Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dark Moon by Maggie Tideswell

Oh! Look! A Kindle Supernatural Romance Novel for $5.99 / £3.90!

A spellbinding novel of love, murder, and the supernatural.

Chance meetings can have far-reaching effects. Loved ones may not be who they seem. The line between comprehension and confusion is thin ~ particularly when one's thoughts are being manipulated by another.

In Dark Moon, the eternal triangle takes an innovative twist into the occult as dark magic fights against those who serve the Light.

The prize? A woman's soul.


"Set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Southern African landscape, any reader who hasn't visited the country before will feel like they are taken on an explorative journey to the spectacular sights, sounds and colors of this strikingly beautiful tip of the African continent. The author doesn't hold back on the descriptions of the characters' surroundings and thus lets readers immerse themselves into the real-life world the story is based on."

"Maggie Tideswell takes the reader on a wonderfully written story that is infused with mystery, passion, sadness, unconditional love and of course magic. It will have you hooked with the first sentence, as you ride on a roller coaster of suspense and intrigue."

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Drawn by Marie Lamba

We found a Kindle Romance Novel for $4.99 / £3.30!

She's the artist that finds him in her drawings. He's the medieval ghost that conquers her heart. And their time is running out. 
Michelle De Freccio moves to England seeking a normal life, but someone starts appearing in her sketches. Then he grabs her at the castle, his pale green eyes full of longing. She's immediately drawn to him, but is Christopher Newman real? She's either losing it, or channeling a hot ghost from the 1400's. History calls him a murderer. Her heart tells her other truths. Now Michelle faces endless dangers...and a timeless love.
"A lushly romantic ghost story...captivating and haunting. I didn't want it to end."--Cyn Balog, author of paranormal YA novels Fairy Tale, Sleepless, and Starstruck 

"...a wonderfully spooky tale of romance and discovery. It's a magical exploration of the unconquerable power of love. Highly recommended!" --Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of Rot & Ruin and Dust & Decay 

"In DRAWN, Marie Lamba deftly entwines romance and mystery, past and present, into a page-turning adventure. Buy it today and I promise you'll be finished reading far too quickly!" --Joy Nash USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author of The Immortals series, The Grail King and The Unforgiven 

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Family Ties by Krista Kedrick

Look here! A Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 / £2.62!

She’s all country…
He’s all city…

Grace Tucker thought she had her life put back together - with the help of her over-protective brothers. She had a quiet, predictable life operating the family hardware store in her hometown and spending her free time with her friends, the Caldwell family. That was… until a tragic accident took her two best friends and left their daughters orphaned. If that wasn’t devastating enough - Dirk Caldwell, the egocentric brother no one’s met, blows into town.

Dirk Caldwell realized he wasn’t in California anymore when he stepped from the redneck, rattletrap airplane and was smacked in the face with a cold breeze laced with manure. It was exactly what he’d expected from the backwater town his brother called home. But going head to head with Grace Tucker was not.

When two worlds collide can they form a bond strong enough to tie a family together?


"You get pulled back into the beautiful sandhills immediately with this page turner. Enjoyed her first book immensely and was waiting impatiently for her second. She has definately lived up to her reputation for a great read. I highly recommend this but.... don't plan on getting much done once you start reading!"

"I do believe you have surpassed amazing since the first book! Book number two was incredible!!! I loved it! Hope you have started on number Three....i am definitely one of your biggest fans ! Keep up the stories flowing..."

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His Sin by Netty Ejike

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for $3.99 / £2.66!

There comes a time in a man’s life when he is filled with regret for something he did in the past.

Brad Coaster, a powerful magnate, humbled by his sin, had been trying to make amends for six years, when, on the night of his engagement party to Alyssa, he came face to face with Storm Garland, the woman from his past.
Torn between his different feelings for the two women in his life, he knew he had to make a tough decision.
To break up with his fiancée and risk the scandal it would cause. Or to confess his sin and lose the love of his life.

Be the first to review this brand new DeRafelo Ltd. publication!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Dragon Dancer Book One: The Awakening by Julie Korzenko

Here's a Kindle Romance Novel for $3.99 / £2.62!

 "The romance is magical and the magic is love itself. Korzenko seduces you into a world you never want to leave." ~ Liz Wolfe, author of the Skye Donovan series, Breeding Evil and Natural Selection.

Praise for Julie's other work

"Fans of Alex Kava, Shannon McKenna, and Suzanne Brockmann will hope to see more..."
~Publisher's Weekly

"With the wonderful characters, a page-turning plot, and interesting facts and details...a definite must-read."

"...a thoroughly researched and sublimely readable thriller..."
~ Novelspot

RT BOOKReviews Magazine - 2009 RTBook Review Nominee for Best Romantic Suspense

Simone has always known she was a tad off the normal mark; but when her sister's death removes a protective spell, Simone's quiet world is invaded by Trent, an irritating MI-5 agent with a face that haunts her dreams. He leaves her breathless and inexplicably in love -- but she's not certain whether she's in love with him or the fuzzy memory of a man from centuries past. If that's not bad enough, she discovers that she shares her body with the soul of a vindictive, enraged-in-a-cage dragon.

To protect her daughter, she must join forces with Trent and fight an evil that is indefinable to her mathematical brain. Together Simone and Trent must unravel fact from fiction; determine how to destroy their enemy and uncover the wisdom hidden beneath the fury of Grael before the strength of the creature's will kills Simone.

Darlin' Druid (Texas Druids) by Lyn Horner

Look! A Kindle Historical Romance Novel for $2.99 / £1.98!

Set in the American West of 1872, Darlin' Druid is a tale of epic adventure, stormy romance and family strife, sparked by flashes of Druid magic. Jessie Devlin, a daughter of Irish immigrants and a survivor of the Great Chicago Fire, is descended from the "Old Ones," her mother's name for their ancient Druid ancestors. Gifted with second sight, Jessie suffers nightmares in which an unknown man saves her from burning to death. A prophetic vision convinces her the man truly exists and to find him she must look west. But will her quest lead her to love or into a deadly trap?

Captain David Taylor is a Texan who sided with the North in the Civil War, earning his father's abiding wrath. Now serving on the frontier, David longs for home and a family of his own. After a trip east, he encounters Jessie in the Omaha train depot. He's entranced by her beauty but has no taste for her firecracker temper. She brings to mind a ghost from his past who he'd rather forget. As the two journey westward, their clashing personalities war with fiery passion that threatens to overwhelm common sense. Violence dogs them along the rails and explodes amid the unexpected beauty of Mormon Utah and in an isolated mountain mining camp. Whether love will win the day or be lost forever is a question that hangs in the balance until the terrifying conclusion on the broad Texas plains.


"Fans of historical romance and possibly even those who are into westerns, sans romance, should find much to like in "Darlin' Druid." ~BigAl's Books And Pals

"I really enjoyed the book, the ending wasn't rushed but the book felt more like an action western and not so much as a romance novel. More interaction between Jessie and David would have been welcomed by this reader. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone." ~Review by Laura Wallace, Member Paranormal Romance Guild Review Team

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Other Side by Terry Tyler

Look! A Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 / £1.98!

Decision time. Left or right? Mr X, or Mr Z ?

Imagine being able to find out what would happen if you chose the other path...

Would you make the same decision?

...and, if you could, would you go back and change all the mistakes you've ever made in the name of love?

"The Other Side" tells of four lives, all so different.

Glamorous Katya is certain she can ‘have it all’, but forgets that some people have long memories...
Cathy is trapped in a tedious marriage with the in-laws from hell – but why did the rock-chick marry Mr Pipe and Slippers?
Alexa fears that a ‘friend’ is trying to steal away her perfect life – everyone dismisses her fears as paranoia...
...while Sandie struggles with a drink problem, a life spiralling downwards – which came first, the drink or the problem?

Four very different stories – but they are all connected.

"The Other Side" travels backwards through time to unravel the decisions of the past and their influence on the present lives of everyone concerned - for better or for worse.

A 5-Star Review:

"The story starts with four different characters (Katya, Cathy, Alexa and Sandy) each having a chapter which sets out where they are in their life now and the choices and repercussions that have led them to this point. The following chapters then go backwards through the timeline of their lives to life changing decisions.

This is a story of 'what if' - what if you'd treated this person differently, what if you'd gone left instead of right etc - and works really well. All the characters were believable (so much so that I really felt like banging their heads together at times) and all their seperate stories are different enough that you don't forget who is who). A very clever story indeed and well told.

It is not just a story for ladies, it is a story for all - so, ladies, pass it on to the man in your life when you've finished it."

Bluegrass Undercover by Kathleen Brooks

Look! A Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 / £1.94!

This is the first book in the Bluegrass Brothers Series, a follow-up to Kathleen Brooks' Best-Selling Bluegrass Series.

In her first follow-up to the Best Selling Bluegrass Series, Kathleen Brooks brings Keeneston back to life through the Davies Brothers. Cade Davies had too much on his plate to pay attention to newest resident of Keeneston. He was too busy avoiding the Davies Brothers marriage trap set by half the town. But when a curvy redhead lands in Keeneston, the retired Army Ranger finds himself drawn to her. These feelings are only fueled by her apparent indifference and lack of faith in his ability to defend himself.

DEA Agent Annie Blake was undercover to bust a drug ring hiding in the adorable Southern town that preyed on high school athletes. She had thought to keep her head down and listen to the local gossip to find the maker of this deadly drug. What Annie didn’t count on was becoming the local gossip. With marriage bets being placed, and an entire town aiming to win the pot, Annie looks to Cade for help in bringing down the drug ring before another kid is killed. But can she deal with the feelings that follow?


"I loved the humor in this book. There was humor in all the books, but it really shown through in this one, and I could feel the emotions rolling off of each person. I was tense during the football games, cheering when she kicked some butt, and laughing during the facials. I loved this story and highly recommend to anyone who loves more than a romance story. I love my romances to go on and on, and I will be on pins and needles until the next in this series comes out. Let's all just tie Kathleen Brooks to her desk until the entire series is complete."

"Love those southern gals! And fellas too of course.You just feel like you have been added to the family with the characters."

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Knight's Vengeance by Catherine Kean

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 / £1.98!

Book 1 of the Knight's Series

Geoffrey de Lanceau is a knight, the son of the man who once ruled Wode. His noble sire died, however, branded as a traitor. But never will Geoffrey believe his father betrayed their king, and swears vengeance against the man who brought his sire down in a siege to take over Wode.

Lady Elizabeth Brackendale dreamed of marrying for love, but is promised by her father to a lecherous old baron. Then she is abducted and held for ransom by a scarred, tormented rogue who turns out to be the very knight who has sworn vengeance against her father.

The threads of deception sewn eighteen years ago bind the past and present. Only by Geoffrey and Elizabeth championing their forbidden love can the truth - and the lies — be revealed about a knight's vengeance.

From Publishers Weekly

Kean (Dance of Desire) delivers rich local color and sparkling romantic tension in this fast-paced medieval revenge plot. Geoffrey de Lanceau was eight years old when he was orphaned, his father was branded a traitor and cut down by Lord Arthur Brackendale. Eighteen years later, Geoffrey puts his plan for retribution into action. His first step: abducting Lord Arthur's only child, Lady Elizabeth Brackendale. Geoffrey quickly realizes his high-born captive is no shy maiden but rather a fierce opponent determined to stop his plot. As their animosity turns to understanding, Elizabeth tries to convince Geoffrey that her father acted under orders of the king—an explanation Geoffrey refuses to hear. As the novel hurtles toward its nail-biting climax, the passion between Geoffrey and Elizabeth becomes love, the true villains are revealed and the innocent exonerated. Finely drawn secondary characters—a love-struck young squire, a practical herbalist, a lecherous suitor and a loyal battlefield friend—breathe additional life into the vibrant tale. (Sept.)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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Innocent Betrayal by Mary Campisi

Oooo! A Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 / £1.98!

English noblewoman Emily St. Simon wants nothing more than to escape the constraints of a society that demands she turn in her breeches and secure a husband. She cares nothing about men or love until she encounters daring sea captain Noah Sandleton, a man who steals her heart and her innocence with searing kisses and bold touches.

Noah Sandleton sails the sea avoiding anything that resembles commitment--until he meets the golden-haired temptress with a will to match his own. One night of passion binds them together, but a debt of honor forces Noah to abandon his bride. When he discovers Emily is caught in a dangerous game of intrigue, Noah devises a secret plan to return to her side, where he will risk his life to protect her and earn the chance to rekindle the greatest love either has ever known.


"It came as a surprise that this is the work of a brand new novelist, not only because of the marvelous writing, but also because there were hints of a previous story involving the older brother Ian and his wife, Augusta. If there is indeed a "prequel" or a sequel (perhaps involving the other brother), you can be sure I will be first in line!"

"There is so much about this book that is wonderful and outstanding. I could not put it down."

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sanctum Warriors by Edenmary Black

Oooo, look at this! A Kindle Paranormal Romance Novel for $3.79 / £4.00!

Shadow Havens Book 2

Ilea Galaurus may be running the Demesne, but all hell breaks loose when Micah Odera, a vampiric warrior of the Sanctum, spots Sebastien Galaurus in Saint Rushton. The Demesne's dictator is determined to have his freedom with a select group of loyal warriors so they can enjoy hunting the humans of Saint Rushton. When one of his weres discovers Arabella D'Court sitting alone in a park, her scent tells him she is more than beautiful. She's something special enough for Sebastien's first meal in freedom. What the were doesn't know is that Arabella isn't like most humans. She's a member of the Sanctum's Basium Cruenta, an elite group of protected humans living at the haven to provide blood to Sanctum vampires.

She's also the only woman Odera can't shake loose from his heart. Arabella loves Odera deeply, even though he just can't bring himself to watch her age or die. When he gives her the truth and tells her to find another, forces are set in motion that neither can control. After the brutal discussion, Arabella seeks the peace of a local park, but ends up trapped in Sebastien's new lair. Her unlikely ally? A daemon healer named Lily, who has lived her entire life at the Demesne.

As Sebastien's thirsts for violence and Arabella grow, Sanctum warriors head for Saint Rushton with kidnap or kill orders on the dictator's life. They'll have a little help from the hereafter, but it won't be enough to stop the furies unleashed when they meet Sebastien's warriors.


"I loved book 1 in this series and was anxiously awaiting the second book. I was not disappointed! With hot love scenes and intriguing plots Sanctum Warriors is a must read for Paranormal lovers."

"Sanctum Warriors is absolutely captivating and I recommend this amazing novel to anyone who enjoys all the elements of begin human as well as the supernatural experience."

Mia (The Bradshaw Clan) by J. A. McCorkle

Oh! Look! A Kindle Romance Novel for $0.99 / £0.77!

Mia Harrington's life as a wealthy socialite is changed forever when a duo of deadly vampires attack her home in the middle of the night. Lucas Bradshaw, the handsome and powerful leader of a vampire clan, rescues Mia from the evil clutches of her attackers and vows that nothing will ever hurt this woman again. As Mia is exposed to the vampire world that she never knew existed, can Lucas really keep her safe? Especially when his clan is being threatened by the same vampires that attacked Mia?

As Mia recovers from that violent night, the attraction to the mysterious vampire leader grows. Will Mia be able to handle the intense attraction she shares with Lucas? Will he share more with her than he ever has shared with anyone before?

Warning: This book is intended for adult audiences only. It contains adult themes of sensual and erotic intimacy.


"I found this book to be wonderful. I could not put it down. Lucas and Mia pull you deeply into the story from start to finish. I can't wait for the next book in the series!"

"I've read the 1st 5 chapters and read it over and over again and said I had to buy this book. I finally read and finished it and it was great. I love vampire human romances. Mia reminded me a lot of the Sookie Stackhouse series. Lucas is my new Eric bold, brave, and as described hot..Awesome and can't wait to read more."

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nursing Second Chances by Maggie Greene

Oooo, look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 / £1.92!

A Honey Creek Sweet Romance

Kiersten Hart left Honey Creek the minute she graduated high school and never looked back. When her sister Jeanine is widowed and left to raise two children alone, Kiersten moves back on a temporary basis. When Charles steps in and sweeps her off her feet, she has to decide if the wounds from her childhood can be mended.

After his wife died, Charles Webber swore he’d never love anyone again. He buried himself in his work and didn’t look up until he found out his son was sick. Moving to Honey Creek was supposed to make things easier. Kiersten does little to help keep things simple. Though he is taken with her, he soon realizes the casual relationship they agreed on is turning serious. As their expiration date approaches, Charles must decide if Kiersten is worth the risk.


"This was my first Honey Creek book, but it won't be my last. The story is sweet and heartwarming, but still has plenty of romance and sizzle. I immediately fell in love with the characters and couldn't wait to see how it turned out. I recommend this to anyone who loves a good romance without all the sex."

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Something to Live For by Natalie G. Owens

Look! A Kindle Romance Novel for $1.99 / £1.34!


Fifteen years ago, one fateful day bound the lives of two perfect strangers...

Melita Saari-Quinn is living the consequences of a traumatizing psychic event that turned her adolescence upside down. Now, disillusioned with her job as a psychotherapist and desiring a change from her lackluster existence, she hopes that something out of her ordinary sphere of existence - something totally uninhibited and spontaneous - will renew her zest for life.

Alex Moncado seems to have it all - good looks, a successful business, and a fun life in "party central" of the Mediterranean: the island of Malta. Except for one day in the year when he can't help but remember a tragedy that never should have been. One day he'd rather forget, because if he doesn't, the guilt will consume him.

Can one passionate night together banish the ghosts of the past and give two lost souls a second chance?

Only Fate can tell...


"Sweet and poignant..."

"Emotional and sexy..."

"A quite delightful, sensual, heart-touching short story, Something to Live For is very well-written, and strums the reader's heartstrings and senses."

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Falcon's Curse by Rainy Kirkland

Look what we found! A Kindle Historical Romance Novel for $2.99 / £1.95!

Praise for Rainy Kirkland's novels:

Rainy Kirkland's novel blends romance and adventure with a dash of magic. Her feisty heroine and strong-willed hero ignite sparks as they're sept toward destiny.
~ Nora Roberts

Rainy Kirkland will take you on a wondrous ride to another era - of early Woodiwiss when we all fell under the spell of a lyrical talent. This is historical romance at its best.
~ Constance O'Day Flannery

A captivating spellbinding romance that conjures up vivid pictures of passion and promise. ~ Rendezvous Magazine

Book Description:

Dubbed his Curse for being a daughter not a son, the infamous Pirate Falcon tolerated Samantha's presence because of her gift of "sight." She could plot the best course for his ship, find the pick of treasures, or sense when danger was near.
But Samantha wouldn't tell her father of the face that haunted her dreams and had captured her heart. A heart that would rent in two when she learned that the man she loves is the one responsible for her father's death.

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Private Acts by Delaney Diamond

Look! A Kindle Romance Novel for $4.99 / £3.27!

Miguel Delgado fell hard the first time he saw a beautiful woman on stage during a karaoke competition at a bar in Ecuador. Interested in a short, casual affair, he turns on the charm. But she won’t give him the time of day.

Samirah Jamison has met her match—in the form of a tall, hard-bodied sculptor who won’t leave her alone. She’s not running scared. She’s just trying to keep a level head and stay out of trouble for once. But it’s really, really hard to be good…when you’re used to being bad.

Warning: This book contains a chef whose sassy mouth and swaying hips catch the eye of a sexy Latin artist determined to tame her.


"Overall this is another winner from this author and I will wait impatiently for the next book."

"Miguel and Samiarah was the couple to steam up a cold night! I love the chemistry between them! I needed a cigarette after the scenes! I love this book!"

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Friday, June 22, 2012

THE GOOD DAUGHTER: A Mafia Story by Diana Layne

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for $0.99 / £0.77!

This is the Vista Security prequel.

***TEMPORARY SALE*** for Book Lovers' Buffet Vacation Getaway!

Most good daughters would say they owe their fathers everything. Marisa Peruzzo, Mafia princess, would. She owed him for killing her fiancé. She owed him for destroying her mother. She owed him for chaining her to the 'family business'. And she owed him for taking away her lifelong friend.

Payback's a bitch.
~  ~  ~
FBI meets Mafia Princess:

Dave sat up straighter when she entered the bar. Sandro had promised the contact would have useful information and be immediately recognizable, but he never specified male or female. Was this his informant? Carlo Peruzzo's daughter. The Mafia princess herself.

Her gaze scanned the room until she saw him. Though her lips were pressed in a straight line, a sparkle flashed in her eyes as if she knew just how she had shocked him.Dave realized his heart rate had kicked up a few notches when their eyes had locked. His jaw would have dropped if he hadn't been the kind of guy trained not to show his emotions.

She walked purposefully toward him, making her way through the crowded tables. Black designer jeans hugged nice curvy hips, and her full breasts were covered with a pink plaid, pearl-button western shirt. Interesting color choice. A leather belt wrapped around her waist, and his focus narrowed. Best he could tell the belt was pink, too. And there were some kind of pink jewels inlaid in the buckle.

He hid a smile. The only thing that would complete the color coordination was if she had on-he looked down, yep, pink cowboy boots. Pretty-in-pink cowgirl-Mafia princess. That certainly wasn't an image he expected to see. With her head high, and her gaze fixed on him she seemed unaware-or unaffected-by the attention she garnered. And she certainly got a fair share of stares. He saw more than one man pause with a drink halfway to his mouth, head swiveling to keep track as she walked past.

Dave had never seen the high-and-mighty Mafia daughter in anything other than expensive business suits, with her hair pulled back and her makeup understated, but tonight she wore this chic knock-off cowgirl look well. With her dark wavy hair swinging free around her shoulders, her smooth olive skin glowing, and lips a luscious color of pink to match as well, she could raise the lust level in a saint.

Dave was no saint.


Praise for Diana Layne, a Golden Heart® Finalist:

4 1/2 Stars TOP PICK!! : Calling this book "old-school Jackie Collins with a Gotti twist and enough heat to melt Alaska" still doesn't begin to describe how explosive it is. This is a turn-off-all-electronic-devices, one-sit read, with impressive characters, a transfixing plot and enough breathtaking action to knock your socks off! Layne has star power in spades.
~Diane Morasco, RT Book Reviews

"With THE GOOD DAUGHTER, Diana Layne delivers all the elements of a classic romantic suspense--fast pace, a layered and twisty plot, memorable characters and the perfect balance of sensuality. An exceptionally well-executed element of Mafia culture combined with a high level of danger make the book fresh and impossible to put down."
~LINDA CASTILLO, New York Times bestselling author of BREAKING SILENCE

Trading Up by Sandra Edwards

Here's a Kindle Romance Novel for $1.49 / £0.99!

A high school reunion...

A weekend husband...

Finally, a chance to save face!

Tiffany Pearson hasn't been home in eight years, not since her ex-fiancé left her standing at the altar--literally.

Not even a ten-year reunion can induce Tiffany to chance a trip back home when the gossip is alive and kicking in her small hometown of Driftwood, CA--not unless she can waltz in on the arm of some hottie she's convinced to be her temporary husband.

Who says you can't go home again...?

It just might be possible now that Tiffany's run across super-sexy Jon Singleton.


"Sandra Edwards nails another fun, sexy short story."

"...a great read for a lazy afternoon."

"...I loved this story very much."

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Of Fire and Brimstone by S.L. Baum

Oh! Oh! A Kindle Young Adult Romance Novel for $0.99 / £0.77!

A Novella from The Immortal Ones series.

When Silas first saw the dirty little street urchin, Elizabeth, he was amazed by her intelligence and knew she would become a powerful Witch (as was he). When he found out that her life would entwine with his own, he welcomed her with open arms, because Silas never questioned his visions of the future.

As she grew into a young lady, Elizabeth lusted for more powers while Silas struggled to make her understand that a Witch should attempt to live a content and happy life, blending into society. Elizabeth struggled to make him understand the opposite.

Of Fire and Brimstone (The Immortal Ones - Elizabeth's Novella) tells of Elizabeth's early life... how her first powers emerged... and how she became the Witch that was introduced in My Link in Time. The novella consists of approximately 19K words.

Bringing you the best romance stories available!

Scratch by Danny Gillan

Look! Look! A Kindle Romance Novel for $3.69 / £2.39!

An unexpected reminder of his past prompts Jim Cooper, a 33 year-old Glaswegian call centre worker, to make a big decision. He’s going back to adulthood ground-zero - no job, no debt, no, er, home, and starting again. Maybe this time he can do it right and get the girl. The fact that the girl is already married and living in another country and her Bruce Lee obsessed dad apparently wants to turn Jim into his latest pet are only two of the obstacles he faces.

Given Jim's forward planning skills don’t extend beyond praying and having panic attacks, it isn’t surprising that he soon finds himself living with his parents and working for minimum wage, in the same pub he worked in when he was 18. What is unexpected is Paula Fraser walking through the pub’s door for the first time in 12 years. What’s even more surprising is that Paula admits she still loves Jim. But yes, she’s married, and no, she won't cheat on her husband. She'll tell him the marriage is over. Soon. When the time is right. As soon as her husband's sick grandfather gets better - or fatally worse.

And so, Jim and Paula embark on the tricky business of not having an affair, and not telling anyone they know that they’re not having an affair. As Jim reflects, ‘If not being physically intimate with her in any way and denying to everyone we knew that anything was going on between us was the best way to prove I loved her, then that’s what I would do.’

Scratch is an un-sanitised, emotionally honest and hilariously candid story about what it is to grow up as opposed to simply change age, as told by a man who doesn’t know what any of those words mean.


"I so enjoyed this story. It was entertaining and funny, thought-provoking and poignant. In this current economy, I can easily see this story unfolding in the real world."
               ~Donna Fasano, founder of Kindle Romance Novels blog

"Author Danny Gillan takes this marvellous cast and weaves them into the kinds of simple situation we all come across every day. But the result is not ordinary. It's a humorous journey, commenting on life, love, the modern world, and the hopes, desires, aims and ambitions of thoroughly ordinary yet extraordinary people."
              ~D. Robinson, on Amazon

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Cat's Tale and Other Stories by Cara Marsi

Look! A Kindle Romance Novel for $0.99 / £0.77!

The redeeming power of love in a collection of short, sweet romance stories.

A TASTE OF ROMANCE-Two chefs cook up romance in the kitchen.

A CAT'S TALE-A clever cat with her own agenda conspires to reconnect a couple.

PLUMBING FOR LOVE-Grandma's plumbing problems bring a handsome plumber into a young woman's life.

A NEW BEGINNING FOR MELISSA-A family wedding offers a woman hope for a better future.

THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM-A runaway cart and a runaway cat bring two people together.

MY FANTASY PIRATE-A sexy pirate steals a woman's heart at Halloween.


"These short stories will steal your heart. Ms. Marsi weaves sweet tales of falling in love in a way that you will long remember!"

"These stories are just the right size for a quick read and leave you feeling warm inside. Cara Marsi is so good at writing these short stories."

Alien Lockdown by Vijaya Schartz

Look! A Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 / £2.01!

The year is 3033, and deep in the bowels of the underground galactic prison, something has gone terribly wrong. Rhonda Alendresis never wanted this prison job. When the civilians vanish and an earthquake damages the nuclear reactor, she must go down to repair it with Captain Perfect himself, Cole Riggeur, who always plays by the rules and never trusted a woman in his life. But deep in the underground penitentiary, the most wicked convicts in the Galaxy are loose, and a treacherous shape-shifter plans his revenge. Disconnected from the Garrison, against impossible odds, Cole and Rhonda now face their greatest challenge... trusting each other in order to survive.


"The action reminded me of an INDIANA JONES movie and the romance was equally intense." --Paranormal Romance Reviews

"...the fantastic anticipation only a ticking bomb can generate, I was enthralled from page one" --Lynn Lowe - Ecataromance

"...suspenseful, gripping saga of survival, betrayal, and hope...the resourcefulness and courage that occurs when a person refuses to admit defeat and die." --Dena - Fallen Angel Reviews - 5 angels

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wounded Heroes Book One: Kill Shot by Anne Patrick

We found a Kindle Romance Novel for $4.61 / £3.84!

Former combat medic Kory Wagner has been in four war zones, served three tours in Iraq, survived countless firefights, RPG’s, IED’s and even a helicopter crash. Now she’s home and out of the Army for good and someone is trying to kill her in her own backyard. Just as disturbing is the handsome sheriff who’s on the case.

Sheriff Sean Harding doesn’t quite know what to think of the decorated veteran that managed to outsmart an entire search party. What bothers him more is the body of a PI, whom she hired, was found dead in a building she owns. And Kory isn’t being very cooperative with helping him find the answers as to why someone would kill her sister and want her dead. Will he be able to keep her alive along enough to discover the truth?


"I've read several of Anne Patrick's books and this one is perhaps my favorite. Great characters. Awesome plot! I'm looking forward to the other books in the series."

"Kill Shot is a romantic suspense with a touch of faith. It's engaging, entertaining, and has edge of your seat moments. Anne Patrick delivers a well crafted story that leaves the reader satisfied at the end, but a little sad because the story ended. It's a book that I would recommend to anyone that enjoys romance, suspense, and a little bit of faith."

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Finding His Something Spicy by Jennifer Labelle

We found a Kindle Romance Novel for $3.99 / £2.62!

Rafe Zakas had no intention of settling down until he met and fell hard for his two closest friends, Nathan and Heidi. But, their perfect trio fell apart when Nathan got a job offer he couldn’t refuse, relocating them. Rafe soon realizes there’s something missing in his life, and decides he needs to find his own something spicy to fill the void. She’s got to be open minded and love him for him, kinkiness included, and he hopes to soon turn their trio into a quartet with Heidi’s help.

Zoey Appleby was content with being single, until her good friend Heidi sets her up with this gorgeous Greek Adonis named Rafe. He awakens desires in her she never knew were there, and introduces her to a whole new lifestyle. Shy at first Zoey has some choices to make, will it be a new love, or the life she’s used to?


"This book is living proof that erotica can be beautiful. I really loved this book and look forward to backtracking to read book one."

"I was really impressed at the emotional entanglement of the trio, the way their feelings are all so dependent upon how they are all doing."

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The Last Romantics by Ruth Harris

We found a Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 / £1.94!

Book 5 of the 20th Century Series!


If you love passionate can’t-put-it-down historical fiction, you will love Ruth Harris’s THE LAST ROMANTICS (20th Century Series, Book #5).

A passionate and sweeping historical romance set in the glittering capitals of Paris and New York in the 1920's, THE LAST ROMANTICS is about the larger-than-life men and women who created the art, the styles, the fashions, the attitudes that would define the 20th Century.

Kim Hendricks is American, a legendary war reporter and celebrated novelist, a daring big game hunter, glamorous and romantic, but dangerously flawed.

Nicole Redon is French, a talented fashion designer whose shocking designs influence women around the world. She is beautiful, charming, lonely, haunted.

Kim confronts a devastating tragedy. Nicole guards a desperate secret. They meet by chance and pursue their star-crossed romance in New York and Paris, on safari in Africa, in glamorous resorts on the French Riviera and the savage blood-drenched front lines of two world wars.

“Great Book! A first-rate love story. Harris skillfully weaves fact with fiction in the creation of this tale of love, loss, success, failure, war and peace. If you're looking to bury yourself in a big historical novel full of larger-than-life characters, this is the one.” —Customer Review

"A great love story that sweeps over time! Very well written, easy and fun to read." —Customer Review

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Better Than Catnip by Ruth Hartman

Love cats? Look at this cutie! We found a Kindle Romance Novel you'll love for $2.99 / £1.97!

Roxy Williams adores cats. Always has. That’s why she devotes her life to running her stray cat shelter. But is that enough? Isn’t there a man out there who will love her for who she is? A special man who won’t try to change her or ask her to choose between him and her cats?

Max Weller has a problem. His son, Derek, must complete community service for fighting at school. The only available place is the stray cat shelter. But Derek is terrified of cats from a frightening childhood experience. How will they get through this traumatic experience?

Roxy and Max feel the strong attraction pulling them together as Max volunteers at the shelter, too. Will they be able to keep the spark alive? Or will Derek’s fears come between them?


"...a great make-you-feel-good read."

"This is a very heartwarming story of two people who become fast friends in their mutual desire not only for each other, but to help Derek overcome many of the issues of his past, as well. But the bonus in this book is the fact that it is not only a good, romantic story, but an educational one, as well, since many details of the day-to-day struggles of trying to care for homeless animals, and the callousness of many people toward animals are cleverly and accurately woven into the story. A great read for anyone, but preferably with your favourite furry friend cuddled up on your lap or by your side! (And if you don't already have a furry friend, you'll wish you had one by the time you finish reading.)"

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A Perilous Journey by Gail Eastwood

We found a Signet Regency Romance Novel for $4.99!

Available Digitally for the First Time

A runaway twin's bid for freedom leads to adventure and, unexpectedly, to love in this "delightful read"* from Signet Regency Romance.

Miss Gillian Kentwell is willing to risk anything to escape the monstrous marriage that her grim guardian has arranged for her. With her twin brother in tow, she flees the estate that is her only home for freedom and safe haven in Scotland--only to discover the dangers of highways teeming with thieves and inns that are dens of iniquity.

Fleeing her guardian's hot pursuit, she cannot say no when a handsome, high-living stranger offers a suspiciously helpful hand. He claims to be Julian de Raymond, the Earl of Brinton, and to have only the most magnanimous of motives. But as they make their way to Scotland, only one thing is certain--the undeniable spark ignited between them.


"There was an definite sizzle of physical attraction between the couple(Lord Brinton was a hero to die for!), but the romance went deeper than that. They liked each other, as well as loved each other. The villain turned out not to be so terribly villainous, and the unwanted bridegroom wasn't so bad either after all, so it wasn't too melodramatic. This is definitely going on my "keeper" shelf."

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lucky Charm by Valerie Douglas

We found a Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 / £1.97!

Ariel's life is uncomplicated - traveling from town to town, installing financial management software, training, and...moving on. Until she gets lost leaving one of the offices and stumbles onto a nightmarish scene - a man being beaten by three others. Rescuing him, she finds more than she ever bargained for - he's gorgeous, intriguing, and he won't explain anything. Why was he being beaten? Does it have something to do with the discrepancies she's finding at the offices where she's working?

A steamy, sultry romance, Lucky Charm will set your pulse racing with intrigue and romance that packs a satisfying punch.


"Ms. Douglas has given us a very complex and interesting plot with characters that are smart, witty, wise and well formed. The story moves forward at a brisk pace with enough action and adventure to keep the pages turning while still giving us time to understand the back stories and motives of the protagonists. Her dialogue is realist and reflects the way people interact and go about their daily activities. The romance is believable, as well as fun and warm. We want these two to find their happily ever after. There is enough steam to fog up windows but not so much that the story lacks focus. All in all a very enjoyable read." ~ Karen Bryant Doering, Parent's Little Black Book

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Rebound (Love and Balance) by Kellie Kamryn

Look at this Kindle Romance novel we found for $4.99 / £3.30!

Claire LeMay is at the top of her game – she’s head of a prominent gymnastics facility with her gymnasts winning awards for her outstanding choreography. Now her biggest challenge is to coach alongside the man she’s avoided for three years after he demanded she live in his shadow instead of forging her own path.

After sinking every penny of his inheritance into his state-of-the-art gymnastics facility, Justin Black has achieved his dream. But even with hundreds of members and well-trained coaches, when Claire’s presence invades his space, he reluctantly admits she’s the one thing missing in his life. Oblivious as to why she walked out on him three years ago, he attempts to call a truce.

As their old passion tumbles out faster than a gymnast sprinting down the vault runway, they realize they are in the same impossible position as they were three years ago. Are they destined to repeat the same old routine or will they be able to choreograph a new one?


"Ms. Kamryn has done an excellent job of weaving a good story with breathtaking sensuality and heartstopping emotions and sensitivity. It was a pleasure to read and I expect to hear more from Kellie Kamryn."

"Ms. Kamryn really delivers a sensual and emotionally moving story in Rebound. Her writing style flows like poetry and creates stunning mental images. With her own background in sports, there is a sense of realism present in her story that makes the plot more believable. Her heroine is a down-to-earth woman with hopes, dreams, and challenges. And the hero in the story is someone I'd like to meet, masculine and sexy, but with a heart.

If you're looking for an excellent read, this story has it all. Passion, angst, conflict, heat, romance, and love. I'm looking forward to reading more of this new author's stories. Everything I've read thus far shows more and more promise as to the level of talent this writer has. Great story! Highly recommended!"

Friday, June 15, 2012

Cooking Up Love by Candace Shaw

We found a Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 / £1.90! The first book in the Arrington Family Series.

What happens when a suave, handsome chef meets a cute, sassy food critic?

When Shelbi Arrington accepts a position as a food critic in the hopes of burying her medical career and foregoing her residency, the last thing she’s searching for is love. However, that’s just what the doctor ordered especially when she lays eyes on the handsome chef, Justin Richardson. While sorting out her secret conflict of continuing her medical career, she falls for his mouth-watering charm, leaving her hungry for anything he has to offer.

Justin is leery of doctors because a doctor’s negligence caused his mother’s death when he was twelve. He has put his focus and energy into his restaurant, which had been a dream he and his mother shared. Justin is immediately smitten by the cute, sassy food critic that has him cooking up different ways to please her appetite. But when things start to heat up, Shelbi learns of a shocking revelation that could extinguish the flame of their relationship. Will Justin be able to forget his pain and commit to the woman who has stolen his heart?

Cooking Up Love is the first book in the Arrington Family Series. 


"This was my first read by Candace Shaw and I really enjoyed this book! This was a great romance story about a sassy food critic name Shelbi and a hot sexy restaurant owner name Justin. The chemistry between the two was off the charts from the very beginning giving this book a great story line. If you are into GOOD contemporary romance stories then this is the book you need to read! I am really looking forward to reading more books by Candace Shaw. You have a new fan! Job well done!"

"I really liked Justin and Shelbi and thought they had great chemistry. Loved the foodie theme - she being a food critic for a newspaper (while trying to figure out if she was going to pursue her other vocation) and he a restaurant owner/chef. If I had a complaint, it would be that I thought Justin would have realized who Shelbi's father was sooner - only because I thought the last name wasn't that common. All in all, very sweet and I'm looking forward to the continuation of the series. I think that Bria and Rasheed's story should be a lot of fun - and I'm hoping eventually, all of the siblings will eventually be paired with their intended."

Sanctum Angels by Edenmary Black

We found a Kindle Romance Novel for $3.79 / £4.11! Book 1 of the Shadow Havens series.

When Priana Grey walks into a bank, she isn't expecting to be taken hostage by a violent thief; nor, is she expecting Detective Joe Cafaris to offer his life for hers. The stepdaughter of fallen angels of the Sanctum, she has concealed her true nature to move among humans for years, but Joe's courage astounds her. Although she knows that falling in love with a human is a disaster, she just can't ignore what she feels.

Joe is a tough loner, cool in the most dangerous situations, but he's not ready for the scorching desire he feels for Priana. He has a million logical reasons to walk away, but his heart wants something else.

Priana's stepbrother, Keirc, warns that she'll find only misery with Joe, yet he guards a perilous secret of his own. His lover, Iridea, is the daughter of Sebastien Galaurus, a ruthless vampire who leads the Demesne, a powerful supernatural haven quite unlike the Sanctum.

When a stunning crisis forces Priana into the heart of the Demesne, a maelstrom explodes in the shadow of supernatural havens on the brink of war, where fallen angels, vampires, weres and daemons call the shots and humans are viewed as critically frail - a place where men and supernaturals can die.


"Sanctum Angels starts off with a bang! From the first sentence in the prologue to the end of the first chapter, I couldn't put this book down. What a way to start a book! I was hooked. What originality, and I have to say, I've come across some great vampire/shifter novels, but never vampire/angels or vampire/daemons. I loved everything about this book. The whole daemon/vamp and angel/vamp thing was so intriguing that I couldn't wait to learn more in this wonderful world Black created. Black did a magnificent job laying out a very enticing plot, drawing you in and keeping you wanting to turn the pages to find out what happens next. Just beautiful! I would highly recommend Sanctum Angels for a different spin on the Supernatural Universe, a beautiful love story, and just a plain old good new Indie Author to test drive."

"I do recommend this book to any readers that enjoy paranormal romance. I do want to give warning that there are scenes of violence and explicit sexual encounters so it is intended for adults only."

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fast Lane by Dave Thome

We found a Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 / £2.01!

Can an ordinary woman wearing the right shoes make an international playboy fall in love with her? Lara Dixon sets out to make it happen…with plans to dump the infamous Clay Creighton as soon as she’s got him hooked.

She believes she’s on a mission of justice, sure that Creighton’s Fast Lane media empire, with its philosophy of “fast women, fast cars and fast living,” encourages men to stray from their happy homes. And by “men,” Lara means her ex. Okay, her home is happier without him…but still.

Lara finds backers who help her acquire fabulous clothes, a glorious makeover (with spray tan) and connections to infiltrate Fast Lane. Once inside, though, she discovers nothing is what she expected. Especially Clay. Lara’s startled by how well he treats her, how much they have in common and how much she’s falling for him. Can she put the brakes on her plan and make the turn toward happily-ever-after?

This light-hearted romp into today’s jet set includes a cast of wacky assistants, bubbly fashionistas and unexpected enemies—and friends. Fast Lane is a fast, fun read—and a reminder that nothing, not even a waterfall, is exactly what it seems.


"In a quick read, Fast Lane makes you smile at the lifestyles of the rich and famous, the world's ideas about fashion and beauty, and even some romance novel tropes. I especially liked the second half of the book, where the side characters really sparkle (Sushma and Tiffany are my favorites). Yet for all the glamor and sly humor, this is a surprisingly sweet romance, with a satisfying, believable ending. Nice to read a book without typos, errors, etc.--and it'd be a fun movie, too."

"Money, sex, image, Love? In the world of fast cars, fast women, fast spending? Lara Dixon didn't think it was possible. She set out to bring down media empire mogule Clayton Creighton because "love" had already burned her once, and because the very image of the man belittled her notion of love. But what she didn't bargain on was his ability to fall in love. Dave Thome's "Fast Lane" takes his readers inside the world of Hugh Hefner-style living and image building. The settings are glamorous, the people multi-faceted. But what makes this a wonderful romantic read - besides the occasional "bedroom" scenes - is that the characters aren't just out for sex. All the characters, even the secondary ones, have needs and wants. And it is the conflict generated by those needs and wants that drives this story and keeps it a page turner."

The Lodestone by Charlene Keel

We found a Kindle Historical Romance Novel for $2.99 / £1.92!

Innocent Cleome Parker is unprepared for Drake Stoneham, an arrogant gambler who wins her grandfather's tavern in a card game. Her mother is an invalid, and Cleome must keep a roof over her head, at any cost. As the illegitimate offspring of a madwoman, Cleome has always been an outcast, but she convinces Drake to hire her as innkeeper. Although she is drawn irresistibly to him, she fights the desire that threatens to consume them both.

Their daring adventures take them across 1830s England, plunge them into political intrigue in Italy, and inflame the passion between them, drawing them together again and again as copper to a magnet, as a musket ball to a lodestone.


"The Lodestone is the best I've ever read. The author drew me in with warm, compelling characters and kept me turning pages with a fast-paced, richly layered plot. I love the way she weaves history in by involving her feminist heroine in the social issues of her day. Charlene Keel can flat-out write!" Peggy Webb, multi-published author.

 "The Lodestone is a well-thought out trip back in time...there is always something tantalizing going on. Perfect book to lose yourself in for a while." Romance Junkies

"This compelling story is filled with rich detail of 1800s England, bringing to life the society intrigues of that time. I highly recommend this exciting and endearing story." Coffee Time Romance

"I was right there with the characters throughout the whole book. I wish I were with Drake Stoneham! Yikes, what a hunk!" -Bonnie W., Woodland Hills, CA

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