Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Soap On A Rope by @BarbSilkstone #CozyMystery #Series

NEW Cozy Comedic Mystery

When Nelson Dingler is found dangling from a chandelier—feet-side up—Grams Dingler determines to find her son’s killer. Can Olive help her best friend save her feisty grandmother from suffering the same fate? And can the Cold Cream Shop survive while Olive psyches out the killer?

Contains a recipe for heavenly lavender lemon honey soap.

What readers are saying:

“So many fun characters that you can’t help laughing out loud. A definite page turner. So many twists that I didn’t guess the ending. Love this series.”

“…a farce-like read that is actually good fun.

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Also available in paperback

About the Cold Cream Murders Series:

When Olive Peroni put out her family therapy sign, she never thought her top client would be the retired head of a New York crime family. When Olive’s nonna dies and leaves her a condo in Florida and a secret recipe for miracle cold cream, Olive grabs the chance at a new life in Starfish Cove, Florida, making designer creams for ladies who spend far too much time at the beach.

But when the quiet little community on the Gulf of Mexico soon begins to compete with a certain notorious coastal village in Maine, Olive finds herself solving odd-ball murders as often as she soothes wrinkles.

Clean, wholesome, and loaded with laughs! Each book contains a recipe for homemade cosmetics!

If you haven’t begun to read the series now’s your chance:

Glossy Lips – Book 1
Smokey Eyes – Book 2

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Monday, May 27, 2019

Wherever Love Finds You by @LauraRMcNeil #Kindle #99cents

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It’s his game. He makes the rules. Rule #1 – only he can break the rules.

Zach Lowe lives his life without relationships, business or personal. Involvement doesn’t work for the Black Knight of Wall Street.

Ellora Duvall, the sweet kid who crushed on Zach in high school, waltzes into the world of corporate finance with the same wide-eyed innocence she had in chemistry class. But she can’t affect him; he’s in complete control. A few weeks with Ellora will be pure pleasure, and then he’ll move on. She’ll understand. But… someone breaks the rules.

What readers are saying:

“Cheers to the writer who brought this all together between laughter and crying.”

“This is the first book I've read from this author and I really enjoyed it.”

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Also available in Paperback

Wherever Love Finds You is the 1st book in the Beaumont Brides Series. 
Look for more titles coming soon.

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