Sunday, April 15, 2012

Embracing the Lemonade Life by Sandra Sookoo

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Clara Tildon, a cancer survivor, has no time for defeatism. She’s opened up the Cute as a Button B & B in Bridgewater, Indiana, and along with her guinea pig, is embracing the lemonade lifestyle. Everything is perfect, except for the nagging sensation that she would still like to fall in love.

Jake Yates has returned to Bridgewater, the town he grew up in, for his friend’s wedding and he’s not happy about it. The people of Bridgewater can keep their small town life, it’s in his past and that’s where he intends it to stay. Even loneliness can’t make him reconsider his decisions.

A chance meeting. A fleeting kiss. Suddenly two polar opposites get a unique chance at love. But can Clara give up living in the moment long enough to see Jake as an opportunity she needs to plan for? Can Jake alter his well-laid plans to fit Clara in his life? Or will they both let love get away?


5 Heart review "...Sookoo pens a remarkable read that really grabs at the heart. Once I started reading, it was extremely hard to stop. The wide-range of emotions and expressions indeed are quite captivating and exceptionally warm..." - The Romance Studio

5 Star review "...There is a lot of emotion in the book - plenty of smiles but lots of tears too. You can't help but put yourself in Carla's and Jake's shoes and wonder how you'd cope with the situations they find themselves in..." - Reader's Favorite Book Reviews

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