Thursday, November 9, 2023

Just You by @CaitLondon #99cents #romance

On Sale for 99¢!

Determined to survive, tormented Kenna Peck needs a new life. 
She couldn’t trust her ex-husband now, though a part of her aches for him, for what might have been. With the love and support of good friends, Olivia and Crystal, Kenna begins her new life in Washington state's mountains, in a small town called Fresh Start.

Hugh Donovan wants to know why: Kenna suddenly cut him off and divorced him after a 3-year marriage. One challenge to their perfect lives, and Kenna changed her married name and ran. He has to have answers...

And who walks into Kenna’s new life, her Fresh Start, demanding answers and stirring her in a new startling way, but Hugh…

Will Kenna and Hugh be able to reopen the past and begin again? Or has the past destroyed everything between them?

What readers are saying:

“Great family conflict. Good, fast read!”

“A delightfully funny, get-it-done, happy, sad, WONDERFUL book… loved it!”

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Also available (at full price) in Paperback

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