Friday, May 15, 2020

Beautiful Bridges by @LiaFairchild #Kindle #NewRelease

New Release from Lia Fairchild

Justice was always the screw up of the Bridges Brothers, and after hitting rock bottom, he is finally ready to turn his life around. Besides building a new business, he wants a meaningful relationship with a woman...for once. The problem is the beautiful brunette who fills his dreams and tortures his reality seems to hate his guts.

After leaving modeling behind, Kaylee wants to be taken seriously as a writer, she yearns for meaning in her life. When she is thrown together on a charity fundraiser with the tall, golden-haired Adonis who grates her last nerve, she discovers there's more to Justice than meets the eye.

Finding a crack in Kaylee's armor, Justice goes full throttle to win her over. He wants to be the man Kaylee deserves. Kaylee feels the pull too, but getting close to Justice means revealing a secret from her past she doesn't want to face. 

What readers are saying:

“…absolutely beautiful… brought me to tears!”

“…true to life…”

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Bridges Brothers series follows four brothers as they attempt to navigate life 
and love after a tragic family loss. Each book can be read as a standalone 
but is more enjoyable read in order.

BrokenBridges, Book 2
Book 4 coming soon!

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