Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Tag Forever Mine by Catherine Charles #Kindle #NewRelease

New Release in the Tag Series

The Tag series is not designed to be a compilation of stand-alone books. Each book builds on the previous story. Please check out Tag You’re Mine before reading Book Two of the series. Why?

Do you remember Brice? Well, he’s not called Brice anymore. He’s our beloved Robert and you won’t recognize what’s happened in his relationship with Presley. This new book in the Tag series is heating up and you just have to keep up! What’s more, Marcus is back in the picture. Who’s Marcus? Book One, Tag You’re Mine, has the clues.
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And now, Presley and Robert think they have it all. Finally away from their parents’ watchful eyes, Presley is headed off to the University of Arizona, while Robert accepts his position as the newest pitcher for the AZL Rangers minor league baseball team. Together, they’re learning what it means to really be adults. They think they have it all... until one night changes the future they have planned so perfectly.

Little does Robert know that his words will become Presley’s fuel, while her actions will become his demise, but then again…all’s fair in love and war, or so they say.

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