Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tempted by CJ Paul #Kindle #Nook and #Smashwords

~Let Yourself Be Tempted~

What’s an independent businesswoman to do when the two men of her dreams threaten to turn her neat, little world upside down? The answer to this and all manner of modern dating dilemmas are handled with wit and wisdom in Tempted, the first installment of CJ Paul’s smart and spirited jaunt into the genre of erotic romance.

Claire Eden desires nothing and no one. She has earned the world she’s created – a world she not only knows, but loves. Broadcasting her popular talk show from the comfort of her idyllic Marin county home, she spends her time working, contentedly frequenting her favorite haunts, socializing with her menagerie of pets, and trolling Facebook.

The last thing she's looking for is romantic love...until she finds herself distractingly and deliciously tempted by a pair of dreamboats – one who arrives on her doorstep from the past, the other, an irresistible force from the other side of the country.


"I found this book more than tempting... it left me begging to be conquered."

"...deliciously wicked... Experience the romantic and erotic tale for yourself. You may never view chatting on FB the same again."

" much more than just another erotic fiction novel. I found myself irrevocably drawn into this story that is so full of beautiful prose..."

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