Monday, April 9, 2012

Royal Rebel by Dana Taylor

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Courageous, captivating, cunning—the Royal Rebel leads her band of freedom fighters against the tyranny of Prince John. Inspired by the legend of Robin Hood, “Royal Rebel” twists a familiar tale into a fresh, romantic adventure.

Robin, the secret daughter of King Richard, fights injustice as she awaits her father’s return from the Crusades. Joining forces with arrogant knight extraordinaire, Sir Simon of Loxley, the two undertake a mission to save the kingdom. Filled with humor, whimsical imagination, and romance—“Royal Rebel” will capture your heart.

Winner of the “Great Expectations” and “Gotcha” contest of the Romance Writers of America

(Previously published as “Princess Robin.”)


"A wonderful read. Full of intrigue, humor, and whimsy! Curled up on a blistery winter day, I finished the book in one day! Taylor weaves a delightful tale that takes the reader into a world of adventure and romance designed to keep you turning (or scrolling) till the last page! I recommend this book to anyone wanting to escape the mundane with a good story that doesn't disappoint!"

"A great twist on the old Robin Hood tale. Princess Robin has great characterizations, clever banter and inventive plot lines. "Simon" is a new addition to the time-honored cast of characters, and is a wonderful foil for the spirited Princess Robin. I thoroughly enjoyed all the action, comedy and romance packed into this little gem of a book. Women of all ages will enjoy this magical "girl power" tale."

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