Saturday, September 21, 2019

Billionaire Towers of London: Richard's Hunt by Margot Tate #Kindle #99cents @BarbSilkstone

New Release for under $1!

Meet the billionaires who live in London’s wealthiest and most secretive residences. Each man has his reasons for living in the protected environment of one of three towers. Oligarchs, celebrities, and England’s finest arrive in darkened limousines. They occupy penthouse apartments large enough to house indoor parks, pools, and rock climbing rooms. Enter the world of the Billionaire Towers of London.


A dog psychologist with a loathing for the super rich, a man intent on a secret mission, and a fox hunt that forces them to recognize that love lurks in the most surprising places.

Billionaire Richard Squire retains the services of dog psychologist Brooke Curtis to train his rescue pups for an important foxhunt. Despite knowing nothing about fox hunting, Doctor Brooke takes on the challenge. Assigned to cover the hunt for the BBC is Society Reporter Eden Langdon, a determined lady who has her eyes on the Squire fortune.

Why is a man in possession of so many toys obsessed with taking part in one particular foxhunt? And why would a dog psychologist terrified of horses take part in this comedy caper? And best of all, will they overcome social barriers to find true love?

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Billionaire Towers of London: Harry’s Christmas

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