Saturday, October 25, 2014

Reunion by J.L. Penn #Kindle #MustRead @JL_Penn

"Fun, Quick Read!"

Meet Jessica Stratford, a level-headed girl next door with an enviable life of professional and marital success ... well, except for that one little uncharacteristically impetuous detail that changes everything. When a friend talks Jessica into finally embracing the digital age, Jessica's life slowly turns upside down.

You see, Jessica finds her old high school crush on Facebook. In fact, she finds him quite attractive even after twenty years. A simple hello seems harmless enough until he suggests that they meet for lunch. Of course, lunch is ... just lunch. Then harmless lunch becomes harmless text messages, late night chats, and dinners. But are they really as innocuous as she likes to think they are?

If the person who would not give you the time of day in high school suddenly wanted to give you all the time in the world, would you be tempted? How far would you go in vindicating your high school obsession? Follow Jessica on the journey to her ultimate choice. Will she remain faithful to her steadfast husband, or will she succumb to nostalgic desire for the one that got away?


"A great beachy read for summer!!"

"…the author gave a fresh look at what can happen when reconnecting with an old flame. I can usually see the ending coming from a mile away, but this book kept me guessing much longer than I usually do. Highly recommended!"

"I loved this book. After the first few pages, I was hooked. Very pleased with the ending! If you're looking for a fun, quick read, with lively characters...this is the book for you. Highly recommend it!"

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Touched by Sunlight by Leslie D. Stuart - "Unforgettable" @DestinyAuthorLS

IF WE ARE LUCKY, LIFE SENDS US ONE TRUE FRIEND. When Solaris left Tristan in San Diego to pursue her photojournalist career, she thought goodbye was forever. But six years and ten thousand miles did not erase their special friendship. While she is working freelance in Peru, Tristan finds her. But trouble follows him to the Amazon jungle. In one moment, her entire world is torn apart. His small decision to see Solaris ripples through their lives with devastating effect. Nothing will ever be the same.

People meant to love you forever can be the most deceptive.

Love must be stronger than fear to survive. Without courage, justice will be impossible. Solaris must risk everything to find the truth. But she is not alone. Someone is watching. Someone wants her dead. But someone else loves her.

Fast-paced and emotionally involved, with charismatic characters that jump from the pages, Touched by Sunlight is addictive and unforgettable.

What readers are saying about Leslie Stuart:

"… a beautiful story; one of the best that I have read." ~An Amazon Reviewer about Roses In Winter

"… captured my heart from the very first page. I really felt the heartache of the characters and couldn't put it down." ~An Amazon Reviewer about Roses In Winter

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New Release! TEN CHRISTMAS BRIDES - "Must Read" says #USAToday $0.99 #TenBrides

“…a must-read romance boxed set.”
 ~USA Today

Join 10 New York Times, USA Today and National best-selling authors and celebrate the holiday season as Santa delivers our Christmas gift to you: a boxed set of stories brimming with emotion, holiday spirit and happy ever afters.

Titles in this romance bundle:

Recipe for Love by Ruth Cardello, New York Times Bestselling author

Must Love Santa by Nina Bruhns, New York Times Bestselling author

An Almost Perfect Christmas by Donna Fasano, USA Today Bestselling author

Christmas Captive by Rebecca York, New York Times Bestselling author

The Army Doctor's Honeymoon Baby by Helen Scott Taylor, USA Today Bestselling author

Kiss Me Santa by Patrice Wilton, National bestselling author

An Unusual Christmas by Mona Risk, USA Today bestselling author

A Cowboy for Christmas by Annie Jones, National bestselling author

The Christmas Honeymoon by Alicia Street, National bestselling author.

She's Not You by Mimi Barbour, National bestselling author

What reviewers are saying:

“…a must-read romance boxed set.” ~USA Today

“I loved each story - they each had its own special quality. They ALL are heartwarming. This is not going to be lengthy review just so you get the gist of each story - save your eyes & read the book - I LOVED IT!!!”

“I really enjoyed all these stories. This collection has alot of great authors in it... The stories have everything you can want in them, sexy hot men who fall in love with sassy and lovable women.”

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Angel in Flight by Gerry McCullough - Romantic Thriller - @Gerry1098

Angeline Murphy (Angel to her friends, devil to her enemies) is a girl who takes control. She breaks out of her abusive marriage and learns how to defend herself. On holiday in Greece, she narrowly avoids bumping into her ex-husband, and discovers that he’s involved with some very dangerous people. Like it or not, Angel is soon mixed up in the affair, working to expose corruption in big business, specifically a pharmaceutical company exploiting those who are ill.

With a broken marriage behind her Angel is wary of men, but perhaps her meeting with Josh Smith, who tells her he’s with Interpol, may change her mind?

An all-action Irish thriller which mixes romance, suspense, the beautiful scenery of the Greek Isles, treachery and murder—and plenty of other surprises.

What readers are saying:

“…do yourself a favor, get yourself a copy, settle down and...I dare you to put it down. I couldn't.”

“I can't recommend this highly enough and wish Amazon would allow more stars.”

“There were lots of twists and turns and it certainly kept me guessing until the final pages. Angle is quite a feisty heroine and I definitely look forward to reading more of her adventures.”

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US Kindle        UK Kindle        CA Kindle

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kiss Me, Cowboy by @MelissaMcClone #Kindle #CountdownDeal

Kindle Countdown Deal!
Grab It Quick!

She didn’t mean to kiss him…

When dude ranch wrangler Charlotte – aka Charlie – Randall kisses Zack Harris in an act of empathy, she falls hat over spurs for the handsome military veteran turned cowboy. Zack has too many demons, however, and refuses to get involved. A year later, he's still stonewalling, and Charlie needs to move on with her life so she can find a fulfilling relationship, not frustrating unrequited love. Putting distance between them seems the best way to get Zack out of her head and heart...but that means quitting the job she loves and accepting a position in

He didn’t mean to kiss her back… 

Growing up, Zack longed for a real family, and had one with his squad while deployed in
Afghanistan. Now, he's back in the States and doesn't want anything messing up his new ranch family, no matter how much he's attracted to the sexy, hard-working Charlie. She could break his heart and ruin the comfortable working relationship they and the other wranglers enjoy. Besides, her friends claim she's looking for the perfect guy, and perfect he's not.

A kiss is just a kiss…or is it? 

When Zack learns Charlie's thinking about leaving the ranch, he decides to find her a boyfriend — someone so good, so perfect, she has a reason to stay in
Montana. Until he realizes too late that the only cowboy he wants her kissing is him. Can he commit to love and convince Charlie not to leave? Or has she made up her mind to put the past, and the kiss that started it all, behind her and move on without him? 

What readers are saying:

“…a squeaky clean romance with a charming storyline. There is nothing I didn't like about this book. It was honest, good fun.”

“I really enjoyed reading this story and got a real feel for the ranch life of the wranglers experience on a day to day basis.”

“…an excellent read if you like true cowboys and tales of unrequited love. A very enjoyable series.”

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Misconception by Christy Hayes #MustRead @SeaHayes

An Innocent Wife. A Desperate Husband. 
A No-Win Situation.

When suburban Atlanta stay-at-home mom, Pace Kelly, finds out she’s pregnant three years after her husband Jason’s vasectomy, her once happy marriage is pushed to the breaking point. Forced to put his dream of opening his own architecture firm on hold, Jason tries to get excited about another baby. But a trip to the urologist leaves him staggered. Despite Pace’s insistence that she hasn’t cheated, Jason is left to wonder if his blueblood wife has finally grown tired of his humble background and their middle class lifestyle. Unable to chalk it up to an error, Jason does the unthinkable. But the truth he discovers is a heavier burden to carry than the innuendo that was eating him alive. Now the tables are turned and he’s left holding a smoking gun.

When the smoke clears, will their marriage survive?

What readers are saying:

"I really enjoyed the fast pace of this story, and couldn't put it down. The characters had lots of depth and the interweaving of the two story-lines was well done."

"I loved the ending and was glad that all the loose ends were tied up… very well written, well worth a read."

"The writing is solid and Hayes demonstrates a good grasp of realistic dialogue."

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Miracles and Mistletoe by @CaitLondon #AmReading

Life dealt him low blows and Jonah Fargo, Montana rancher-hermit, isn’t in the Christmas mood for Harmony’s cheery psychic self. If he’s riding the Nuts Highway, he doesn’t need this curvy lady splashing imaginary cupids all over him and his ranch. He grumbles, gripes, and disbelieves her psychic malarky until IT happens…

About the author: New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Cait London’s book list includes romantic suspense, paranormal, contemporary, humor, western historical, and women's fiction. Her 60+ titles have been published in 29 countries in various languages, in hardback, paperback, and e-book, and she’s won a bevy of awards.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Satin Pleasures by @KarenDocter #Kindle #MustRead

Bustiers, Birds, and the Blues…

Dan McDonald walked away from the American dream, a life full of money, glamorous women and power. Now nothing can lure him back into the corporate death trap. Except….

Dan’s scheming aunt snares him into opening a lingerie shop in Tess Emory’s shopping mall. Tess is everything Dan has vowed to avoid—sexy, smart, and obsessed with work.

Tess is determined to make her life a success and right the wrongs of her past, no matter the cost.

They’re both going to discover that true love breaks all their rules.

** RomCon Reader's Crown finalist ~ Contemporary Category
** Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® finalist ~ Best Short Contemporary Romance

What readers are saying:

"… a cute, feel-good romance!" ~Book That Thing

"Satin Pleasures by Karen Docter is pure romance, and wonderful one at that. This was such an enjoyable read, that I couldn't put it down…" ~The Reading CafĂ©

"This story reminds us to take time out for those little things that make our life worth living." ~5 stars from an Amazon Reviewer

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Paperback US          Paperback UK

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Snowy and the Seven Wharves by @PatriciaGreen #Erotic

A Twisted Tale

Snowy is fair and sweet. Doc is the tall, broad-shouldered WITSEC marshal who’s going to save her from her evil stepmother. No dwarves here, but seven wharves where Ms. White finds herself experiencing life on the run. 

Her evil stepmother isn’t far behind. 

What readers are saying:

“Snowy and the Seven Wharves kept me delightfully engaged and, thanks to the sexy scenes, thoroughly satisfied.”

“I liked the lead characters' chemistry.”

“…a good premise…if you like a bit of erotica with a story then you would like this quickie.”

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US Kindle        UK Kindle        CA Kindle

US iBook     UK iBook     CA iBook     AU iBook

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Monday, October 13, 2014

A Charming Secret by @TonyaKappes11 #GreatBookDeal

Brand New Release!

June Heal has it all. A Charming Cure, her magical cure shop in the town of Whispering Falls, is thriving and she's engaged to her childhood sweetheart, Sheriff Oscar Park. Petunia Shrubwood is taking over as Village President and there is a new bed and breakfast in town, Full Moon Treesort. Life in Whispering Falls is good.

But Evil lurks as June's nightmares return, sending her intuition into a downward spiral. A Charming Cure goes up in flames and the dead body in the attic is clutching one of June's cures. Residents of
Whispering Falls go on the hunt—for June!

What readers are saying:

“A Charming Secret quickly drew me in and I couldn't wait to see what happened but I also didn't want it to end. As always ... good job,Tonya! Can't wait for the next in the series.”

“This book does not disappoint and the cat of characters were great. The mystery is good and was hard to tell who the bad guy was!”

“…the perfect mix of magic, mystery, romance and family ties.”

Find this book:

US Kindle        UK Kindle        CA Kindle

US Kobo        UK Kobo

US Paperback         UK Paperback 

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