Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Perilous Journey by Gail Eastwood

We found a Signet Regency Romance Novel for $4.99!

Available Digitally for the First Time

A runaway twin's bid for freedom leads to adventure and, unexpectedly, to love in this "delightful read"* from Signet Regency Romance.

Miss Gillian Kentwell is willing to risk anything to escape the monstrous marriage that her grim guardian has arranged for her. With her twin brother in tow, she flees the estate that is her only home for freedom and safe haven in Scotland--only to discover the dangers of highways teeming with thieves and inns that are dens of iniquity.

Fleeing her guardian's hot pursuit, she cannot say no when a handsome, high-living stranger offers a suspiciously helpful hand. He claims to be Julian de Raymond, the Earl of Brinton, and to have only the most magnanimous of motives. But as they make their way to Scotland, only one thing is certain--the undeniable spark ignited between them.


"There was an definite sizzle of physical attraction between the couple(Lord Brinton was a hero to die for!), but the romance went deeper than that. They liked each other, as well as loved each other. The villain turned out not to be so terribly villainous, and the unwanted bridegroom wasn't so bad either after all, so it wasn't too melodramatic. This is definitely going on my "keeper" shelf."

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  1. Don't let the tranquil cover art fool you - this book contains an exciting adventure!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Anonymous! My publisher decided to try a very "different" approach to the covers for the Signet Regency e-book reissues --they very pretty but the jury is still out on whether or not they'll work for sales!!! :-)