Friday, December 20, 2013

Her Wild Texas Heart by Elysa Hendricks #Cowboy #Romance

Ride 'em, Cowboy!

In a lawless west Texas border town, a woman has two choices: death or dishonor. Doctor's apprentice and former Comanche slave, KC O'Connor finds a third--she buries her femininity and longing for love beneath a boyish disguise. But the arrival of an injured greenhorn shatters the shell around her hidden heart.

"With every page I turned I became more involved in the story. If you are a lover of
Western Historicals I am sure you will find this an enjoyable read." ~ Carol Durfee, Romance Communications

"…an engrossing book set in the Old West. I was soon caught up in this story of strong characters - KC fighting her past and Christopher fighting his present. For lovers of romantic westerns, this is a must-read." ~ Scribes World Reviews

"…gallops into our imagination and lassos our affection for two strong characters and their gritty new love. This book's a lusty silver." ~ Bridges Romance Magazine

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  1. I LOVE westerns, especially gritty ones. The play button above isn't working...? I look forward to checking it out. :o)

  2. Hi, Sarah! Thanks for stopping by. There's no video on the post. I viewed the posts using Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Explorer. I was finally able to see the gray video box when I used Explorer. I deleted them. Thank you for pointing them out to me. I would never have know otherwise as I use Firefox.

    Hopefully, the boxes have been deleted from all the posts. Thanks again! And come back to visit soon!