny Rotten Apples

Great story lines, wonderful characters! ~Rachel Larson

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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Cry Love by @EveGaddy #AmReading

An undying love. An enduring threat.

When Claire Westbrook and Jonas Clark meet, the attraction is instantaneous. And dangerous. Neither plans a workplace romance. Jonas is a top notch neurosurgeon, single with no plans to change. Claire is a trauma surgeon with a failing marriage. The last thing either one wants is to become embroiled in what promises to be a very complicated relationship.

From their first accidental meeting, Claire and Jonas feel a strange connection. A connection each tries to deny, but one that only grows stronger each time they are together. Claire and Jonas are both professionals who have seen too much gritty reality to believe in the unbelievable. Until the unbelievable becomes very real.

The evil that continues to stalk them is very much in the present. Can their timeless love survive and triumph?

What readers are saying:

“Compelling and thoughtful mystery/romance… a fine and emotionally satisfying read. Well done!”

“A satisfying story with a powerful message. These characters will stay with me for a long time.”

“This book seamlessly combines two stories of past star-crossed lovers into a contemporary tale that leaves you in awe of Ms. Gaddy's talent as a storyteller.”

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Romance to the Rescue by Various Authors @JulianneMacLean #$0.99 #Bundle

Buy a Book, Rescue an Animal

Ten novels from New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors! Five contemporary romances and five historical romances, all featuring beloved pets. All proceeds benefit Tails of Joy Animal Rescue.

FOOL FOR LOVE by Marie Force ~ Gansett Island: As a vet tech at the island's veterinary clinic, Janey McCarthy sees some hard cases—and adopts them all. Her pets provide comfort after she catches her fiancĂ© with another woman, as does her brother's best friend, Joe Cantrell, who has been in love with Janey forever.

IF YOU WERE MINE by Bella Andre ~ San Francisco: The last thing Zach Sullivan wants is to watch his brother's puppy for two weeks. Until he meets the dog trainer, that is. Heather is bright, beautiful, and he can't stop thinking about her…and she just might be the only woman on earth who wants nothing to do with him.

THE HIGHLANDER’S CONQUEST by Eliza Knight ~ Medieval Scotland: Lady Aliah is skeptical of the nobleman, Sir Blane, who’s come to escort her to Scotland. She demands her loyal hound, Frosty, accompany them as her personal guard. When her escort reveals his true identity, she can’t decide which is more fearsome: his Scottish ancestry or his seductive kiss.

PAINTED MONTANA SKY by Debra Holland ~ Montana, 1895: After rancher Tyler Dunn rescues artist Lily Maxwell’s dog from being swept away by the river, an attraction develops between them. Yet both have secrets that hold them back from love. Can these lonely souls find their hearts’ desires under the majestic Montana sky?

BETTER THAN BEFORE by Kathryn Shay ~ New York: Charismatic and super rich venture capitalist Spence Wickham makes a bet with his brother to join an online dating service and prove people lie on these sites. But his deceit trips him up with sweet and generous Annie Hopkins, who’s looking for the type of man he’s pretending to be.

LILY by Lauren Royal ~ England, 1677: Lily Ashcroft loves animals and is usually surrounded by her beloved strays. Whenever a new one finds her, she feels lucky. But Lily's not so lucky when it comes to romantic love. She’s fallen for dashing Lord Randal Nesbitt…but her older sister Rose wants him, and Rose is supposed to marry first.

THE COLOR OF A DREAM by Julianne MacLean ~ Boston: Recovering from a heart transplant, Nadia Carmichael is haunted by a recurring dream about her donor. It’s not until Nadia meets his estranged brother Jesse—a dog-loving recue pilot—that she begins to explore the true nature of her dreams and discover what her new heart truly desires…

HIS FORBIDDEN TOUCH by Shelly Thacker ~ A mythical kingdom, 1302: Disgraced ex-knight Royce Saint-Michel has the chance to reclaim his birthright—if he agrees to escort the lovely Princess Ciara to her royal wedding. They must survive a treacherous journey through snowy Alpine passes…where forbidden love proves even more dangerous than the assassins on their trail.

RIVER’S BEND by JoAnn Ross ~ Southern Oregon: Welcome to River’s Bend, where spurs have a job to do and cowboy hats aren’t a fashion accessory. Sheriff Cooper Murphy and his “deputy” dog Hummer not only keep the peace, they ease a major life transition for widowed newcomer Rachel Hathaway and her young son.

PASSION’S EXILE by Glynnis Campbell ~ Scotland, 1391: Once noble Sir Pierce of Mirkhaugh now wanders Scotland as the sword-for-hire known as Blade. His latest mission goes awry when runaway falconer Lady Rose joins the entourage. Just as she tamed her crippled but beloved pet Wink, she gentles outlaw Blade to her hand.

Find this BARGAIN bundle:

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US Kobo        UK Kobo

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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hooked On You by @Lindsey_Brookes #Free for #Kindle

FREE for Kindle!

When Shay McDaniels learns that her father has been receiving threatening letters, she heads to the resort he owns in the Keys, hoping to convince him to bring in the police. He stubbornly refuses, telling her that bad publicity of any sort could hurt his business. 

PI Chase Reynolds has no idea that the young woman he meets on the beach, the one whose son is determined to ‘catch his mommy a man,’ is James Lansing’s daughter. So when he catches glimpses of her talking to James, even hugging him, she moves to the top of Chase’s suspect list. 

For the first time since her divorce, a man succeeds in stirring Shay’s passion. But more importantly, he makes her son smile. Unfortunately, Chase’s constant proximity to her father stirs her suspicion.

Will these two ever get the truth sorted? Humor…Romance…A touch of suspense…A story to warm your heart and make you laugh!

What readers are saying:

"I gave it 5 stars because it is my favorite kind of story: quick, fun, and romantic read. The twist in the story was an added bonus. Crossing my fingers that Chase does have a friend for Dee and we get a sequel."

"… a light, fast, enjoyable read…"

"I loved this story! The author does a great job in "hooking" the reader from the very beginning. It is such a cute story with twists that one doesn't expect."

Find this book:

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One Last Hold by Angela Smith ~ Bargain eBook @angelaswriter

He has a shaded past… 

Wesley Webb is at the pinnacle of his auto racing career when his main rival is murdered hours after their confrontation. That, along with evidence found at the scene, shades him as prime suspect. Now he’s under intense press scrutiny, particularly from Caitlyn Daniels, an ex-girlfriend who knows all about his secret past.

And she’s the one woman who could expose him…

Caitlyn thought to never see Wesley again. Now, his life could be in her hands. Ten years ago, a tragedy tore apart everything she held dear, including their relationship. When she’s assigned to do an exclusive story with the reluctant race car driver she once loved, she believes this could be her purging. But chemistry tears apart her resolve to stay strong. Can they work out their differences and fall in love again, or will tragedy keep them apart?

What one reviewer had to say:

“…an engaging novel that manages to combine romance and suspense in an entertaining read. The characters are great and they have wonderful chemistry. The writing is amazing, the plot is solid, and overall it’s a very enjoyable read.”

Find this BARGAIN book:

US Kindle        UK Kindle        CA Kindle

US Kobo        UK Kobo

US iBook     UK iBook     CA iBook     AU iBook

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Slightly Stalky by @AmyVansant #AmReading

~New Release~

Emily never expected to find love in a dart bar, but the moment she spots tall, sexy Sebastian, she’s determined to catch his eye. Ex-girlfriends, perpetually shirtless rich boys, frantic best-friends and a mysterious orange handbag converge to stop her. No one said stalking was easy, but if romance was left to the boys, the human race would die out while they logged fantasy football points and punched each other in the balls. Everyone knows that.

Emily’s not stalking Sebastian...she’s saving the world.

What readers are saying:

“I loved this book! Read it in under 24 hours. Funny, fast-paced, smart, rom-com.” ~SSSReviews, on Amazon

“I’d definitely recommend [Slightly Stalky] to my romance buddies, especially those who like some fun thrown in. This is a lighthearted read, so it’s a good change of pace for readers looking for something different.” ~Adams, on Amazon

“Loved this book. Great characters, fast read, and funny, funny, funny.” ~GBSally, on Amazon

Find this book:

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