Monday, March 9, 2020

Because You Cared by @MimiBarbour #NewRelease #Kindle

New Release from Mimi Barbour

Naomi wakes up from a coma and knows nothing about the woman whose body she occupies. All she remembers is a man’s voice creating a warm gentle feeling of happiness. And the vision of a dark-haired woman who terrifies her.

When that female suddenly appears, Naomi flees into the unknown world and luckily ends up finding her best friend. When her past is revealed, she discovers she’s given birth. Only she has no idea where to find her child.

Dr. Cameron McLean grows fond of the precious tiny newborn in his care, almost as much as he adores her mother. For no known reason, the lovely girl, who laid in a coma all the time she was in the hospital, suddenly disappears. When she returns, she has amnesia and can’t fight the court when a grandmother tries to take custody of her daughter.

Can she really take away my baby… was the heartbroken plea he couldn’t answer?

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