Thursday, December 12, 2013

Beneath the Wall by Eryn - Romantic Suspense @erynalicia #MustRead

Hidden beneath the wall, a journal.
With the answers to everything.

First a mystery guest shows up at the funeral for Jesse Parker’s mother, Julianne. Then a hidden box reveals papers that claim Jesse’s brothers were adopted. All it takes is one more surprise discovery for the real truth of Julianne’s life to be brought to light.

Hidden from Julianne’s children is a journal containing the deeply personal story of her time as a combat war journalist in Vietnam. Mixed among her tale of the bombardment of war and harsh reality of being the only female amongst Camp Dakota’s troop of Marines, is the history of Julianne’s relationship with Sergeant Mack Roberts, the son of a WWII sailor and Japanese woman. Both Mack and Julianne are outsiders in a sense—bound together by love, and torn apart by war.

Yet the secrets that follow in the pages of his mother’s journal show far more than an average love story as Jesse learns how twisted fates can become, and how a selfless attempt to give him and his siblings the most normal lives possible will turn everything they’ve ever believed about themselves on end.

What readers are saying:

"BENEATH THE WALL is [an] impressive debut novel... LaPlant paints us an entire picture – the ugliness and heartbreak of war along with the deep emotional bonds that the people living in this hell require in order to survive it."

"I love a good mystery and a good love story, and this book easily combined both, while also bringing in details about what it was like to be involved in the Vietnam War -- something I've never really thought about, but this book really brought it to life for me. This book and the characters touched my heart."

"From the first page this story sucks you in and transports you to another time."

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