Thursday, February 20, 2020

Playing for the Money by @StephanieQueen #NewRelease #SportsRomance

New Release in the Playing Series

What he needs is the money. What he wants is the coach's daughter...

What not to do when you're on team probation: Get into a hot fling with the coach's daughter.

Her daddy introduced us, but that didn’t stop her man-eater smile from taking a bite out of my soul right then and there. Trouble is, my football career is on the line. I desperately need the money for my family. I have a lot to gain if I can keep my hands off her. 

Bigger trouble is, getting her to keep her hands off me.

But she believes in me and when the sh*t hits the fan, she's there to back me up.

Is she worth blowing up my career over? Maybe...

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