Wednesday, November 5, 2014

#NewRelease * FIRST KNIGHTS * A Stunning Collection of Medieval Novels


Domning...Le Veque...Knight... Kean... O'Donnell... Markland... Williams... YorkEight of the top voices in Medieval Historical romance brings to you a collection of 'first' novels - either the first novel ever published, the first written, or the first in a series, welcome to this collection of first novels by some of the best authors in the world. This is a limited edition collection with eight bestselling novels at a special limited price. From England to Ireland to France, enjoy the power, majesty, and triumph of High Middle Ages romance and action!

Denise Domning WINTER'S HEAT - A knight is forced to marry a woman whose future has been drastically changed. Can they learn to trust and love? (Winner of RT's 1994 "Best First Historical")

Kathryn Le Veque TO THE LADY BORN - A pious KNIGHT and a tormented LADY find love in spite of the dark secret that threatens to tear them apart. (A #1 Bestseller in Medieval Historical Romance from one of Amazon's #1 Medieval Romance authors)

Eliza Knight A KNIGHT'S VICTORY - An English KNIGHT is determined to protect his childhood love—an Irish LADY trapped in a vicious marriage. (A Bestseller)

Anna Markland HEARTS
AND CROWNS - Politics forces a knight and lady to marry against their will. Can love bloom? (A Bestseller)

Laurel O'Donnell THE ANGEL
AND THE PRINCE - An English KNIGHT and a French lady-warrior wage a battle of wills that challenges everything they have ever believed in. (A Bestseller)

Catherine Kean A KNIGHT'S VENGEANCE - A lady is held for ransom by a rogue knight. Through their forbidden love, they uncover perilous secrets. (A Bestseller)

Lana Williams A VOW TO KEEP - As passions rise, the hero must choose vengeance or love. (A #1 Bestseller in Medieval Historical Romance)

Ashley York THE SAXON BRIDE - A NORMAN knight struggles to win over a SAXON lady and her people. (A top selling novel)

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  1. A wonderful selection of books , I have read all but A Knight´s Victory. Marvellous authors.