Saturday, September 14, 2013

A Strong And Tender Thread by Jackie Weger #AmReading #Romance @JackieWeger

A Maggie Award-Winning Author

She was the toast of London! But a twist of fate has thrust premiere danseuse Gabrielle Hensley into a future she could not imagine in a lifetime of daydreams.

Searching for work she hopes will keep her sane and pad her empty purse while her broken body mends, Gabrielle accepts a job that takes her far from home and far from reminders of her beloved dance.

The last thing she wants or needs is a sexy, overbearing, egotistical man to make her tropical escape a nightmare. But Micah Davidson is captivated with his newest employee and determined to keep her on her toes, or at the very least … in his bed.

A Strong and Tender Thread by Jackie Weger is a stunning love story from beginning to end. Passion explodes as Gabrielle and Micah dance between uncontrolled lust and the forces fighting to keep them apart. A man and a woman, each needing to let go of their individual hopes, desires, and fears, find a tender thread strong enough to unite them in a love destined to last forever.

What readers are saying about Jackie Weger:

"Eye of the Beholder is just absolutely wonderful. This novel is full of love and family."  ~The Tyranny of Reading

"If you love your romance with a beautiful and well thought out story, your characters to be older than teens/twenties, and sex to be sensual not crass then this book is one for you. [Beyond Fate] is one for my keepers files for re-reading." ~An Amazon Reviewer

"I thoroughly enjoyed [The House on Persimmon Road's] characters, the story line and the Alabama delta setting. I think you will, too." ~An Amazon Reviewer

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