Sunday, December 22, 2013

Montana Surrender by Trana Mae Simmons #HotAndSpicy #BYNR @TMSimmonsauthor

Sex And The Wild West

After an unexpected blizzard decimates her herd, Jessica has no choice but to dip into her hidden treasure—gold she feels is cursed. But she can't meet the looming payment on the ranch she inherited from her father and the bank manager has made it clear he won't risk another nickel on a spread that's being run by a woman.

After being ambushed by what seems to be a ghostly rifleman, Jessica sneaks out of camp, determined to find her runaway horse. But halfway up the hillside, she's captured.

Jessica is too worried about saving her ranch to be distracted by Storm, a sexy, on-the-run outlaw. And he is too busy trying to clear his name to bother with the beauty who invades his hideout. Then why is he so… bothered? And Jessica is forced to take notice when the outlaw begins haunting her thoughts and dreams. Just how long will it take these two to surrender?

What reviewers are saying:

"Montana Surrender reads like a good ol' action-packed Western movie. Trana Mae Simmons understands the wild land, its untamed characters, and brings their complex stories to life." ~Romantic Times Magazine

"A wild and adventurous shoot-'em-up ride through the Old West, filled with unexpected plot turns and an intriguing cast of unusual characters…"

"The suspense kept me captive. I would recommend this book to friends."

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