Friday, June 8, 2012

A Skinwalker's Legacy by Shae Wynters

Look what we found! A Kindle Romance Novel for $5.99 / £3.96!

Lexia Torrance is a young woman with the gift of second sight. Her ability allows the Phoenix Police Department to solve crimes based on the gift of touch. Her latest case leads her to the body of a local man left with the killers' calling card—an emblem burned on the victim's chest in the shape of a sun. She soon finds herself facing five men looking for the necklace with the same emblem…and they are determined to find her as well…

Galen Cortes knows the immense ability deep inside Lexia as well as her destiny to take the throne as Skinwalker Chieftess to the southwest tribe. As a guard of the tribe, Galen has sworn to protect Lexia and teach her the truth about her powers. Despite what his heart feels, he knows a guard isn’t supposed to get too close to a betrothed Chieftess. But his fiery passion may soon override his rational thought.

With a murderous Lycan tribe on their tail and only a few hours to spare once Lexia learns her birthright, Galen will only have a day to teach her what those before her learned in a lifetime. Before their time is over, passion will erupt between the guard and his ruler, a fateful battle will dawn between two tribes and a new Chieftess will arise within the nocturnal hours…


"Oh wow, does this book have heat! I love shifter romance, but this book has more than that. Not only is Lexia a shifter, who has been kept from shifting her whole life, but she is a real and truly skinwalker. Now most of what I know about skinwalkers involves skins, like selkies. However, this book takes it to 9th degree. And Galen is hot, hot, hot. Native Americans make the hottest shifters."

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