Monday, March 31, 2014

Yours To Keep by Shannon Stacey, New York Times and USA Today Bestseller #MustRead @ShannonStacey

Needed: Husband! Now!

Emma Shaw needs a husband, and fast! Not because she's interested in romance—after all, she's too busy with her landscaping company—but because Grandma Shaw is coming to town, and she will have nonstop questions about Emma's (stagnant) love life.

Sean Kowalski no sooner leaves the army than he's recruited by Emma to be her fake fiancĂ©. Sean doesn't like the deception, but he can't help his attraction to the feisty brunette. A little pretend kissing won't hurt anyone—especially when there's no chance he'll fall for a woman with deep roots in a town he's not planning to call home. But when fake, innocent kisses lead to very real, explosive sparks, Emma and Sean discover that their big ruse might just lead to happily-ever-after….


"Books like this are why I read romance." ~Smart Bitches, Trashy Books on Exclusively Yours

"This is the perfect contemporary romance!" ~RT Book Reviews on Undeniably Yours

"Sexy, sassy and immensely satisfying" ~Fresh Fiction on Undeniably Yours

"This contemporary romance is filled with charm, wit, sophistication, and is anything but predictable" ~Heart to Heart,, on Yours to Keep

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Hard To Resist by @ShanoraWilliams #Bargain #eBook

NYTimes and USA Today Bestseller

Natalie Carmichael thought that Bryson Daniels would be her world. She planned a bright future with him, cherished four years with him, and couldn't have been any happier, but during graduation night, all of that changes.

Natalie walks in on Bryson cheating on her. One month after catching him in the act, she finally decides to make an escape by leaving for
She wants to start over, have fun, and be free while also finding a way to mend her broken heart but when she meets Nolan Young, her single-life escapade doesn't last for very long. She tries to stay clear of Nolan and his desires but it's impossible for her. Nolan will do everything that he can to have her as his own, but will Natalie accept Nolan along with the problems of his past? Will she let someone else into her heart that may be even worse than Bryson?

For Natalie, Nolan will be something completely new to her. And for them both, their desires will be completely hard to resist.

The sequel to Hard to Resist is available. Look for Hard to Hold On


"Angsty, hot, enjoyable!"

"I loved every single page of this book."

"What an amazing book! I could not put it down. LOVED the characters, LOVED the story line and the message of how true love finds you when you least expect it. This was such a great book! I am really looking forward to the next book in this series!"

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Heartstrings and Diamond Rings by @JaneGraves

Ya Gotta Kiss a Lotta Frogs...


In a world full of frogs, Alison Carter is determined to find her prince. Maybe her dating past is more Titanic than Love Boat, but she's seen enough happy marriages to know that true love is possible. No matter what, she won't give up on happily-ever-after. If she can't find Mr. Right, she'll simply hire someone who can.


When Brandon Scott inherits a successful matchmaking business, he thinks his prayers have been answered. Set up a few lonely ladies, collect the fee, how hard can it be? No one needs to know he's not really a professional matchmaker-especially not his first client, the beautiful, spirited Alison. Soon he's falling for her-and her dreams of kids and carpools. But Alison is getting close to figuring out his secret, and if she learns he's deceived her too, she'll walk right out the door, taking
Brandon's heart with her.

What readers are saying:

"Highly recommended if you like your romance books with more depth, lots of humor and excellent writing." ~Book Lover, Amazon Reviewer

"Finally, a romantic comedy that tickles the funny bones and delivers a good story, too!" ~Carole, The Romance Reviews

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Powerful Magic by @KarenWhiddon - Paranormal Romance

", excitement, and fantasy all rolled into 
one fun story!" ~The Road to Romance

Kenric of Blackstone is tormented. Not entirely human, he cannot live with his past or with that he truly is. When he is needed to help in a battle that could destroy the earth, it is Megan who gives him strength, Megan whose kisses heal him...

In a strange land and time, it became clear to Megan Potter why she'd been summoned. This wasn't about Faerie prophecies or wizardry, or even a desperate struggle to find her way home. This was a quest to save a man's heart. And for the first time ever, she felt destined to prevail, because with her help she knew this handsome prince could discover the most powerful magic of all - Love.


"Powerful Magic is a spellbinding tale of magic, love, and destiny." ~Reader to Reader

"Karen Whiddon has written a winner here - love, excitement, and fantasy all rolled into one fun story!" ~The Road to Romance

"...a romantic tale about a battered woman's return to self-worth and her journey towards love." ~The Romance Journal

"Powerful Magic cast a spell over me! Allow it to carry you away!" ~Heart Rate Reviews

"...a treasure chest of pleasure and is definitely a keeper." ~Rendezvous Magazine

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Breaking the Rules by Barbara Samuel - Bestselling Author @awriterafoot

~In Too Deep~

Mattie O’Neal is on the run. She's chopped off her hair, stolen a car, changed her name, and is hiding in a tiny Arizona town, slinging hash. She thought she was safe – until Zeke Shephard walked through the door.

Rugged, hard-edged Zeke doesn't get involved - but there's something about Mattie's courage that catches his sympathy. When the thugs who want to silence Mattie forever show up, Zeke steps in and takes her to his own private hide away, where the two must decide if the link between them is worth fighting for...and if they can stay alive long enough to explore it.

"I read this book at one sitting and then immediately began to read it again. I have seldom felt such love and empathy for two characters as I did for Zeke and Mattie." ~Ellen Micheletti

"This is one of my favorite reads; the main characters are vulnerable individuals who touch your heart with their personal struggles."

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Baby Race by Elysa Hendricks

"The depth of emotion and the sweet story 
make this a must read for all romance lovers!"

Race Reed doesn’t want a wife, but to save his ranch he needs a baby. To gain custody of her stepsister, Claire Jensen needs a husband, but she wants love. Wants and needs are bound to clash when they run The Baby Race.

Race Reed reserves his love and attention for the abused horses he cares for on his ranch. Because his mother changed husbands as often as she changed clothes, doesn’t believe in wedded bliss. Now to save his ranch he needs the money his paternal grandmother is offering as a marriage incentive. The bizarre contest she’s set up between him and his two cousins to produce her first great-grandchild is another matter. His only option – cheat in The Baby Race.

Claire Jensen wants two things out of life, home and family. During her younger years she never questioned her father’s nomadic lifestyle as he hunted for treasure, but as she grew older she longed to put down roots. When her father remarried and gave Claire a stepmother and baby stepsister, she’d thought her prayers were answered. Instead, she took over the parental role to her stepsister as her father and stepmother continued to search the world for treasure. In every way that matters, the six-year-old is Claire’s daughter. When Claire’s father and stepmother are killed on their latest quest for treasure, without a steady job, husband or home, Claire is about to lose custody of her young stepsister. Her only option – run the The Baby Race.


"I loved every single second of this book!"

"The characters grabbed me from the first chapter. The author did a good job of creating conflict and adding interesting subplots. The more I read the more I found I couldn't put the book down. The ending was a pleasant surprise. Very well done. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants to read a good romance with lots of conflict."

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

One Sweet Summer by Cali MacKay #Series #BYNR @CaliMacKay

Welcome To Mermaid Isle

Riley Carter’s never found anyone who could live up to her first love, Thorsen Black. So imagine her surprise when, twelve years later, he shows up at the unique and quirky inn she manages on Mermaid Isle, off the coast of Maine. The sweet, gangly teen has matured into a sexy and handsome man, leaving her heart desperate to pick up where they left off.

It’s impossible for her to ignore the way her body instantly reacts to his touch and he's just the distraction she needs when she finds out the owners of the Siren Song Inn are selling it to Holt Enterprises. Holt only has eyes on the bottom line and Riley knows they’ll strip the inn of everything that makes it special, ruining not only the Siren, but devastating the island economy.

While fighting to save her beloved inn, Riley falls in love with Thorsen all over again. But when she’s faced with the real reason Thorsen’s on the island and his unbearable betrayal, will she be able to save the inn and her chance at true happiness?

What readers are saying:

"I enjoyed this book. The characters were entertaining and the plot moved right along. I would recommend this to friends."

"Fantastic start to a new series!"

"…characters are all very real… a story of a young love ended by jobs and life [that] continues years later. Plenty of mystery and love mixed with the sale of an Inn. Well worth your time."

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Friday, March 21, 2014

Miami Mummies by Barbara Silkstone - A Comedy Mystery @BarbSilkstone

New Release!

The legendary mastermind criminal and mummy thief, Kyzer Saucy, strikes again. Part-time tomb raider and full-time real estate broker, Wendy Darlin joins her lover, archaeologist Roger Jolley as they struggle to save a rare Miami mummy from the clutches of this evil genius. Can Saucy be stopped before he kills again? Meanwhile can Wendy keep her promise to Alfred Hiccup as he attempts to transmigrate from the afterlife? Or has Wendy finally made one promise too many?

This book is an homage to the great Alfred Hitchcock… who is probably turning over in his grave.

What readers are saying:

"…had me in Giggles from the beginning. I honestly loved it, from the very first page. I will be looking forward to the next Wendy Darlin Mystery. She is so much fun." ~An Amazon Reviewer

"Wendy Darlin is one of my favorite book heroines and I am so glad she is back. This is an overall fun mystery that can't be missed." ~An Amazon Reviewer

"… just awesome! This book has mystery, comedy, and romance. I would highly recommend this book as well as the other Wendy Darlin books." ~An Amazon Reviewer

Find Miami Mummies:

Other titles in the Wendy Darlin Tomb Raider series:
Wendy and the Lost Boys
London Broil
Cairo Caper

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Trail of Obsession by Rebecca Tust - Romantic Suspense @beccatust

New Release!

Megan Cartwright is a victim, a survivor, and a fighter....

After surviving a brutal attack on a popular trail in Palm Beach, Megan struggles to pick up the shattered pieces of her life and restore her confidence. When Megan crosses paths again with Stephen Braun, the handsome Good Samaritan who helped save her, neither is prepared for the intense attraction that sizzles between them.

Megan finds she's been given a second chance at life, as well as a second chance at love. With charm, patience, and support, Stephen convinces the slow to trust Megan that love is worth the risk. But a killer is fixated on Megan, as well as someone from Stephen's past with a debt to settle, and Megan finds herself once again on borrowed time.

What readers are saying:

"Wonderful characters, twists and turns!" ~An Amazon Reviewer

"The thriller element works out perfectly for me, the romance was excellent, scenes written just right…a good, solid story." ~A Goodreads Reviewer

"The author narrated the characters in this well-written story so well that I felt as though I knew them personally. The plot takes a different turn than you are expecting. I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out." ~An Amazon Reviewer

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Double Occupancy by @ElaineRaco Chase #MustRead #HotReads

She Brings Him To His Knees...
And A Few Other Positions

Discover why this erotic duo has been on FB's What to Read After 50 Shades of Grey - top 50 books - for 23 months! 

Meet Casey Reynolds - she is NOT thin, petite, clueless, virginal or submissive…which is exactly why Travis Craig wants to kick down her door and throw her on that bed.

All Casey Reynolds wanted was peace and quiet and a long vacation from covering the crime beat in
Boston. That's why she agreed to borrowing a villa in Mexico to rest, be alone and work on her novel.

But then he showed up -- Travis Craig. He said he was offered the villa to recover from a serious illness. He had just lost his teaching job and had no money to leave.

She agreed with his plan to share the house -- but on her terms. Soon rest and relaxation were a thing of the past when their double occupancy proved too erotic to control.

What readers are saying:

"A real sizzler! Explicit, funny, provocative, and edgy. Casey and Travis are a hot couple who enjoy each other in so many ways!"

"Elaine Raco Chase is fantastic at writing love scenes that tickle the fancy of any reader. She can see humor in the most mundane. Like the hero and heroine getting hot watching their underwear tossing around in the dryer. I enjoyed this romp and may never look at my dryer in the same way again."

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Monday, March 17, 2014

Woman of Honor by @NicoleZoltack #Medieval #Romance

Aislinn of Bairbhe dreams of becoming a lady knight to honor the death of her fallen brother. To her mother's horror, King Patrick grants Aislinn's wish and she begins her long years of training.

Despite the mockery of the other pages, and the disdain of Prince Caelan who also trains to be a knight, Aislinn commits herself to her dreams and embarks on a journey of self-discovery and bravery. Through the years, Aislinn and Caelan grow from sparring classmates to good friends. They both know that someday Caelan will marry for the sake of the kingdom, but even that cannot keep them from falling in love.

The threat of war with the Speicans is a constant threat, and one that grows more frightening as she and Caelan train toward their eventual knighthood. Aislinn has committed herself to serving Arnhem, and has promised herself as King's Champion when Caelan claims the throne. She is willing to give up everything... her childhood, her life, even her heart for Arnhem. No matter the pain it brings.


"Aislinn is...tenacious and bold, beautiful and strong. I thoroughly recommend this book for everyone that enjoys fantasy, romance and adventure!"

"Aislinn's story is a touching one, full of hope and pain, high aspirations and sweet romance."

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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Creatus Rogue by Carmen DeSousa #Paranormal #RomanticSuspense @Author_Carmen

New Release!

Ancient myths, superheroes, vampires... Forget everything you've heard.

For four thousand years, creatus have concealed themselves from the humans who almost hunted them to extinction. Now, one rogue wants the world to know they exist.

Victoria doesn't want any of it; she just wants to live in peace without men--humans or creatus--messing with her head. When the rogue decides he wants her to join him, though, only one person is close enough to help her. Only problem, he's her prisoner, and if he escapes, she's supposed to kill him.

The Creatus Series is not your normal paranormal story... It's a realistic romantic mystery based on the myths you've heard your entire life. Prepare to believe...

What readers are saying:

"I absolutely loved the first book [in the series] and this one is even better." ~An Amazon Reviewer

"The plot was fast paced and kept me hooked from page one." ~An Amazon Reviewer

"A true 5-star read!" ~A Nook Book Reviewer

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Special Deal! Get Book 1 - Creatus - FREE until March 18th!
(Check price before 1-clicking!)

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Almost A Bride by @PatriciaMcLinn #Bargain eBook #Series

Dave Currick was everything Matty Brennan wanted for as along as she could remember. Right up until he broke her heart six years ago. Now that she's returned to Wyoming for good, what she wants more than anything is to save her family's ranch. Even if that means swallowing her pride and asking Dave to marry her.

Matty's up to something - Dave knows that much. Just as he knows that Matty needs help, so of course he'll provide it, just as he has all her life. Doing what's best for Matty is second nature. Even when it comes to marrying her in name only. Although he can't resist one hot-blooded kiss after the I-dos.

Maybe - just maybe - his Matty will become more to him than Almost a Bride.

What readers are saying:

"A don't-miss treat!" ~Rendezvous

"…an exceptionally good romantic story. Not only was the book very well-written and well-edited, the conflict between Dave and Matty was totally believable." ~Amazon Reviewer

"Five stars all the way." ~Amazon Reviewer

Find Almost A Bride:

Other Wyoming Wildflowers Trilogy Titles:

Book 2 -- Match Made in
Wyoming (Fireweed)

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Venice in the Moonlight by Elizabeth McKenna - Historical #Romance @elizamckenna

A Story of Vengeance, Forgiveness, and Love

After her husband's untimely demise, Marietta Gatti is banished from the family's villa by her spiteful mother-in-law. She returns to her hometown of Venice and her only kin--a father she hasn't spoken to since her forced marriage. Her hope of making amends is crushed when she learns she is too late, for he recently has died under suspicious circumstances. Grief-stricken, Marietta retraces her father's last night only to discover someone may have wanted him dead--and she may be next. When the prime suspect turns out to be the father of the man she is falling in love with, Marietta risks her future happiness and her life to avenge the death of a man she once hated.

Elizabeth McKenna's latest novel takes you back to eighteenth century Carnival, where lovers meet discreetly, and masks make everyone equal.

What readers are saying:

"I really enjoyed reading this book. The descriptions were very provocative. Everything from the costumes to the deep emotional loss Marietta experiences show McKenna's writing range. The twists and turns made it a real page turner."

"… alluring and captivating. Marietta is a head strong woman... Nico is irresistible. He entices with every encounter... An intriguing mystery develops that brings the story to another level. Absolutely loved this book!"

"Once in awhile you find that read that takes you away completely."

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Paperback US          Paperback UK

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Color of Hope by Julianne MacLean - On Sale Now for 99¢

99¢ Bargain Book!
Hurry! Sale Ends Soon!

Diana Moore has led a charmed life. She’s the daughter of a wealthy senator and living a glamorous city life, and is confident her handsome live-in boyfriend is about to propose. But everything is turned upside down when she learns of a mysterious woman who lives and works nearby – a woman who is her exact mirror image.

Diana is compelled to discover the truth about this woman’s identity, but the truth leads her down a path of secrets, betrayals, and shocking discoveries about her past. These discoveries follow her like a shadow.

Then she meets Dr. Jacob Peterson—a brilliant cardiac surgeon with an uncanny ability to heal those who are broken. With his help, Diana embarks upon a journey to restore her belief in the human spirit, and recover a sense of hope - that happiness, and love, may still be within reach for those willing to believe in second chances.

Includes Bonus Content: A Bookclub Discussion Guide
Be sure to read the other books in this series by USA Today bestselling author Julianne MacLean! Book one: The Color of Heaven  Book Two: The Color of Destiny

Book Four: The Color of a Dream Coming soon: The Color of a Memory

What readers are saying:

"A box of tissues should be included in the purchase price of this book...." ~Romance Junkies, about The Color of Heaven

"A wonderful story of forgiveness."

"…a beautiful story, evocative and emotionally rich…"

Find The Color of Hope:

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chey's Cowboy by Becky Barker #MustRead @BeckyBarker #rt4amo

Get Yer Hot Cowboys Here!

Trace Mitchem is the foreman at Bridleton and a confirmed bachelor whose main goal in life is to build a ranch he can call his own. Cheyenne Bartell is the youngest heir to the Texas ranching dynasty. What she lacks in self-confidence, she makes up for in spirit and determination.

Trace and Chey have known each other for years and worked side by side to save Bridleton. He prefers to keep a safe distance between them. She wants to explore the smoldering attraction they share. It's a standoff until an unexpected accident changes everything. Suddenly, Chey is the wary one, and Trace is demanding so much more. Until something happens that changes everything again…

What reviewers are saying:

"…a fast paced read that captures the imagination, engages the senses and even provides a little life lesson." ~Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer

"If you love a story with a western/ranching background that is full of sexy cowboys and sassy cowgirls, you will love this. It's a short, sweet, steamy tale that is guaranteed to find a place in your heart." ~Amazon Top 1000 Reviewer

"…a wonderful book and I would recommend it to all romance lovers."

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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rescuing Lacey by Rebecca Heflin #Romance #MustRead @rebeccaheflin #BYNR

Who Doesn't Dream About Being Rescued? 

When tough battle-scarred photojournalist-turned-wildlife-photographer Lacey Sommers travels to Costa Rica in a last-ditch effort to save her job, she meets beach-bum-gorgeous Luke Hancock, an outdoor guide, environmentalist and expert on economics and sustainability, who’s been hired by her magazine to serve as her pilot and wilderness guide for the duration of her stay.

It’s clear from the outset there is a powerful physical attraction between the two, but strong personalities, preconceived notions, an unexpected and contentious family connection, and the scars from a tragic death and a terrifying event threaten to keep them apart.

Will Lacey shed the mantle of Kevlar she’s worn for so long and allow Luke inside her heart? Or will her ostensible strength be her downfall?

What reviewers are saying:

"This was a beautifully told story. I love it when an author can transport you to another place, another time… The detail that [Heflin] painted for me just flowed and there were times I felt like I was really there." ~The Romance Reviews

"Rebecca Heflin not only writes wonderful characters, her descriptions of Costa Rica are rich and vibrant…  the sexual tension between Luke and Lacey is exquisite.  It grabs one by the throat and keeps the reader turning those pages!" ~Tonya Smalley, InD'tale Magazine

"Tantalizing and enthralling romance." ~Amazon Reviewer

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