Friday, September 11, 2015

Maggie's Baby by Colleen French #NewRelease #Kindle #Nook

From Publishers Weekly Bestselling Author Colleen French.

Shell-shocked after losing her husband and their cherished son, Dr. Maggie Turner finds herself dwelling on the past. She can't stop wondering about her other child, the baby she was forced to give up for adoption when she was a teenager. Finally tracking down her lost daughter, Maggie uncovers a shocking surprise—Taylor has been raised by her birth father, Jarrett McKay. Gone is the carefree boy Maggie had once loved. In his place is a sexy single dad who has created the family is aching for—without her.

Jarrett was always prepared for the possibility that Maggie might show up someday and threaten to take their daughter away. What catches him off-guard is the rush of emotion that sweeps him back to a time when he loved her desperately. And when the sting of betrayal gives way to rekindled passion, Jarrett can't deny that he still wants the only woman who has ever stirred his heart. . . 

“…one of those love stories that makes your heart ache with sweetness. Highly recommended!”

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