Monday, September 30, 2013

New Release! The Billionaire's Best Friend by Christina Tetreault #Series @cgricci

Book 4 of The Sherbrookes of Newport

Despite a wonderful family, a career she loves, and great friends, a void has existed in Lauren McDonald's life ever since her best friend, Callie, married billionaire Dylan Talbot. Although they have remained close, Lauren and Callie now lead very different lives. When Lauren meets wealthy CEO Kevin Walsh, she believes he could be the man to make her life whole again. That is until the night Nathaniel Callahan, her high school sweetheart and the one man she has always loved, shows up.

Fifteen years ago Nate ended things with Lauren before heading off to the
Naval Academy and his life with the Marines, but he never stopped loving her. Now he's home to correct the mistake he made all those years ago.

Who will win her heart: the man who can promise her the world or the man who has the power to crush her heart again?

What readers are saying:

"Christina Tetreault delivers again!"

"This book was another excellent addition to the series. I am awaiting Book 5 as well as the new series."

"A wonderful story."

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  1. Tetreault is my maiden name, just wondering if it is yours or if you married into it? It is such an uncommon name we must be related somehow, havent read the book but it sounds really interesting.