Thursday, July 20, 2017

Love's Light by @RaineEnglish #SweetRomance #Kindle

A First Street Church Romance

Will love be enough to lift two wounded hearts from darkness?

Serenity Wright has spent her life taking care of others, putting her life on hold. And at twenty-six, with a sister in college, another in high school who’s headed down the wrong path, and a father addicted to pain pills, she’s the only one keeping the family together. However, part-time waitress and weekend honky-tonk singer was hardly the life she’d envisioned. Her chances of ever performing at the Grand Ole Opry were diminishing with each family crisis. Until Axel Scott, songwriter to Nashville’s finest, enters her life.

Sweet Grove, Texas seems like the perfect place for Axel to clear his head and overcome a year-long writer’s block. But he never expects to find his muse there or fall in love with a woman whose problems run deeper than his own.

Will love’s light be enough to heal their hearts?

What readers are saying:

“A must-read sweet inspirational story!”

“This book is full of faith and hope…”


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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Family Forever Series by Donna Fasano @DonnaFaz

Many people say family is everything. 
There is nothing more beautiful than two people 
coming together for the sake of a child, 
finding love, and becoming... 

A Family Forever 

A Beautiful Stranger

When Sean Hudson arrives to claim his new daughter, he discovers the adoption hinges on the impossible. Unless he finds a wife immediately, the tiny orphan will be snatched away from him forever. But before Sean can abandon hope, a beautiful stranger proposes a surprising solution—marriage.

Sean swears the love in his heart is only for his soon-to-be daughter. And that is perfect for Nicki Willis, whose restless spirit yearns to have a family for just a while. But the tenderness of Sean’s touch soothes Nicki’s fears as well as little Sona’s. Now Nicki aches to become a family forever… and she refuses to believe she can’t make this dream come true.

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~  ~  ~

Made In Paradise

Her child is alive! For ten years Amber has believed her child was lost to her forever. Then an unexpected inheritance leads the lovely doctor back home… to the man she’s always loved. There she discovers her beloved Jon is a bachelor father, and the little girl he is raising is their daughter!

Jon has vowed to protect and cherish his child, yet he opens their lives to let Amber in. But this dedicated father is no longer the young lover Amber remembers. Can she uncover the tender man she has never forgotten, and convince him to take a chance on their newly formed family, and their own true love?

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~  ~  ~

A Reason to Believe

A Real Fairy Tale

It seems like a grand idea, temporarily trading her pixie wings for a womanly form to help handsome widower Paul Roland with his baby girl. And the moment she holds the precious bairn in her arms, Fern knows true happiness for the first time.

But Fern never anticipates the dizzying emotions she feels for the man who not only needs her as a nanny, but as a woman whose passion can heal his wounded heart. Suddenly the forbidden fairy rule she gently bends because of the baby is in danger of being irrevocably broken.

Some things are meant to be...

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~  ~  ~

An Accidental Family

“I do,” the bride and groom said…
and without love they wed.

Jonas Winslow knew nothing about fatherhood, yet he was determined to keep his orphaned nephew. But the boy's aunt, Robin Hampstead, wasn't about to let go of her only remaining family. The solution: a temporary - strictly platonic - marriage…or so they thought.

Their agreement was to share the house and all child-rearing responsibilities, which seemed an uncomplicated arrangement until…Jonas began seeing Robin in a new light, not as a pretend wife, but as a very real woman whose bedroom was enticingly close to his.

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~  ~  ~

Nanny and the Professor

Professor Joshua Kingston thought he'd found the perfect nanny for his son. But once Cassie Simmons stepped into his life, she turned it upside down! His son no longer played by the rules – and Cassie kept making up new ones. He would fire her – if he didn't find her so utterly enticing.

Cassie had a huge secret to hide, and she couldn't afford to lose her new job. But her handsome employer wasn't making things easy. All those silly rules. How was an eight-year-old boy supposed to have any fun? The professor definitely needed a lesson in laughter – and love!

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Monday, July 17, 2017

Secrets by Jan Scarbrough @romancerider #Free for #Kindle

Free for Kindle!

Schoolteacher Kelly Baron raised her child alone. Now that her daughter’s grown and married, Kelly can finally start her new life in North Carolina, responsible only for herself. She has just one more thing to do: help her mother. To do so, she must return to Heritage Springs, Kentucky, the place she’d fled years before. Back then she’d been nothing but a small-town girl from the wrong side of the tracks, hiding a secret that could have destroyed lives.

Newly divorced lawyer Rob Scott seeks solace for his heartache in his small-town roots. Maybe being an incurable romantic isn’t smart for a lawyer who has to deal with hard facts. The last thing he’s looking for is a relationship. He’d made millions in Chicago, but in his heart he’s always kept a secret dream, a desire he’s never told anyone. Then he runs into Kelly, the girl who’d disappeared from his life years ago, leaving behind only hurt and unanswered questions.

Kelly’s kept her secret all these years. But sometimes the only way to build a future is to face the past.

This is Book 2 of The Bluegrass Homecoming Series.

What readers are saying:

“…this book …truly has it all. Romance... Suspense... Humor... Tear jerking scenes! I love this series…”

“A warm, compelling read…”

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Nom de Plume, Book 3

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

How To Master a Millionaire by Talia Hunter @taliasromance #99cents #Kindle

$0.99 Bargain Book

He's not actually submissive. She's not really a dominatrix. What roles will they play in a game of love?

Max Oberon just got his big break. But the millionaire model-turned-actor has one problem. His next character's submissive relationship is a big part of the movie, and Max can't make it convincing. Only five days with a dominatrix can help him overcome his need for total control.

Ally's a broke blogger, and a story that frightens her to the core could be her chance to get back on her feet. By passing herself off as a dominatrix, she can publish a tell-all article and earn what she needs to stay afloat. But Ally's abusive ex left her with a self-confidence problem, and she's completely clueless about anything kinky.

Ally can't give orders. Max hates taking them. Together, they'll discover new ways of commanding pleasure. But will Ally's lie sabotage their chance at love?

How to Master a Millionaire is a full-length stand-alone book that features a HEA with no cliffhangers, and steamy sex scenes without too many kinks. If you like a romantic feel-good read with laugh-out-loud humor, then you'll love this bright new voice in the contemporary romance genre.

Buy this book to start Talia Hunter's steamy and funny new series today!

What reviewers are saying:

“The whole idea behind this book was pure genius. Seriously...what would a somewhat shy girl do if they had to pretend to be dominatrix for a week?” ~Bitten By Romance


“Well-written with adorable characters.”

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Friday, July 14, 2017

MacFarland's Lass by @GlynnisCampbell #FREE for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and more!

A Lot Can Happen in 40 Days!

A woman on the run…a man on the hunt. He has forty days to earn her trust. She has forty days to win his heart. They have forty days to outwit their enemies.

When Florie Gilder, the once-respected jeweler to Queen Mary, claims sanctuary in an abandoned church for a crime she didn’t commit, huntsman Rane MacFarland, a local hero of the common folk, vows to protect her. But when his overlord charges him with preventing the fugitive lass’s escape, Rane finds himself torn between duty and desire when he begins to fall for his spirited captive. And when powerful foes conspire to turn Rane and Florie against each other, they need courage, wits, and, most of all, love, to survive.

What readers are saying:

“…loved this book from beginning to end!”

“…witty and engaging…”


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SCOTTISH LASSES Series: Meet the lasses in the world of Mary Queen of Scots. Like the Scottish thistle, they’re lovely yet tough, beautiful yet prickly, and only the strongest and wisest heroes are able to elude their thorns to discover the tender blossom within.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

#Kindle and #Nook Bargains! Limited Time!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Sheriff’s Woman by @JackieWeger 99¢ #Kindle #NewRelease

A Brand New Book by Jackie Weger!

Rachel Cameron prefers to lick her wounds and protect her children from gossip and shame in isolation on a small homestead in the Ozark Mountains. But life-long bachelor and ex-Marine, Sheriff Garrett Stark has other ideas. Drawn to Rachel, he wields all the power and charm he can muster to insist Rachel return to town for her safety and that of her children. Exasperation and anger rule on both sides. Rachel balks, but does not anticipate the raft of dizzying emotions stirred by the Sheriff’s relentless attention. The moment Garrett takes her into his arms Rachel knows she has to make a choice. Honor the truth and face her fears or live forever as an outsider.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kim: Beach Brides Book 8 by @MagdalenaScott #Kindle

Grab your beach hat and a towel and prepare for a brand new series brought to you by twelve New York Times and USA Today bestselling authors…

Beach Brides! Fun in the summer sun! Twelve heartwarming, sweet novellas linked by a unifying theme. 


Twelve friends from the online group, Romantic Hearts Book Club, decide to finally meet in person during a destination Caribbean vacation to beautiful Enchanted Island. While of different ages and stages in life, these ladies have two things in common: 1) they are diehard romantics, and 2) they’ve been let down by love. As a wildly silly dare during her last night on the island, each heroine decides to stuff a note in a bottle addressed to her “dream hero” and cast it out to sea!

Almost two years later...
Jon Whitfield “landed” the message in a bottle on a fishing vacation with his buddies, and it disappeared before he could decide whether to respond. Now he's on a road trip with Kim Rose, whose gratitude in spite of a painful past reminds him of the touching note he wishes he’d kept. 

What readers are saying:

“Another fantastic story!”

“…a nice, sweet story.”

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MEG (Julie Jarnagin) 
TARA (Ginny Baird)
NINA (Stacey Joy Netzel)
CLAIR (Grace Greene)
JENNY (Melissa McClone)
LISA (Denise Devine)
HOPE (Aileen Fish)
KIM (Magdalena Scott)
ROSE (Shanna Hatfield)
LILY (Ciara Knight)
FAITH (Helen Scott Taylor)
AMY (Raine English)

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Bargain Beach Reads for #Kindle and #Nook

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Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Wedding Planner's Son by @DonnaFaz #Kindle #Nook Kobo iBooks

New Release! Book 6 of the Ocean City Boardwalk Series!

The Ocean City Boardwalk Series isn't just fun in the sun—love is waiting on those sandy shores!

Tawny McNealy is a driven, high-achiever who fully expects to someday take over and run the family accounting firm. But when an attempt is made to use her as a pawn, Tawny flees to the only place she’s ever felt truly free and happy—the beach.

Jack Barclay spends his summer days creating romantic seaside weddings for lovers. His laid-back attitude has served him well over the years. He feels stressing out about work only causes a person to miss the best parts of life.

Jack and Tawny are as different as sea and sky, but the fascination they find in each other’s company can’t be denied. Can they withstand the crazy twists that fate tosses their way?

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Also available in Paperback

Titles in the series:

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