The Liar Series by @LiaFairchild

I'm a liar.

I know what you're thinking. We're all liars.

But, I'm not talking about the lie you tell your Aunt Helen when she gives you that crappy sweater for your birthday. Or, even the lie you tell yourself when you're sleeping with someone for all the wrong reasons. I'm talking about bold-faced lies that spill from my lips as easy as the breath from my lungs. Lies that ruin people, lies that protect people, lies for the hell of it. I eat, sleep, and drink lies. I bathe in deceit. At one point in my life, I might not have recognized the truth if it bent me over and slapped me on the ass.

And sometimes, the chaos that is my life gets me in a whole hell of a lot of trouble.

I was a master at keeping it all locked up inside me...until I met Dr. Daniel Harrison.

Praise for Compulsive:

"This is my first book by Lia Fairchild and I'm definitely looking forward more from this Author! ...the writing was addictive and the characters interesting and enigmatic." ~Totally Booked 

"Hard to put down...bittersweet to the end. Can't wait for more!" ~Give Me Books 

"What a beautiful, heart wrenching and inspiring story." ~Babbling Chatter Reads

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