Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Billionaire's Rival by @JWintersAuthor #NewRelease

Book 1 of The Blank Check Series!

The Billionaire’s Rival

Charles Lawson carries the weight of the entire family’s future on his shoulders. As CEO of Lawson Steel it is his responsibility to ensure their legacy continued for the next generation. First on his agenda is to clean up loose ends from the past. Doing so is risky and if he fails, the price could be great. It’s a risk he’s willing to take.

Rosslyn Clark loves her life as is, but family is everything to her. When her parents find themselves in a crisis, all she loves is at risk. Whether she likes it or not, sometimes change is inevitable.

As Charles prepares to seal the deal, he finds one beautiful blonde stands in his way, and things become complicated. Can he continue with his original plan and look at her as collateral damage or has Rosslyn become something more to him?

Rosslyn finds herself caught between two powerful men, one she works for, the other, his rival. Will she do what is expected of her, or will she walk away from everything and follow her heart?

“…passionate and engrossing… Two thumbs up!”

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