Sunday, April 29, 2012

Snoops In the City by Darlene Gardner

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From BookList:
Tori Whitley is at her wit's end. Her checking account is dwindling rapidly; she's behind on the rent; and her weekend job will never support her. Then her cousin, Eddie, a private investigator, offers her a job. Tori is reluctant--what does she know about being an investigator?--but with the wolves at the door, she takes it. Her assignment is to find out as much as she can about Grady Palmer, president of Palmer Construction. Grady quickly realizes that Tori is tailing him. When he confronts her, the only excuse she can think of is that he's so good-looking, she wants to get to know him better. He doesn't really believe that, but they do end up as a couple. Unfortunately, Tori suspects that Grady is offering bribes to city officials; then he finds out what Tori is actually up to. Can their budding relationship survive? Readers will find it worth their while to find out in this charming tale. ~Maria Hatton
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"Snoops in the City is a fun romance, with some suspense and a mystery intertwined. The developing relationship between Grady and Tori is enjoyable to watch, and the secondary romance is as good as the main event."
--RT Book Reviews, Sept. 2004

"For a fun and enjoyable tale, as well as one that keeps you guessing, pick up Snoops in the City."
--Romance Reviews Today, Sept. 2004

"Highly recommended as a fun read you will really enjoy. Just the right blend of humor and romantic fun to lighten your day.", Sept. 2004

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