Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Secret Royalty by Suzanne Jenkins #99cents #Kindle #KindleUnlimited

Enchanted Witches make perfect Halloween reading!

When a certified letter from England and an invitation to attend a special night class at the Witches Academy of Sorcery came on the same day, waitress Eden Aubrielle discovers her humdrum life might get a little more exciting.

A waitress attending night school at the academy discovers, along with the gift of magic, she has royal blood flowing through her veins. America’s latest foodie channel sweetheart is a real charmer, who discovers not all the magic happens in the kitchen. Clair struggles with taking control of her magical powers until she meets a guy who really needs her help. A beautiful witch, empowered with the gift of creating strong magic spells since childhood, now refuses to use them––until her friend’s murder changes everything. An investigative reporter’s strange visions force her to really use her powers. When a rival tries to mess with her magic a witch must find a way to rekindle her flame.

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What do eight enchanted witches have in common? They’ve all attended the Witches Academy of Sorcery in the Big Easy, the foremost school of magic in the world. From coast to coast, each of these bewitched women will work at becoming who they are meant to be, using their powers to the fullest capacity.

Jen Talty - The New Order
Natalie Ann - Passionate Vision
Judith Lucci- Seer of Evil
Suzanne Jenkins - Secret Royalty
Anna Celeste Burke - Kitchen Magic
SR Mallery - Endangered Spells
Margaret A. Daly - Wickless
Tamara Ferguson - Enchantress

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