Monday, June 4, 2012

Spice It Up by Jennifer Labelle

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for $3.99 / £2.64!

Heidi Taylor has fallen in love with a man who is off limits. He’s her best friend, and she’s afraid to tell him how she really feels. So when she hits a dry spell in her romantic life, Nathan makes it his duty to spice things up for her, shocking her, and making her true feelings known.

Nathan De Costa met the most amazing woman alive three years ago when he placed a roommate wanted ad in the newspaper. He’s secretly loved Heidi for almost two years, and decides to make his move once her love life hits a rough patch. The problem is that his sexual tastes are risqué and he’s not sure that Heidi would be able to keep up. She shocks him by becoming everything he’s ever wanted and more, but it’ll take almost losing her for good before he finally makes her his, permanently.


"Ms. Labelle created a unique set up and gave it the sexiest resolution yet. And it came with all the emotional twists and turns and bumps in the road that I expect from this author. There was a few moments that I went from feeling sorry for Nathan to thinking him a jerk and back again, and I appreciate the reality of emotions that this author brings to her works. They capture me, take me on a new roller coaster each time."

"Full of emotion and hot, knock-your-socks-off love scenes, Spice It Up is a sure fire winner to get you all hot and bothered before bedtime! I loved the characters and recommend this book as a quick, steamy read. If I hadn't of been so tired that night, I would've read the entire thing in one shot! I think other readers will too."

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