Friday, June 29, 2012

Family Ties by Krista Kedrick

Look here! A Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 / £2.62!

She’s all country…
He’s all city…

Grace Tucker thought she had her life put back together - with the help of her over-protective brothers. She had a quiet, predictable life operating the family hardware store in her hometown and spending her free time with her friends, the Caldwell family. That was… until a tragic accident took her two best friends and left their daughters orphaned. If that wasn’t devastating enough - Dirk Caldwell, the egocentric brother no one’s met, blows into town.

Dirk Caldwell realized he wasn’t in California anymore when he stepped from the redneck, rattletrap airplane and was smacked in the face with a cold breeze laced with manure. It was exactly what he’d expected from the backwater town his brother called home. But going head to head with Grace Tucker was not.

When two worlds collide can they form a bond strong enough to tie a family together?


"You get pulled back into the beautiful sandhills immediately with this page turner. Enjoyed her first book immensely and was waiting impatiently for her second. She has definately lived up to her reputation for a great read. I highly recommend this but.... don't plan on getting much done once you start reading!"

"I do believe you have surpassed amazing since the first book! Book number two was incredible!!! I loved it! Hope you have started on number Three....i am definitely one of your biggest fans ! Keep up the stories flowing..."

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