Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Place on the Planet by T.A. Monroe

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Two years after the horrific end of her marriage, Lily Mayfield is pressured by her therapist to emerge from her self-inflicted isolation. When she finally walks back into the world, it’s straight into the presence of Charlie Winston, the charismatic film director she met a year ago at a fund-raising gala. The attraction is unmistakable and mutual. As they explore their interests as well as their shared faith and individual grief, she is exposed to a new life of exciting opportunities. Charlie encourages Lily to take up her long-abandoned passions for music and filmmaking and invites her to become part of his film crew as a technical consultant based on her experience as a survivor of domestic violence. As a result, she moves to Los Angeles where their relationship is tested. When Charlie makes a choice that removes him from the film, Lily has her own choices to make that will open doors in Hollywood and her personal life if she can muster the confidence to follow her heart.

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