Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fast Lane by Dave Thome

We found a Kindle Romance Novel for $2.99 / £2.01!

Can an ordinary woman wearing the right shoes make an international playboy fall in love with her? Lara Dixon sets out to make it happen…with plans to dump the infamous Clay Creighton as soon as she’s got him hooked.

She believes she’s on a mission of justice, sure that Creighton’s Fast Lane media empire, with its philosophy of “fast women, fast cars and fast living,” encourages men to stray from their happy homes. And by “men,” Lara means her ex. Okay, her home is happier without him…but still.

Lara finds backers who help her acquire fabulous clothes, a glorious makeover (with spray tan) and connections to infiltrate Fast Lane. Once inside, though, she discovers nothing is what she expected. Especially Clay. Lara’s startled by how well he treats her, how much they have in common and how much she’s falling for him. Can she put the brakes on her plan and make the turn toward happily-ever-after?

This light-hearted romp into today’s jet set includes a cast of wacky assistants, bubbly fashionistas and unexpected enemies—and friends. Fast Lane is a fast, fun read—and a reminder that nothing, not even a waterfall, is exactly what it seems.


"In a quick read, Fast Lane makes you smile at the lifestyles of the rich and famous, the world's ideas about fashion and beauty, and even some romance novel tropes. I especially liked the second half of the book, where the side characters really sparkle (Sushma and Tiffany are my favorites). Yet for all the glamor and sly humor, this is a surprisingly sweet romance, with a satisfying, believable ending. Nice to read a book without typos, errors, etc.--and it'd be a fun movie, too."

"Money, sex, image, Love? In the world of fast cars, fast women, fast spending? Lara Dixon didn't think it was possible. She set out to bring down media empire mogule Clayton Creighton because "love" had already burned her once, and because the very image of the man belittled her notion of love. But what she didn't bargain on was his ability to fall in love. Dave Thome's "Fast Lane" takes his readers inside the world of Hugh Hefner-style living and image building. The settings are glamorous, the people multi-faceted. But what makes this a wonderful romantic read - besides the occasional "bedroom" scenes - is that the characters aren't just out for sex. All the characters, even the secondary ones, have needs and wants. And it is the conflict generated by those needs and wants that drives this story and keeps it a page turner."

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