Thursday, June 21, 2012

Of Fire and Brimstone by S.L. Baum

Oh! Oh! A Kindle Young Adult Romance Novel for $0.99 / £0.77!

A Novella from The Immortal Ones series.

When Silas first saw the dirty little street urchin, Elizabeth, he was amazed by her intelligence and knew she would become a powerful Witch (as was he). When he found out that her life would entwine with his own, he welcomed her with open arms, because Silas never questioned his visions of the future.

As she grew into a young lady, Elizabeth lusted for more powers while Silas struggled to make her understand that a Witch should attempt to live a content and happy life, blending into society. Elizabeth struggled to make him understand the opposite.

Of Fire and Brimstone (The Immortal Ones - Elizabeth's Novella) tells of Elizabeth's early life... how her first powers emerged... and how she became the Witch that was introduced in My Link in Time. The novella consists of approximately 19K words.

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