Friday, November 1, 2013

Kit And Kisses by Karen Rose Smith #Romance #Series @karenrosesmith

Finding Mr. Right, Book 1

"Smith does not shy away from tackling the most challenging of emotional situations, which presents her tales an opportunity for poignancy and healing that has become her trademark." Cynthia Penn, reviewer

Kit Saunders, a public relations expert, never turns down a challenge. She never gets involved with clients. But Greyson Corey is both challenging and too hunky for words. Is he as down-to-earth and honest as he seems? 

Kit was fooled by a con man who stole her financial well being...but more importantly her sense of trust. When Grey has commitments that he won't explain, Kit's radar senses trouble. She won't fall in love with a man with secrets.

Two people search for the meaning of love in a real world. Can a few mind-boggling kisses lead to happily-ever-after? Only if they can trust as well as love.

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