Saturday, April 7, 2012

Relic by Deena Remiel

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Raphael, a Brethren Savior, an angel with a forgotten past, has lost his power to heal and is on a self-imposed guilt trip to get it back. If he can’t, his tour of eternal duty as Brethren Savior will be revoked. On his journey, he winds up enmeshed in a web of attempted murder and resurrection, all thanks to a woman he’s only seen in a photograph and by chance on an Arizona desert hiking trail.

Serena Sikes is a wanted woman. Desired by “undesirables” for a gift her brother gave her—a stolen relic with suspected healing powers. Hunted down in the Arizona desert and left for dead, she is found by none other than the angel who cannot heal.

Raphael and Serena are inexorably bound together, for locked deep within the relic’s heart had lived the soul of his long lost wife. Now, it resides inside Serena. Evil lurks around every corner as Raphael tries to keep both Serena and his dead wife’s soul alive and lustful temptation at bay.

Three souls bound together by an ancient relic, bound by a timeless gift, and bound by a love that is eternal.


  • REVIEWER TOP PICK, Night Owl Reviews
    "Relic is a rare find of a story, one that makes you jump for joy, and just as fast, pray that the characters will be okay... The characters are utterly charming, and the story is as close to flawless as it can be. 4.5 STARS!" Hitherandthee, Night Owl Reviews

  • "The balance of elements in this book is truly a work of art. Heartbreak, hope, insidious villains and self discovery all play off each other in a wonderfully entertaining story that keeps the readers attention from start to finish." - Wendy Mitchell, RAGE, SEX, and TEDDY BEARS
  • "This one has it all: heart pounding action, intrigue, suspense, and a deeply satisfying tear-jerker of an ending. 5 STARS!" - Sarah Ballance, multi-published author of romance and romantic suspense

AUTHOR OF TRINITY, A Brethren Novel 
  • RT Book Reviews, 4.5 Stars, Donna M. Brown

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