Monday, June 25, 2012

Mia (The Bradshaw Clan) by J. A. McCorkle

Oh! Look! A Kindle Romance Novel for $0.99 / £0.77!

Mia Harrington's life as a wealthy socialite is changed forever when a duo of deadly vampires attack her home in the middle of the night. Lucas Bradshaw, the handsome and powerful leader of a vampire clan, rescues Mia from the evil clutches of her attackers and vows that nothing will ever hurt this woman again. As Mia is exposed to the vampire world that she never knew existed, can Lucas really keep her safe? Especially when his clan is being threatened by the same vampires that attacked Mia?

As Mia recovers from that violent night, the attraction to the mysterious vampire leader grows. Will Mia be able to handle the intense attraction she shares with Lucas? Will he share more with her than he ever has shared with anyone before?

Warning: This book is intended for adult audiences only. It contains adult themes of sensual and erotic intimacy.


"I found this book to be wonderful. I could not put it down. Lucas and Mia pull you deeply into the story from start to finish. I can't wait for the next book in the series!"

"I've read the 1st 5 chapters and read it over and over again and said I had to buy this book. I finally read and finished it and it was great. I love vampire human romances. Mia reminded me a lot of the Sookie Stackhouse series. Lucas is my new Eric bold, brave, and as described hot..Awesome and can't wait to read more."

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