Tuesday, October 15, 2019

For Witch Or For Poorer by @AEJonesAuthor #NewRelease #ParanormalRomance

New Paranormal Romance by AE Jones!

When magic isn't so magical.

A lonely wolf. Maeve Callahan has never had a true family to call her own. Recently adopted into the West Coast pack, she will do anything to stop her past from destroying her newly found brothers. Unfortunately, the evil wolf who raised her and a vengeful coven have other plans. When a warlock is called in to help, Maeve's instant attraction to him couldn't be worse timing.

A power-shy warlock. Giz Kelly does not cast spells. Period. His father taught him the hard way that magic can destroy the people you love. But when the supernatural team he works for gets called in to help the pack, he finds himself breaking his vow in order to protect Maeve.

When the coven attacks and lives are at stake, can Maeve and Giz embrace their powers to save the pack and each other? And in doing so realize that love can be the greatest magic of all?

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If you like romance with a side order of mystery and a dash of 
humorous hijinks, then you’ll love this series by 
Golden Heart and Booksellers’ Best winner, AE Jones.

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