Thursday, October 11, 2018

A Very Romantic Christmas by @LorraineBartlet @shailstock @KellyMcClymer

Christmas has the power to bring people together, families, friends—and especially lovers. The vision of four special authors, including a NY Times Bestseller, A Very Romantic Christmas, reaches across time and space to remind us that the holidays are about love and connection. Settle in with a plate of Christmas cookies and a cup of hot tea, tune to a carol-only radio station, and indulge in this holiday treat.

A Very Romantic Christmas contains a full-length book and two novellas.

BLUE CHRISTMAS by Lorraine Bartlett – For Judi Straub, Christmas has lost its magic. Her boss takes her for granted, her parents have passed away, her siblings and friends are too caught up in their own holiday madness. Then she wins a trip to Puerto Rico. Sun, fun…romance? To add to the wonder, she meets Harry Powell, the kind of passionate man she's dreamed of. He sweeps her off her feet, but all too soon the holiday season passes and it’s back to her old, dreary life. But maybe the New Year will offer one more moment of magic.

THE TWELTH NIGHT BRIDE by Kelly McClymer – Long ago, wealthy Kate Fenster promised to marry Sean McCarthy, the silver-tongued Earl of Blarney, if he let her ride his prized stallion Diablo. Now that they are of marriageable age, he’s come to redeem her promise which tempts her more than she wishes to admit. Not quite trusting the Irish lord, she wants him to prove he is more interested in her heart than her dowry.

AN INVITATION TO LOVE by Shirley Hailstock – Elizabeth and James seem destined for the perfect happily-ever-after, each the other’s perfect mate. Then a tragedy destroys all their hopeful dreams. Three years later, has the grief that tore them apart healed enough to allow them to glimpse the joyful future once more? Or will their pain continue to dig a divide that’s just too deep to bridge?

What readers are saying:

“…feel good stories.”

“…loved it!”

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