Saturday, May 25, 2019

Snow Belle by @Jackie_Castle #SweetRomance #Kindle #99cents

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Their big dreams might cause them to lose everything – including each other.

Haley Madison packed her big dreams and drove to the Arctic. Well, all right, so it’s Madison Creek, Michigan. But for a Texas gal, this frozen land ought to come with a sled and huskies. If it wasn’t for her family’s rundown property, she’d have stayed where the sun shone bright and warm. However, she has grand ideas for her inheritance even if the whole town objects to her plans.

Ethan Winters hates going home to admit failure. Sure, he has a special talent with the violin, but he has bigger ambitions than playing at the local bowling alley. And then there’s the idea of facing his father. No, he isn’t ready to go home just yet. He veers off the interstate and drives to a little town named Madison Creek. Maybe his luck will change.

When the southern Snow-Belle literally blows him off the road with her rogue snowblower... more than just his luck will change.

Welcome to Madison Creek Where Northern Hospitality Meets Southern Comfort

Find out why people are falling in love with the small lakeside town of Madison Creek and the quirky characters who live there. Get your copy today!

“A clean romance… a funny, good story.”

“The characters are well developed… a lot of interesting twists make [this] a nice clean story.”

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