Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Brother's Love by Sandy Wolters

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 FBI Special Agent Pilar Campos lives and works in a man’s world. She loves her job because the only interaction she has with people is pointing her gun at them and arresting them. She’s a smart ass with a temper and is not above breaking bones if someone disagrees with her. Needless to say, she doesn’t have many friends. She enjoys the fact that she inspires fear in her coworkers.

Pilar and her partner, Rick, have been executing surveillance on the Snowflake Militia Group for two years. Everything was going just fine with the twenty-seven million dollar operation until she was forced to shoot and kill Thorne Baker, the brother of Boone Baker, the self proclaimed leader of the militia group. Her life would never be the same.

Boone Baker initiated a one million dollar contract on Pilar’s life and would go to any length to avenge his brother’s death. Deputy Director Greg Olsen knows that he has to get his best agent into protective custody, but he also knows that she won’t go even if he orders her to. She’ll stay and fight to the end. The only reasonable action he can take is to hatch a plan to have her tucked away at a ranch in Northern Arizona owned by Amos Thomas, a man that dislikes people with as much if not more fervor than Pilar.

Away from the city, Pilar’s life is transformed. She finds peace at the ranch that she had never felt before. She has a special bond with the animals that transfixes even the most seasoned ranch hands. She learns to open herself to the people at the ranch and develops close bonds with them. She falls in love with Amos, who wants no part of a relationship. Unfortunately for Amos, Pilar knows how he thinks. He is, after all, just like her and that makes his actions predictable. Pilar knows just how to handle him.

Unable to locate the woman that killed his brother, Boone Baker goes to extreme measures to draw her out in the open. In one fell swoop, he will destroy her life as she knows it. Will she be strong enough to continue on, or will he get his wish and kill her?


"Funny, romantic and suspenseful! I really loved it! A Brother's Love had everything that I liked about reading in it."

"[A Brother's Love] has it all...brotherly love, friendship, romance, and an exciting storyline! What more can you ask for in a good book? I'm really looking forward to the next one to come out, so keep on writing Sandy!"

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