Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Release! Once There Were Sad Songs by @VeldaBrotherton

In the summer of 1985, Mary Elizabeth flees a fanatic husband and a cult-like life to search for a meaningful existence. Camped in Ouachita State Park, she falls in with three scruffy motorcycle bums after one of them rescues her from some young hoodlums. That one, despite all his nightmare memories, teaches her the true meaning of love and changes her life forever.

Steven, a Vietnam vet and war hero set on the path to destruction with his buddies, never expected to find a woman whose love could help him see how to atone for his misspent life and find happiness again. But once he's found her and realizes the way he must go, it's impossible to keep her in his life. Or is it?

Reviews for Velda Brotherton:

"…a finely crafted story with memorable characters." ~Romantic Times, for Montana Dreams

"Velda Brotherton has written another keeper." ~Amazon Reviewer, for Wilda's Outlaw

"A gifted story teller, Brotherton weaves an unforgettable tale." ~Mary Trimble, for Stone Heart'sWoman

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