Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Love, Lies and More Lies by @ConradDebby 4-Bk Bundle #99cents - Kindle Nook Kobo iBooks

Holiday Sale! 99¢ 4-Book Bundle!

Books 1, 2, 3, AND 4 are included in this boxed set. Four different relationships with lots of love, lies, steam, passion, betrayal, murder, blackmail and more lies. Did I mention more lies?

Book 1 – LOVE, LIES AND HIGH HEELS – It never hurts to be rich, but money can’t buy love. Luke Galloway, a lying scoundrel, and Rusty Paris, a spoiled little rich girl, are thrown together and manipulated by her father who pretends to be dying in this romantic comedy. Who would have guessed a lie could bring two people together?

Book 2 – LOVE, LIES AND COMPROMISE – She broke his heart years ago and now Kennedy Quinn Parker is back in his life again. Jake Hastings has no idea what she is up to but he knows it has nothing to do with her wanting to be a companion to his dying father. So what the hell does she want? Whatever it is could land her butt in jail.

Book 3 – LOVE, LIES AND ALIBIS – Sawyer McVey is not interested in working for the arrogant, rude and snotty little princess Eden Cavanaugh. Even if it is the only gig available and he’s been offered twice his normal fee. Because he knows if he touches her, he’ll fall for her all over again. And that would be bad. But that doesn’t stop him from accepting her offer. Soon after Eden hires Sawyer, he’s being questioned for murder and she gives him an alibi. Even though she wasn’t with him the entire night in question. But, hey, what’s one tiny lie?

Book 4 – LOVE, LIES AND DIRTY DEALS – A hot guy who is also an ex-con? Not what Claire Holland signed up for. But for some reason she can’t keep her eyes or her hands off him. Maybe Jordan Quinn is just the distraction she needs to get over her ex-boyfriend.

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